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Great art deco stuff with the Most Bids in Antiquitäten & Kunst
527. 0 bids
TOLEDO Brieföffner
sehr fein Art Deco

EUR 43,00
Ends in 2d 19h 19m 
539. 0 bids
Art Deco Nypmhenburg
Tasse Goldrand

EUR 9,99
Ends in 1d 2h 33m 
540. 0 bids
Antikes Art Deco
Collier Gold 750/18 K

EUR 260,00
Ends in 2d 20h 38m 
541. 0 bids
Hagenauer 2 Hähne
Messing Art Deco

EUR 575,00
Ends in 0d 5h 35m 
549. 0 bids
Rosen (100 cm x 70 cm)
von Dorette

EUR 120,00
Ends in 6d 6h 6m 
550. 0 bids
2 Art Deco Köpfe für
am Wand

EUR 100,00
Ends in 7d 3h