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3. 316 Watchers
EGL 5.19ct Emerald Cut
Diamond Platinum
Engagement Ring

$10600.0 47 bids
Ends in 1d 14h 52m 
5. 179 Watchers
Fort Pitt "RUNNING
WAITER" Beer can,
Lilek R-8, O/I

$1376.0 21 bids
Ends in 4d 12h 17m 
9. 140 Watchers
Vintage Italian
Tagliamonte 14kt Gold
Medusa Bracelet,

$635.0 Free shipping 19 bids
Ends in 1d 12h 15m 
10. 139 Watchers

$5600.0 Free shipping 72 bids
Ends in 11h 52m 
11. 138 Watchers
Estate Diamond 10.50ct
Emerald Platinum
Dangle Drop Earrings

$2175.0 33 bids
Ends in 1d 14h 29m 
13. 136 Watchers
Estate Diamond 1.31ct
Emerald Platinum
Engagement Ring NR

$960.0 33 bids
Ends in 1d 14h 16m 
18. 128 Watchers
Estate 23.00ct
Baguette Cut Diamond
18K Yellow Gold

$6106.66 21 bids
Ends in 1d 14h 51m 
20. 127 Watchers
Victorian/Antique 15ct
Gold Turquoise & Seed

$101.28 25 bids
Ends in 2d 8h 36m 
21. 124 Watchers
Fine 1.04ct diamond
18ct gold solitaire
ring 18k 750

$269.64 22 bids
Ends in 2d 6h 59m 
24. 117 Watchers
Estate 12-15mm South
Sea Pearl 14K Yellow
Gold Graduated

$1176.0 33 bids
Ends in 1d 14h 47m 
28. 110 Watchers
Antique Aesthetic
Victorian Walnut Seth
Thomas Ball-Top

$320.0 Free shipping 32 bids
Ends in 1d 11h 6m 
29. 106 Watchers
Cartier Platinum Fine
Emerald Diamond Ring
Genuine Signed

$1475.0 Free shipping 28 bids
Ends in 1d 6h 29m 
32. 103 Watchers
Estate Diamond
Sapphire Ruby Emerald
18K Yellow Gold Ring

$158.5 27 bids
Ends in 1d 12h 25m 
33. 101 Watchers
Vintage Omega
Seamaster Automatic
Watch, Fully Serviced

$605.04 38 bids
Ends in 4d 7h 29m 
34. 100 Watchers
Italian 8.00ct
Turquoise 18K Yellow
Gold Bead Dangle Drop

$322.0 37 bids
Ends in 1d 14h 4m 
37. 93 Watchers
Nikon S3 2000
Rangefinder Film

$346.73 20 bids
Ends in 2d 17h 26m 
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