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Bismuth Metal Ingot 5 Pounds 99.99% Pure Crystals Geodes Fishing Shotgun

Bismuth Metal Ingot 5 Pounds 99.99% Pure Crystals Geodes Fishing Shotgun

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PLEASE NOTE - we consider "Best Offers" on quantities greater than one (1) ONLY. If you want to purchase two or more and wish to make an offer, it will be considered. Please be advised that offers for only 1 won't be accepted as we have the price in our listing for a quantity of 1 set as one of the lowest prices on eBay. High Purity Bismuth 99.99%5 lb. Bismuth Ingot/ChunkThis listing is for a total of 5 lbs. of Bismuth chunks/ingots This is sold by the pound in chunks that vary in size from a few ounces on up to 5 lbs. You may receive a large chunk with smaller ones to equal the total weight you purchased or you may receive several small pieces that equal the total weight you purchased. If you prefer to receive one or several larger chunks, equal to the total weight you purchased, please let us know. Please note that Bismuth is very brittle, so while we may ship you one full piece small chunks may break off during shipping, but we do place the material inside a zip lock bag and wrap it with foam/bubble wrap. 1 lb. = 453.592 grams or 0.453592 kilograms Item #: LI700000 Manufacturer: Bolton Metal formerly Cerro Metal Size and Thickness: varies from ¼” to 1” to 1½” Weight: 5 lb. Chunks/Ingots Bismuth is atomic element No. 83 on the periodic table of elements. Bismuth has many interesting properties. It has a relatively low melting point, 520 degrees Fahrenheit making it useful for alloying with other metals. Bismuth has a very low thermal conductivity, expands as it cools and has a very high diamagnetic value. Unlike lead it is a brittle metal, it will break onto crystalline chips when hit with a hammer. Bismuth is an organically-safe substitute for lead. Having the same density of lead but is non-toxic, used to make shot for shotgun shells, fishing lures and low melt alloys. We have many customers that buy our bismuth to grow crystals as well for jewelry. Orders ship 1-3 business day after receipt of payment via USPS Priority Mail. Free shipping applies to US locations only. Our facility and offices are open Monday to Friday 7:00 to 4:00 EST. We are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Your emails and questions will be answered as quickly as possible during normal business hours. Content and Photos Copyright 2018. Bolton Metal Products Co All rights reserved.