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20 lbs Plastic Poly Pellets Weighted Blankets Cornhole Bags Doll Filler

20 lbs Plastic Poly Pellets Weighted Blankets Cornhole Bags Doll Filler

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Are you buying pellets by the pound? Do you want to get the most weight per dollar? If so, then these pellets are for you!!! These pellets are white virgin pellets which have never been used or processed. Weight is whopping 10.5 oz. per cup of pellets. Perfect when you're objective is to get the most weight for your money. We guarantee the best value in the market. Suggested applications are weighted blankets, cornhole bags, stuffed animals or craft item filler, flower vase filler for artificial flower arrangements, or other crafts where heavier pellets are desirable. Also appropriate for rock tumbling media. You will want to use these to mix with lighter pellets to get the perfect weight and consistency for your cornhole bags or other filled products. Plastic pellets are a much better product for rifle rests as they do not absorb water and get wet, and they flow easily over each other so the the rifle will nestle into the rest much better. The weight of the pellets will hold the rifle stable and keep it from moving. For weighted blankets you will not find a heavier pellet for the money. These are NOT appropriate for bean bag chairs as the bulk density is way too high....unless you want a VERY heavy chair! The pellet geometry is generally cylindrical in shape...like a tiny elongated drum, but can be a bit more oval in some cases. The pellets have a low coefficient of friction, which means that the pellets are not "sticky". Be careful as sticky pellets can be a problem with some products. These pellets are hard with a "chalky" feel and will not feel rubbery or soft to the touch. You may notice a slight "dusting" as a result of the filler material. This is important also in order to allow the pellets to flow easily over one another and form fit to the rifle or firearm. Cornholers love this "dusting" as it mimics the dusting which results from real corn when it breaks down. We will be offering a product which has the ultimate slip factor in the near future, so stay tuned! When considering a plastic pellet, be SURE you know what you are buying! These are VIRGIN plastic pellets without additives. This means that they have come directly from the reactor without any processing with no defects. They have NOT been recycled. While there are some cost advantages to recycled pellets (we will be offering these in the very near future also), the buyer needs to be very careful that they know what they are getting. Some of these pellets could come from sources which contain toxic or allergenic materials! If you are going to buy plastic pellets which have been recycled, PLEASE know where they came from and what they are designed to do. Rest assured that anything we sell with be guaranteed to be free of toxic materials and designed for the applications reported in our listings. The melting point of these pellets is approx. 250 F. For this reason they will be fine in washing and drying applications, however, we always recommend low heat gentle cycles. If you would like to process these pellets in an extrusion or molding operation, feel free to contact us and we can give you the MFR, MI, and process condition recommendations. Have fun!!!