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2 SE 3.5K 30W Tube Output Transformers 300B KT-88 6550

2 SE 3.5K 30W Tube Output Transformers 300B KT-88 6550

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New Page 1 FOR SALE A Pair of New Single Ended Tube Output Transformers H-30-3.5S (30W@50Hz, 3.5K Ohms Primary) from Hashimoto Electric Co., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan Possibly One of the Best Sounding Output Transformers Ever Built As Good as Tamura or Tango, or Better With 21st Technologies Based on 60 years of Sansui Experiences Specifications of the H-30-3.5S: The Hashimoto H-30-3.5S is for applications that require 3.5K Ohms primary with up to 30 Watts (@50Hz) output level into 4, 8, 16 Ohms. The H-30-3.5S is equipped with a Ultra-Linear tap, and its frequency response covers between 25Hz and 80,000Hz (+-2db). The H-30-3.5S is suitable for single-ended applications that utilize popular vacuum tubes, such as 300B, PX-25, KT-88, 6550A, and 6L6-GC. Due to its size, the maximum power it can handle, and of course, its sound, the H-30-3.5S is regarded as one of the best among the very impressive Hashimoto single-ended output transformers. The H-30-3.5S measures 110 (W) x 100 (D) x 120 (H) mm, and weighs 4.1Kg (9.0 LB). The primary Inductance is 20H/100mA with the maximum DC Current of 200mA. The H-30-3.5S consists of a double Cut-Core in the shell type. The core material is 0.27mm Orient Core Hi-B, which is the enhanced directional silicon steel, from Nippon Steel Corporation. Hashimoto engineers has intentionally avoided the use of permalloy or amorphous cores after careful study simply because the Orient Core Hi-B sounds the best. Please refer to our Hashimoto Transformer Technical Aspects page for more details on technical details as well as Hashimoto Product Design Philosophy. Who is Hashimoto Electric anyway? Hashimoto is by-no-means a new comer in this very traditional, but exciting industry. Hashimoto Electric, Ltd., in Tokyo Japan has been a long-time Sansui transformer OEM (since 1960’s). Hashimoto merged Sansui’s transformer business in 1978, and Hashimoto was the company who reproduced the AU-111 transformers when Sansui reissued the famed AU-111 in 1999 as the AU-111 Vintage. As a matter of fact, Hashimoto is the only company that still carries the original Sansui logo on its product lines, and some of Hashimoto’s key engineers are ex-Sansui engineers. Today, Hashimoto Electric produces not only various traditional transformers that Sansui pioneered many years ago, but also high-end tube amp transformers under its own brand name. The amazing thing is that all Hashimoto transformers are still handcrafted one-by-one by very skilled and experienced employees (Please refer to the actual photos I took when visited Hashimoto last June). Because some of Hashimoto engineers have more than 40 years of transformer designing experiences through out Sansui and Hashimoto era, all Hashimoto transformers still maintain the superior characteristics and sound of Sansui transformers. In addition, all Hashimoto transformers are redesigned from the ground up. This means that Hashimoto transformers are the 21st Century products that have been fine-tuned with computer aided programs and have utilized new materials that were simply not available forty some years ago. As the result, the H-20-3.5U is one of the leading Hashimoto products that have been winning reputations among critics as, "The sound through Hashimoto transformers simply belongs to a different class compared with that of competitions." Who are we? We are a Michigan based corporation being in the IT related business since the early 1990's. We have been exploring the web based business opportunities since 2002, and today we are the authority of Sansui literatures with more than 1,000 customers. Almost all of our Sansui literature business have been conducted through web space for the last three years. Now, we are expanding our horizon into the hi-fi hardware business by introducing the best products available in the world. Because our business is entirely based on the web space, our priority is nothing but the customer satisfaction and customer support. Please purchase our products with confidence.