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Softball and Baseball Hitting Training Aid Head On The Ball from Myosource

Softball and Baseball Hitting Training Aid Head On The Ball from Myosource

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Head On The BallThe Head on the Ball training aid for baseball and softball players is an exciting product that works to help hitters kee their head down on the ball. Many hitters have trouble with pulling their head causing them to lose sight of the baseball or softball and swing and miss. This hitting training tool will help a hitter keep their head down and stay focused allowing them to drive through the ball and hit the ball where it was pitched to all parts of the field. Head on the Ball will increase hand high coordination through practice by learning to look the baseball in all the way through contact with the bat. The Head on the Ball forces the user to look through a confined space in their helmet when hitting the ball. This causes the player to concentrate more on the ball. When the helmet is taken off the ball will seem huge and easier to locate mid-pitch. The Head On The Ball training aid should be used during soft toss and tee hitting practice. This training tool fits most helmets and can be easily and quickly taken off for the second phase of soft toss and tee hitting practice. I love the head on the ball. I currently own 4 others that I purchased a few years ago. This will make nine total that I have. I have used it for batting practice, and fielding practice ( ground balls, and fly balls). I have also used it to practice tennis for my kids. Every team I have used it with has become a pretty good hitting team from the top of the line up to the bottom as we progressed through the Season. I have also used it with my pitchers to increase focus on the the mitt. For Kids who were afraid of the ball I did a drill where they would get on their knees while I hit grounders to them while they had the head on the ball on. It taught them to trust their glove more ( they had no time to get out of the way). Anyway I love the product and have experienced success with every team I have used it with. Thanks. Michael Munoz