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Buick Chevy GMC GM Pontiac Speedometer Instrument Gauge Cluster Repair Service

Buick Chevy GMC GM Pontiac Speedometer Instrument Gauge Cluster Repair Service

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.....THIS IS A REPAIR, REBUILD TO YOUR WHOLE CLUSTER, YOU MUST SEND YOURS INTO ME TO BE REPAIRED, YOU ARE NOT BUYING THE CLUSTER THAT IS SHOWN...... **********Please ignore the estimated shipping time that I have listed on this auction….! Due to Ebay’s new handling time policy it does not allow for the shipping time that it takes for you to ship it to me and for me to repair your unit and then they would penalizes me for appearing to have slow shipping/handling time(WHICH I DO NOT). So I have to enter a very ridiculous long handling time so I do not fall out of their parameters, so I can still be Trusted and Great seller also. My actual handling time for repairs are once I receive your item for repair it is a ONE DAY or the SAME DAY turn around and then I ship it back to you right away..! If you have any questions at all feel free to contact me thru ebay messaging.************Thanks David Is your Speedometer Gauge or Gas Gauge or Tach gauge or any other gauge in your Vehicle is not working correctly then this auction is what you need.. Are you having problems with the Gauges (Speedometer, Tach, Gas, Temp, Battery, Oil, Tranny temp) in your Car or Truck vehicle where they are dead or fluttering, sticking, reading incorrectly (120 MPH), or just refusing to work, backlighting is bad or burnt out, shift indicator, odometer display is dim or dead, or your Cluster is completely dead, Then I have the solution to take care of that for you, for the life of the Vehicle .. Available in this auction is my REPAIR SERVICE to repair YOUR Bad instrument cluster for the following..... THIS IS A REPAIR TO YOUR CLUSTER AND AFTER YOU BUY THIS REPAIR SERVICE YOU WILL NEED TO SEND YOUR CLUSTER INTO ME TO BE REPAIRED....... Vehicles Covered under this Repair : Chevrolet, GMC, BUICK Instrument Cluster: 03-06 Chevy Silverado / GMC Sierra2007 Silverado / Sierra Classic03-06 Avalanche 03-05 C4500 TopKick03-06 Suburban, Yukon, Tahoe, Envoy 00-05 Cavalier 00-05 Sunfire03-06 Cadillac Escalade ESV, EXT02-05 Monte Carlo SS03-06 SSR02-05 Impala03-06 Hummer H203-06 Trailblazer03-05 Bonneville 04-06 Rainier02-06 Rendezvous02-06 Ascender03-04 Bravada03-04 Silhouette03-05 Aztek03-04 Montana03-05 Lesabre03-05 Venture 2003 Sliverado IF I MISSED ANY OR IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION PLEASE EMAIL ME thru ebay messaging Common questions people ask me : 1. Q: Can i drive my vehicle with cluster removed?......... A: Yes, your vehicle will operate normally with out the cluster in there!! 2. Q: How long does the process take?...........The whole process takes about a week or less,,, i repair the cluster the dayi get it and it will ship back out the next day,,(unless we run into some unkown proble).... 3. Q: Will my mileage change?........... A: Nope your mileage is not affected, we repair yours and send yours back . 4. Q: Is my cluster difficult to remove?.......... A: It will takes about 3-5 minutes, first engage the emergency brake, then remove the plastic trim around the cluster, then with the steering wheel tilted down and the shifter in 1st gear, pull the trim from the dash and it will unsnap and then put the trim off to the side. Then remove the four 7mm screws holding the cluster in, gently pull out and disconnect the electrical plug from the back of the cluster. 5. Q: How long is the warrany??.... A: For lifetime and i stand behind my work 100%. FULL REBULD TO YOUR SPEEDOMETER INSTRUMENT CLUSTER GAUGE...... THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL GET WITH A FULL REBUILD TO YOUR SPEEDOMETER CLUSTER GAUGE/.. 1) ALL NEW MOTORS NO MATTER IF YOU HAVE 6 OR 7 GAUGES, REPLACED WITH JUKEN SWITEC X27-168.2) ALL NEW BACK LIGHTS BULBS. 3) WILL REPAIR THE DIM SHIFT INDICATOR, aka PRNDL and the odometer display 4) WE WILL UPDATE THE POWER SUPPLY, SO THE CLUSTER WILL NOT SHUT OFF.5) CLUSTER WILL BE RE-CALIBRATED SO WHEN YOU GET IT BACK ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS INSTALL THE VEHICLE .....6) UPDATED SOFTWARE7) REPAIRED AND SHIPPED BACK TO YOU WITHIN 24 HOUR AFTER I GET IT... 8) WE PAY FOR RETURN SHIPPING. 9) YOU WILL GET A LIFETIME WARRANTY ON PARTS AND LABOR THAT WAS DONE ON THE CLUSTER.10) $300.00 INSURANCE ON THE CLUSTER WHEN I SEND IT BACK......11) LIFETIME WARRANTY ON IT...... THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO AFTER WINNING THIS REPAIR SERVICE…... · I will email a work order and that needs to be sent with the speedometer. Due to Ebays policy I can not give out are address or phone number until after you have paid. Are address will be emailed to you after you buy and have paid for this service. you pay for shipping the cluster to me,,,.. · If you didn’t paid by paypal you may include payment with, also if you paid by paypal send a copy of the transaction with… · This is a 24 hour service…. · Remember this is a repair service of your Cluster and, You are not purchasing the cluster pictured in this listing. Repair procedure......· The cluster will be Dis-Assemled and cleaned. · I will replace all stepper motors (bad ones X C5 168) with the updated version…. · I will replace all backlighting ...... · The speedometer will be calibrated when done.. · This comes with a Lifetime warranty on the work that was done to it… By sending your speedometer in, it will not change mileages, it will stay the same as you have now… 100% customer satisfaction. look at the 11,000 comments from my previous customers ...... · A little about me….. I have 24 years in the Automotive Electronic field as a Engineer. I have repaired over 24,500 speedometer for Salvage Yards, and people like you. I stand behind my work so you can purchase this REPAIR SERVICE with confidence. Happy ebay bidding I hope you win it.Contact and Shipping information…. - -Shipping: within the 50 U.S. states(UPS ground, or USPS). 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