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Hermit Crab Food ORGANIC QUALITY Calcium Protein Fruit Krill Veg PLUS Surprise

Hermit Crab Food ORGANIC QUALITY Calcium Protein Fruit Krill Veg PLUS Surprise

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~*~ Quality Hermit Crab Food ~*~Homemade with quality organic ingredients. You don't need to buy calcium tablets or commercial color enhancers- it's all here naturally!****Food is made in small batches and will be very freshSHIPS IN ONE BUISNESS DAY (OR SOONER)Post offices are closed on Federal Holidays ~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~ Items you will receive are : Dried Fall Oak Leaf, OR Green Oak Depending on availability Fruit Trail Mix, dried blueberries, strawberries, mango, apple, coconut, raisins, banana, crumbled heart biscuits I make, dried plums, oats, flax, chia, puffed millet and more.. ( mixes vary with available items) Organic Coconut Flour Worm Casting Hermit Crabs LOVE THIS, Randomly picked quality organic surprise item!Banana Covered in Coconut Organic OrganicSeed Party Make Sprouts will germinate in your crabitat! (May contain small amounts of Peanut ASK For SUBSTITUTE if you have allergies!) Star Shaped Biscuits made with Fresh Cooked Salmon, Calcium Carbonate, eggs, egg shells, Spirulina, Chia, Brown Rice, seaweed, carrots, broccoli ALL ORGANIC Organic Raisins Covered in Organic CoconutHappy Hermit: a balanced diet blend of most the foods i make now with Krill Egg Shells (Baked so they keep longer) (great source of calcium) Heart Shaped biscuit made with Calcium Carbonate, eggs, egg shells, Spirulina, Chia, Coconut, seaweed, carrots, broccoli ALL ORGANICNon GMO organic popcorn with seasalt Organic Coconut * Seed Party Make Sprouts for your hermit crabs! Now with Krill, seaweed and Spirulina Food Blend(May contain small amounts of Peanut ASK For SUBSTITUTE if you have allergies!) *I am careful where I gather things to make sure there are no pesticides or fertilizers. I do not use any additives or sugar, table salt etc. I only use distilled water to clean things. I only use organic ingredients. I am a member of The Hermit Crab Association and Crab Street Journal(OMG Hermit Crabs have the cutest eyes!! WARNING: MANY commercial hermit crabs foods can actually kill your hermit crabs. Their little systems cannot handle all the chemical additives and preservatives. This is a fact for more information check out the hermit crab association online. Most commercial foods contain preservatives and other ingredients that may be harmful to hermit crabs. Some of the ingredients that you may read about are: ⁃ EQ or Ethoxyquin an antioxidant ⁃ Copper Sulfate ⁃ BHT, also known as butylhydroxytolueneWARNING: DO NOT USE calcium sand which the pet stores sell for hermit crabs. Calcium sand can harden like cement in their shells preventing them from being able to change shells or molt! DON'T use gravel of any kind in their home. You can use kids sand for sandboxes. And also fiber bedding made for reptiles, like coconut fiber-based bedding. Crushed coral is nice too, but you should provide an area with coconut fiber or sand as your hermit crabs may prefer these substrates for molting. They NEED at least 6 - 8 inches to be able to dig down to molt. Avoid the use of gravel or wood shavings! Their sand should be moist like sand castle ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ Send me a message if you have any questions, and thank you for visiting! ♥ Getting things in the mail is fun! ♥THANK YOU! Curiosities♥ Vintage Items ♥ Hermit Crab Food ♥ Crochet ♥ Movies ♥ This & Thats ... ♥ Freindly Customer Service ♥ Don't Miss a Treasure Bookmark Me! ♥ Working hard to keep my ***** rating, so please let me know if there is anything that needs to be corrected! I will always do everything I can to have happy eBay Buyers Thank you for visiting! :)