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32 GB Flash Drive With Over 80 Hours Of Rock, Blues & Acoustic Guitar Lessons!

32 GB Flash Drive With Over 80 Hours Of Rock, Blues & Acoustic Guitar Lessons!

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32 GB FLASH DRIVE WITH OVER 80 HOURS OF VIDEO ROCK, BLUES AND ACOUSTIC GUITAR LESSONS ON IT! THE VIDEOS ARE ALL IN MPEG4 (MP4) FORMAT. THIS ALLOWS YOU TO SIMPLY PLUG THIS DRIVE INTO ANY MAC OR PC COMPUTER AND YOU ARE GOOD TO GO. BRANDS OF FLASH DRIVES CHANGE SIMPLY DUE TO WHAT IS AVAILABLE OUT THERE WITHOUT COSTING EITHER ONE OF US AN ARM AND A LEG. 80 HOURS OF LESSONS ON THIS DRIVE! Here is the complete list of what you will receive via the 32GB FLASH DRIVE only. ELECTRIC GUITAR VIDEOS: BEGINNER ROCK GUITAR GUITAR SETUP & FACTS FOR THE GUITARDED BEGINNER ROCK PART 2 GUITAR FOR THE 3 PIECE BAND GUITARIST ELECTRIC GUITAR THEORY 2 BAR BLUES LEAD GUITAR LEARN ELECTRIC LEAD GUITAR BLUES GUITAR, BACK TO THE ROOTS 2 HAND TAPPING BASICS LEARN SLIDE BLUES AND ROCK GUITAR CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL SLOW BLUES LEAD GUITAR RHYTHM FOR THE 2ND GUITARIST SLIDE BLUES IN OPEN G & OPEN E TUNINGS SOUTHERN ROCK VOLUME 1 LEARN TO PLAY FUNK GUITAR SOUTHERN ROCK VOLUME 2 GUITAR EFFECTS MANIA LICKS AND TRICKS FOR POSERS 30 BACKING JAM TRACKS ALSO INCLUDED ! CLASSIC ROCK & BLUES LEAD GUITAR ACOUSTIC GUITAR VIDEOS: BEGINNER GUITAR LESSONS FOR KIDS GUITAR CHORDS, BEYOND THE 3RD FRETBEGINNERS ACOUSTIC GUITAR CHRISTMAS SONGS, FINGER PICKING STYLERIGHT HAND PICKING TECHNIQUES ACOUSTIC SLIDE GUITAR BASIC STRUMMING PATTERNS CAMPFIRE SONGS FOR GUITAR VOLUME 1BASIC GUITAR THEORY CAMPFIRE SONGS FOR GUITAR VOLUME 2ACOUSTIC GUITAR, BEYOND THE BASICS CAMPFIRE SONGS FOR GUITAR VOLUME 3COUNTRY GOSPEL, VOLUME 1 CAMPFIRE SONGS FOR GUITAR VOLUME 412 STRING ACOUSTIC GUITAR CAMPFIRE SONGS FOR GUITAR VOLUME 5CAPO FOR GUITAR INSTRUCTION CAMPFIRE SONGS FOR GUITAR VOLUME 6THE NASHVILLE NUMBER SYSTEM CAMPFIRE SONGS FOR GUITAR VOLUME 7BLUEGRASS & FANCY ACOUSTIC CAMPFIRE SONGS FOR GUITAR VOLUME 8FINGER PICKING GUITAR LESSONS CAMPFIRE SONGS FOR GUITAR VOLUME 9ADVANCED ACOUSTIC GUITAR CAMPFIRE SONGS FOR GUITAR VOLUME 10 ELECTRIC AND ACOUSTIC GUITAR 32 GB FLASH DRIVE SPECIAL MPEG4 FORMAT, FOR PLAY ON MAC OR PC There is no need for reading music or tablature as I teach you in a way that you will fully understand and be able to follow without the need for any paper work. Never Leave Anything Less Than A Positive Feedback Without Talking To Me First. My Return Policy Is That If You Simply HATE The Lesson Or It Breaks In Transit Or If I Accidentally Send you the wrong one, You Keep The Product And I 100% Refund You (Shipping And All). If You Require A Replacement Disc, Just Toss The Old One And I'll Send You A New On At NO CHARGE. As An Added Bonus: I Send A Free Downloads Of These EXACT Lessons To You So That You Can Start Learning Right Away While The Videos Are On Their Way To You In The Mail !GROOVY MUSIC LESSONS STOREAnd now we get to cover the feedback portion of this.About the 4 questions you will be asked when rating this transaction: PLEASE READ!1. How accurate was the item description?I give you the exact description of what you are getting. You are getting your disc (s) on a HP Lightscribe disc that is playable via the following media options. If you purchased the DVD format, it is playable on any DVD player. On most of my DVD's there is a start up screen that loops over and over until you press PLAY. You would be surprised at how many folks write to me and say that the video won't work when they haven't pressed the play button. The other option is the CD ROM or DVD ROM, tthese are meant to be played on your computer only and will play on Windows Media Player or Flip4Mac if you are using an Apple or Macintosh system. These videos are written, owned, taught, and packaged by me. They are sent with the disc in a CD cover and put into a bubble padded mailer and sent to you. They are not sealed. I do all of my own packaging from beginning to end. If you want a cool, full color product, please shop elsewhere. If you want great lessons taught by one of the best instructors around, then you came to the right place but, you simply don't get a pretty package. Every single disc is played and inspected by me before it ships out. If you do experience any problem with any of my products, I will gladly ship you a brand new one (no need to return the defective disc) or I will immediately refund 100% of your money...no questions asked. So...you know EXACTLY what you are getting when you agree to this purchase.2. How satisfied were you with the customer's communication?I send a confirmation letter to each and every buyer letting you know that I have received your payment and that your product will be shipped the same or next business day. If any further communication is wanted from me....simply ask. I also send you a downloadable version of your video the same day that you order so that you can start learning right away. Who else will do that for you? NOBODY.3. How quickly did the seller SHIP the item?This is always a fun one when people ask me when it will get there. I have no clue. I ship the same day or the next business day (yes, there are Sundays and sometimes holiday weekends when the post office is closed) in which case I will ship as soon as their doors open. My wife works for the post office and takes an arm full of videos with her to work every day. The question is ...How quickly did the seller SHIP the item? Not "how quickly did it get there". I do not drive the postal truck, so I have no clue how fast each driver drives or where it is snowing. I ship first class U.S.P.S. mail and I ship right away. So, look for the post mark on your bubble mailer and see just how fast I SHIP the item....as that is the question being asked.4. How reasonable were the shipping and handling charges? Shipping rates are now electronically calculated. You only pay thee actual cost. All shipping costs are now calculated by where you live. These costs are figured out by Ebay's shipping system, not by me. GROOVY MUSIC LESSONS STORE