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Popcorn Machine supplies Small Stainless Steel speed Scoop - 1041

Popcorn Machine supplies Small Stainless Steel speed Scoop - 1041

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Smaller version scoop. Great for use in smaller popcorn machines.Quickly and easily fill bags, buckets, and tubs with deliciously fresh popcorn using this Paragon 1041 small popcorn scoop! Made of stainless steel, this durable scoop features an easy-to-assemble handle. In fact, it can be configured to use as either a left or right hand scoop to accommodate your staff. Lightweight and easy to use, this scoop is perfect to have on hand with your counter-top popcorn popper or concession stand merchandiser. It even features holes to sift out popcorn kernels so the kernels do not make it into the popcorn bags.Handle can be attached for right or left hand use.The scoop measures: Top opening is 3 1/2", bottom opening is 2 1/4", 5 1/2" Tall and 1 3/4" Deep. Please note: The scoop is shipped with a protective plastic film on the inside of the scoop. This is a protective film used during the making of the scoop. You will need to remove the plastic film before use by simply pulling it off. What size popper do I need?Each popcorn machine has a rating called quarts/hour. This tells the maximum amount of popcorn that it will produce if you were to continually pop corn for a full hour. You should determine the maximum amount of popcorn that you will need in any hour and use this table (keep in mind that Street Vendor brand poppers hold approximately 45 quarts of popped corn): Less than 85 quarts = 4 ounce popper (makes about 5 quarts per cycle) 86-126 quarts = 6 ounce popper (makes about 7.5 quarts per cycle) 127-170 quarts = 8 ounce popper (makes about 10 quarts per cycle) What makes theater popcorn taste so much better than microwave popcorn? The taste and flavor of popcorn is determined by the type of oil and seasoning salt that is used in the cooking process. Most theaters use a specially formulated cooking oil that is partially absorbed by the popcorn as it pops. This is what gives the popcorn its flavor. Most microwaveable popcorn is oil-less and comes out dry and flavor-less. DND Enterprises offers a specially blended Popcorn Oil that is very low in fat and cholesterol while offering that “Great Theater Popcorn” taste.Why does popcorn “Pop”? Quality popcorn has a moisture content of 13-14% inside the hull. When the popcorn is heated the moisture turns to steam and expands. Eventually the pressure from the expanding steam causes the hull to explode. Storing popcorn in a sealed container at room temperature or less will keep the moisture content consistent and the popcorn fresh. Avoid storing popcorn in extremely warm and dry conditions which will cause the moisture content in the popcorn to reduce. A loss of as little as 3% moisture can cause the kernel to become un-poppable (an old maid).Does a popcorn machine require much maintenance? The only maintenance required on a Street Vendor brand popcorn machine is to keep it clean. Routine cleaning only requires that the excess oil is wiped off the kettle after you finish popping (a damp cloth will do the trick). You will want to do a thorough cleaning occasionally by removing the stainless steel trays (clean in a sink or dishwasher) and cleaning the glass panels with a standard glass cleaner. Any carbon build-up on the kettle that results from the failure to remove the excess oil can be cleaned with the “Kettle Cleaning Kit” available at our eBay store. Visit our eBay store for our complete line of Popcorn Machines, Machines with Carts, and Supplies. Payment is to be made within 72 hours (3 days) after you click ‘buy it now’. Orders are normally processed within 2 business days after payment. Remember, after you click ‘buy it now’ you are committing to purchase this item according to eBay policy. If there is any unforeseen delay we will send you an email with a complete update. Thank you for shopping with us. We appreciate your business! Check shipping cost BEFORE clicking 'Buy it Now'. Once you click 'Buy it Now', you are agreeing to the shipping cost. If you have a question about shipping, ask us before purchase. The cost of shipping is the cost, with a very modest charge for packaging. We are not like some sellers that try to makeup their profit on shipping cost. You can contact us by using eBay's "Ask the seller a question". We are sorry but we no longer put our email address on our listings. We have found that unscrupulous people "harvest" (collect) email address off eBay listings and then send out "spoof" (fake) emails trying to look like it's from eBay in the hopes of getting account information and passwords. We know because we have received these kinds of fake emails. But, you can generally tell if a message is from eBay because they have your actual name at the top of the message and not just "Dear Member". If ever in doubt about an email, don't click on the links, instead, open a new window and then go to eBay.com. We will be happy to answer your questions using eBays message system.