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Box of 10 petite 6S6 clear S6 CHRISTMAS C7 bubble LIGHT BULB 6w candelabra 130V

Box of 10 petite 6S6 clear S6 CHRISTMAS C7 bubble LIGHT BULB 6w candelabra 130V

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6S6 Industrial Indicator grade lamp 6w light bulb 130v heavy duty S6 control panel bulb 130 volt may be used for Christmas tree petite bulbs or bubble lites repair replacement** where 7 watt is allowed G.W.Justice Store Established 1888 "WE DO YOUR DOLLAR JUSTICE" please - contact us with any questions or problems whatsoever for personal Customer Service CALL TOLL FREE (ask eBay for my 800 number) FREE SHIPPING to ALL U. S. Zip Codes including AK, HI, P. R. and US Virgin Islands, AND FREE INSURANCE AND FREE UPGRADE TO PRIORITY MAIL WITH DELIVERY CONFIRMATION FREE TO EVERYONE EVERYWHERE IN THE U. S. A. including AK, HI, V. I. or P. R. and Shipping Discount on different qualifying Additional Items see below under "SAVE ON SHIPPING" and under "Flat Rate or Discount Shipping Cost" link at our eBay store Home page, or use link below; http://stores.ebay.com/G-W-Justice-Store-established-1888/Flat-Rate-or-Discount-Shipping-Cost.html for details on this and other S & H Discounts mix & match Sale YES, WE HAVE MORE IN OUR eBay STORE more colors and wattages of this same size, and in different colors, OTHER DIFFERENT KINDS OF INDUSTRIAL INDICATOR & CHRISTMAS AND NIGHT LIGHT BULBS, and adapters some ship for only 7ยข each ! ( as an Additional Item) IN OUR EBAY STORE UNDER CHRISTMAS & party & COLOR CATEGORY link; http://stores.ebay.com/G-W-Justice-Store-established-1888/_i.html?_fsub=20929611 home page LINK BELOW http://stores.ebay.com/gwjusticestoreestablished1888 ITEM DESCRIPTION; one box of 10 bulbs, i.e. ten bulbs for the money, note; photo is approximate, fits some bubble light bulbs**, that have replaceable bulbs in them; we can not promise this will fit all brands; LENGTH; is approximately 1 & 7/8ths inches long; Substitute for GE # 11369 EXACT CONDITION; Brand Will Be our choice , hand wrapped, BRAND NEW factory fresh, bought in bulk factory direct by us, 6 WATT 130 VOLT 6S6/CL, will be long life industrial grade S6 LIGHT BULB, SUBSTITUTE FOR C6 (with C7 BASE) & INDUSTRIAL INDICATOR CRYSTAL CLEAR ! Base size; C7, C6, CANDELABRA [ NIGHT LIGHT SIZE ] E12 BASE, MEASURES ABOUT 7/16THS INCH, EXACTLY 12 MILLIMETERS in diameter, 6 WATT "MINIATURE" LIGHT BULB, length of metal part of base is approximately 11/16ths of an inch. If you need a longer base, this is not the bulb you're looking for. [ glass part is smaller than standard night light bulb 7C7, AND IS PEAR SHAPE ] INDUSTRIAL INDICATOR BULB FOR CONTROL PANELS, ETC. also pear shape Christmas Light Bulb, 130 volt surge rated, WILL WORK ON STANDARD HOUSEHOLD CURRENT USED IN U.S.A. i.e. line voltage 110V or 120V or 130V may be used on any dimmer and works in standard C7 string lights AT THE TIME OF THIS LISTING, THIS BULB IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN OTHER VOLTAGES , IN CLEAR AND sometimes CERAMIC RED, as well as all transparent colors, see separate listings **Notice; the following is anecdotal, told to us by a customer, not responsible for use or misuse of information: One of our customers told us that the 6s6 is the one to use for bubble light bulb replacement, in those units that are made to do so. These are the longer lasting 130 volt, because it burns 12% less wattage, and burns cooler. PLEASE BE ADVISED that we do not know the above for a fact, and is information that we are passing on as anecdotal. We do not, and can not promise these will fit your bubble lights. It is possible that you need a SKIRTED candelabra base bulb, with long shank, in which case you might be able to use a shorter bulb in conjunction with our adapter for deep sockets, see item number 401300773368the long shank socket extension adapter for Christmas and Chandeliers that need skirted candelabra E12 base which is the same as Christmas C7 12mm 7/16ths inch screw base SEE at our ebay store , 6s6 replaces UPC # 46135 16960 ALSO X01863 CRYSTAL CANDLELIGHT BULBS CRYSTAL BULB industrial indicator grade works on standard U.S. household current line voltage =============================== extra; MIX & MATCH & SAVE SAVE ON SHIPPING AUTOMATICALLY BY PURCHASING MORE THAN ONE, AND / OR BY ADDING OTHER, DIFFERENT ITEMS FROM OUR EBAY STORE MARKED AS "DISCOUNT AVAILABLE" TO YOUR ORDER PURCHASED ON THE SAME DAY & LOCATED IN THE SAME ZIP CODE Just a very few of our items {such as coffee} are located in different warehouses, or are not discounted due to weight and / or special packaging and handling requirements JUST WAIT TO GET AND OK YOUR EBAY INVOICE BEFORE YOU PAY (Must use eBay Shopping Cart to Qualify) We discount shipping instead of the eBay combined shipping because of the vastly different weights and packaging requirements of our various items. Our shipping and handling charge is more about the cost of better packaging than actual postage cost for the most part, and IT IS ABOUT SERVICE MENU OF SERVICES LINK: http://stores.ebay.com/G-W-Justice-Store-established-1888/Menu-of-Services.html our FLAT RATE SHIPPING; S & H charge IS THE SAME TO EVERYONE EVERYWHERE IN THE U.S.A. INCLUDING HI, AK, V. I. OR P. R. or local pickup / delivery / other SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN, BE ADVISED, PRICE IS THE SAME TO ANY APO - - fair for one is fair for all http://reviews.ebay.com/Shipping-amp-Handling-Charges-FAIR-OR-NOT-FAIR-the-facts_W0QQugidZ10000000007793201 WE ONLY SHIP BY INSURED PRIORITY MAIL WITH DELIVERY CONFIRMATION ON ORDERS OF $1000.00 OR MORE, SHIP FREE - qualifying ORDERS OF $100.00 OR MORE SHIP FOR A FLAT CHARGE OF $8.88 - this item DOES NOT qualify, already free *ON ALL OTHER ORDERS, PAY THE FIRST BOX COST ON ONE ITEM ONCE, THEN PAY THE LOWER, ADDITIONAL BOX COST ON THE REST OF YOUR SELECTIONS S&H CHARGE INCLUDES THE ABOVE, includes a handling charge for next day service when available and specified, AS WELL AS THE BEST PACKING AND SHIPPING MATERIALS AVAILABLE TO US, including but not limited to; bubble wrap, vermiculite, paper bags, rubber bands, tape, peanuts, foam rubber, as well as other expensive materials such as butcher paper, etc. Free samples of our peppermint candy are usually enclosed, and possibly other items as well By purchasing this item buyer agrees to all terms of sale posted at our eBay store and accepts all terms above http://stores.ebay.com/G-W-Justice-Store-established-1888/Terms-of-Sale.html I AGREE [ ^ ] FOLKS IN CANADA see our eBay store Home Page FOR SPECIAL TERMS OF SALE OUTSIDE THE U.S.A. AND Remember the old saying....."ought to have bought it when I saw it"