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MSD-INC 12V DC relay switch with one button on off remote transmitter RX10A

MSD-INC 12V DC relay switch with one button on off remote transmitter RX10A

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RX10: Universal 12V DC 20A relay remote control switch kit with one button toggle on off water resistant remote control key fob For remotely turn on and off 12V DC application uses in automobile, motorcycle, boat, RV, boat, home, garden, hunting tool and any 12V devicereceiver comes with wires for easy installation. Specs: Kit included: 1 switch receiver box, 1 remote transmitter (battery included) Dimension: 2 1/2" x 2 1/2 x 1 3/8" Remote mode: on and off, toggle mode Remote range: ~60ft/~20m(Remote range and signal strength depend on where device is setup, battery strength, interference, etc.) Receiver Input: 12V DC only Receiver output:12V DC standby current: 7.5mA Relay standby state: normally open Operating current: 10mA Maximum load: 20AOperate Temp: 0F~135F How does this remote work? When 12v is feed into the receiver's red/black wire, receiver is in standby mode, current draw at 4.7mA, and relay stays in "open" mode. When remote transmitter is depressed, receiver's internal relay then closed, current draws 7mA with no load, and 12V DC is present at the output white+/black- wires. Maximum load to the relay receiver is 20A. When remote transmitter is depressed again, relay return to "open" state, and receiver is back in standby mode and continue to draw 7.5mA from your power supply unless the power is shut down.