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5. 148 Watchers
RARE Antique Early
20thC Durand Pulled
Feather & Cut Glass

$292.65 Free shipping 30 bids
Ends in 2d 19h 40m 
6. 135 Watchers
Huge Natural
Australian Opal Old
Euro Diamond 14k Gold

$650.0 37 bids
Ends in 5d 10h 52m 
10. 121 Watchers
Diamond 10.30ct
Emerald Carved Ruby
18K White Gold Dangle

$942.0 32 bids
Ends in 2d 20h 42m 
11. 116 Watchers
Antique Diamond
36.03ct Emerald 18K
Gold Graduated Floral

$4267.77 25 bids
Ends in 2d 20h 40m 
12. 115 Watchers
Estate 2.20ct Emerald
14K Yellow Gold Stud
Earrings NR

$168.88 39 bids
Ends in 2d 19h 17m 
16. 105 Watchers
Fine French 4ct
moonstone 18ct gold
ring 18k 750

$143.07 26 bids
Ends in 13h 2m 
19. 100 Watchers
Antique Hamilton
6.00ct Diamond
Platinum Watch

$2025.0 30 bids
Ends in 2d 20h 38m 
21. 99 Watchers

$910.0 Free shipping 38 bids
Ends in 5d 21h 53m 
40. 81 Watchers
Vintage Richard Rick
Satava Studio Art
Glass Jellyfish

$182.5 Free shipping 26 bids
Ends in 1d 10h 59m