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Great jbl stuff Newly Listed in
6. Ends in 29d 21h 
JBL-JRX115 (pair).
Pickup Only!

$425.00 0 Bought
14. Ends in 29d 18h 
JBL D130 AS Speaker

$340.00 0 Bought
21. Ends in 4d 17h 46m 
JBL 2206H 12" High
powered Pro Speaker

$125.00 0 Bought
22. Ends in 4d 17h 45m 
JBL 2220B Vintage Pro
Audio Speaker

$75.00 0 Bought
23. Ends in 4d 17h 45m 
JBL 2206H 12" 600 watt
Pro Speaker

$125.00 0 Bought
31. Ends in 9d 16h 
jbl 2206h 600W 12''

$130.00 0 Bought