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Great home automation system stuff with the Most Watchers in Consumer Electronics > Home Automation > Home Automation Kits
2. 68 Watchers
10 X Indoor Drip
Automatic Spike
Waterer Tender

$7.49 Free shipping 368 Bought
Ends in 19d 11h 
18. 3 Watchers
Insteon Starter Kit
Home Remote Control
System - Model

$70.00 Free shipping 2 Bought
Ends in 1d 19h 13m 
26. 1 Watchers
Iris Care Home
Security Systems

$39.81 Free shipping 1 Bought
Ends in 17d 6h 
36. 0 Watchers
Channel Vision IR-5000
IR Repeater System

$84.99 1 Bought
Ends in 8d 21h