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12 VOLTS MINI-GEN MAX For Motorized Bicycle Lighting

12 VOLTS MINI-GEN MAX For Motorized Bicycle Lighting

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12V Mini-Gen Max For Motorized Bicycle Lighting Now you can get a reliable lighting system for your 2 cycle motorized bicycle by using this Mini-Generator MAX designed for up to 12 volt lighting systems. This item is designed to be affixed inside magneto case of 2 cycle engine to provide a self sufficient and dependable lighting system. The Mini-Generator MAX will provide electricity for 5 to 10 watts of lighting and will recharge batteries of up to 14.4 volts if used with our "Mini-Charger". This "Mini-Gen-Max" produces more volts and amperage than our regular Mini-Gen, and is suitable for running lights of 6 to 12 volts and charging batteries from 6 to 14.4 volts if used with our recommended Mini-Charger. Use our recommended 12 Volt Mini-Charger with this item for charging batteries up to 14.4 volts. If you wish to run lights directly from Mini-Gen Max, a battery & charger is not necessary but can be added later for more stable lighting if desired. Also available is out regular 6 volt Mini-Gen and 6 Volt Mini-Charger recommended for 6 to 7.2 volt battery charging. Just install into magneto case using the 2 rear magneto screws and route red (output) wire through wire harness. The red wire from the Mini Generator MAX will send electricity to your lights through a light switch or connected directly for continuous light. Click on left side links to see more of our items. Mini-Generator MAX This Mini-Gen Max is easily installed and includes installation instructions and recommendations. This item will produce over 12 volts AC at engine speeds of 1300 RPM to 1500 RPM (equivalent to driving speeds of 15 to 18 MPH). Volts can reach up to 18 or more and amperage can reach up to 1.5 amps or more during high speeds. This item is recommended for lights rated at 5 to 10 total watts and will provide nominal 10 watts output at operating speeds. Mini-Generator1 Just remove the engine magneto cover, then use the 2 rear screws to attach Mini-Generator inside engine magneto case. Remove wire grommet at the front (white plastic or black rubber) then insert Mini-Gen wire into grommet. Use a pick or small screwdriver or nail to push into the area where wire will fit, then insert wire. Instructions and precautions are included for Mini-Gen installation. NOTE: The Mini-Gen in this photo does NOT represent the Mini-Gen MAX but only the positioning of the wire. Mini-Generator2 After the Mini-Generator is installed, the power wire should be routed toward bicycle seat post for Mini-Charger connection, unless it's being used for other purpose. Position wire inside case away from moving parts and also make sure it will not be pinched under the cover. Use duct tape (any color) or cable ties to secure wire onto bike's bottom bracket and seat post. The Mini-Gen in this photo is connected to the red wire coming from the Mini-Charger. Your results will look far better than this one. NOTE: The Mini-Gen in this photo does NOT represent the Mini-Gen MAX but only the positioning of the wire. Mini-Gen MAX Here is the Mini-Gen-Max voltage being measured at approx. 1300 rpm's (normal driving speed = 1100 tp 1800 RPM). The magneto in this photo looks stationary because camera flash was used, but it's actually spinning. # This is called a generator (which technically produces dc voltage), but this produces AC voltage. The engine speed here is around 1300 to 1350 RPM which is just around driving speed. Most riders will produce this voltage at a speed of around 15 to 18 MPH. Higher voltages of around 18 or more is obtainable at much higher engine speeds, but 12 volts is specified as the average voltage. Mini-Gen MAX 2 The Mini-Gen is seen here hooked up to a common 12 volt 10 watts halogen headlight. This type of lighting normally draws around 833 milliamps on a fully charged 12 volt battery and uses less ac amps due to the nature of ac current. Here in the photo you see the light using a little over 700 milliamps at around 1300 rpm. Unlike most LED lights, regular light bulbs will run off both AC and DC voltage with no problem. A complete 14.4 Volts Lighting System is now available in our store. Just click on left side links to see our other available items. PAYMENTS Payments for auction items are expected within 3 days, but no later than 7 days. All payments accepted through Paypal or CIP. Serious inquiries about payment for individual items welcome. SHIPPING Flat rate shipping & handling price is available for the continental USA. Shipping & handling might also be the same for other states outside the continental United States. This item will normally ship within 2 business days, but could take up to 5 business days. To check shipping and handling fees to your state just click on the SHIPPING AND PAYMENTS button below top photo on this eBay page. Items will be shipped to the address provided for transaction. Request to change shipping address after item is shipped will be ignored. We reserve the right to refuse shipment to uncomfirmed addresses in which case buyer will be refunded. INTERNATIONAL shipment is available with slightly higher fees. To check shipping and handling fees to your country just click on the SHIPPING AND PAYMENTS button below top photo on this eBay page. WARRANTY & RETURNS The SUPER DYNO Lighting System (patent pending) is warrantied for 7 days cash back, and 30 days replacement. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, just return the complete kit, and a refund will be issued (less shipping and handling). Shipping & handling is not refundable, and the customer is responsible for shipping cost of the returned item.If any problems are experienced with our products, please contact us for assistance before resorting to any other course of action. NOTE- Any item showing signs of tampering or abuse will void warranty! INTERNATIONAL customers are legible for the 30 days parts replacement warranty ONLY. Customer is responsible for shipping returned items. DISCLAIMER This "SUPER DYNO Lighting System", and all parts, pieces, ideas and designs associated therewith, are the proprietary rights and ownership of Wonderful Creations Store. Any copying, modifying, tampering and or false claims are discouraged and expressly prohibited. By purchasing this system you agree to abide by any and all traffic laws governing your city, state or country and further agree to hold Wonderful Creations and any associates thereof, blameless for any accidents, mishaps, property loss, damages, death, injuries or expenses reportedly, or supposedly caused by the use, or misuse of this lighting system. Copyright © 2004-2010 Wonderful Creations . All rights reserved.