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FIBER OPTIC "illuminator LIGHTING KIT" for ALL scale models + FREE Bonus

FIBER OPTIC "illuminator LIGHTING KIT" for ALL scale models + FREE Bonus

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"HUGE FIBER OPTIC MODEL LIGHTING SALE"!! . . . > Add lights to all your projects the EZ way with fiber optic lighting.. This Auction is for 1 fiber optic illuminator lighting kit . Fiber Optic Illuminator Lighting Kit! This Lighting Kit makes it easy for you to light up your fiber optic fiber and install it in your project. It's very easy to customize this kit to fit your needs. You can add extra wire to make it longer or cut it down to an inch or smaller if you don't have much room. You can hook up from 1 to 3 illuminators to one battery connector. You get everything in the picture below to make 2 complete illuminator circuits. Complete instructions included as well. Please read the descriptions to see what's included. "FREE BONUS" For a limited time, You will get 1 extra battery connector with each illuminator Lighting Kit!! *This kit does not include any fiber optic fiber so if you need some please purchase some fiber optic fiber too: You get the following items: Two (2) super bright white LED illuminators 20,000mcd Non flashing. These use 3 to 18 volts DC power and have super long life. Rated at 100,000 hours. These make it easy to light up your fiber optic fibers. (I also have flashing illuminators if you would rather have these or a combo of both let me know. The flashing illuminators use 3 to 9 volts DC power). You can use higher voltages if you install an extra resister on them. The illuminators can be installed inside or outside of a model and anywhere on your RR layout or project. They are very easy to use and can hold from 1 to 150 fibers depending on the fiber diameter. . One (1) 9volt battery connectors. These are very high quality hard plastic and not the cheap vinyl type that break easy. These make it easy to use a 9 volt battery with the illuminators for super long battery life. You can connect up to 12 illuminators to one battery connector. If you want a plug in your wall type power adapter please ask me about them. I have some at low cost. . Two (2) switches. These little switches are really great and make it easy to turn your illuminators on/off. They will look awesome installed on your project. These are very modern, sleek looking toggle switches. No soldering required. Just put the wires into the holes in the contacts on the bottom and twist. These can be surface mounted or mounted inline in a remote location. You also get 4 extra feet of wire and 5 mini cable ties to keep your wiring/fiber runs neat. The cable ties are also a great way to hold the illuminators in place. This is over a $15.00 Value if these items are purchased separately. If you need more of anything, extras are available for purchase. Quantity discounts are also always available. Please check my other auctions for many sizes and types of fiber optic fiber and related items. . All my fiber optic fiber is state of the art high quality optical plastic, end glow, fiber optic fiber. Not the older glass type filament which requires polishing and is very hard to work with! . Please check my other auctions for the following items and more! 450 feet of clear .50mm diameter fiber 4" 300 feet of clear .25mm diameter fiber 250 feet of clear pre-cut various length fiber 150 feet of colored .25mm fiber 200 feet of clear .50mm diameter fiber 150 feet of colored .50mm fiber 100 feet of clear .75mm diameter fiber 50 feet of clear 1.0mm diameter fiber 24 feet of clear 1.5mm fiber 12 feet of clear 2.0mm fiber Neon Glow fiber 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm and 5mm Fiber Optic illuminator lighting kits These are the fiber sizes compared to the size of a US penny > "LIMITED Time FREE OFFER"! Get one extra 9 volt Battery connector FREE! A $1.39 Value. Get one FREE with each illuminator lighting kit for a total of 2 in each kit. You can connect up to 3 illuminators to each battery connector. This deal will not last long so get them now before it's gone! . FIBER OPTIC INFO: MODEL RAILROAD LAYOUTS! These fiber optic fiber light strands make it super easy to add great looking and dramatic lighting to your model rail road scenery! They are very easy to install and fun to work with! You can transform your model RR Layout into an Enchanted, Magical Wonderland when the sun goes down and you turn on these lights! Watch your layout come alive with lights!! MODEL SHIPS, MODEL SPACESHIPS, MODEL CARS, DIORAMA LIGHTING and STAR CEILINGS! Fiber optic fiber is the best and easiest way to add lighting to all your modeling projects. In boat models add realistic looking port holes all lighting up different colors next to each other from one white light bulb. Add value and interest. Make them unique, one of a kind and make them come alive with lights! Now You can add fiber optic lighting to your projects for a fraction of what you would pay at a Hobby Shop or Crafts Store! BUILD YOUR DREAMS AND MAKE THEM COME ALIVE WITH LIGHTS!! HOW THEY WORK: Simply put, when light goes in one end of the fiber it comes out the other end! You can place any type of light like a tiny flashlight bulb, L.E.D. or Christmas tree bulb near one end of the fibers and the other ends will all light up! You can light up 100"s or even 1,000's of fibers with just one tiny light bulb or use a micro illuminator! The easiest way to light up your fiber optic fibers is to use a super bright, MICRO ILLUMINATOR OR ILLUMINATOR LIGHTING KIT. (SEE MY OTHER RELATED ITEMS)! These fiber optics light up super bright, they are super easy to install and look fantastic!! There is "NO" soldering to do, "NO" wiring to mess with and "NO" special knowledge is required to install and use them! These are so easy to use and UNLIKE other types of fiber optic fiber this fiber requires "NO POLISHING"! They can be cut easy to the size you need with a razor blade or scissors! It's very easy to make bigger and brighter lights by bundling several fibers together. You can make their tips bigger and brighter by heating the fiber tips with a flame. The fiber tips will expand up to 4 times their size! When you do this the tips will act as magnifying or projector lens increasing their brightness tremendously! COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED for fiber optic projects!! The instructions contains the following info: 1. Making 4 types of illuminators. (EZ, fast and inexpensive to make) 2. Cutting your fibers. (No Polishing Required) 3. Adding/changing colors. (Light your fiber up in a rainbow of colors) 4. Splice your fibers super easy. (No special tools required) 5. Glues and tape. 6. Drilling holes. (Making your own micro size drill bits EZ) 7. Expanding/enlarging the fiber tips. (Making a light magnifying tip EZ) 8. Special lighting techniques. 9. Lighting up a model Rail Road Layout. 10. Lighting up scale models. 11. Making a star field model/diorama background. 12. Installing a star ceiling in your home. 13. General fiber optic info. And more! Ideas for their use: Anywhere on your RR layout, Model, Diorama or Art project you could use little lights! Add lights to all your houses and buildings, street lighting and on billboards. Add lighting to your landscapes and scenery and make it come alive with lights! Limited only by your imagination! There are thousands of uses for these. They do not transmit any heat at all, only light! More Ideas Add a little magic to all your craft projects and make them come alive with light! Make your own fiber optic lamps!Use them to customize or accent your home or bedroom decor! Add some twinkly little lights to your Floral arrangements! Make your own unique work of art! They are fun and easy to use anywhere! . This auction is for 1 illuminator lighting kit. . . . Please check my other auctions for Neon Glow fiber! . . . . International buyers are very welcome. LIMITED TIME OFFER! Shipping is $3.36 to any country worldwide for any amount of items. This offer may be cancelled at anytime so please get this very low shipping price now while you can. . Thank you very much for your purchase! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me.