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Item ended: 2 Two-Way Radio Rechargeable Battery for Midland AVP-7 BATT5R BATT-5R 2,800+SOLD (details below)

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This eBay listing has ended : 2 Two-Way Radio Rechargeable Battery for Midland AVP-7 BATT5R BATT-5R 2,800+SOLD

2 Two-Way Radio Rechargeable Battery for Midland AVP-7 BATT5R BATT-5R 2,800+SOLD

Listing ended Thu, October 26, 5:30 pm EDT

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---- 2 Replacement Two-Way Radio (GMRS/FRS) Batteries 6V, Long Lasting Rechargeable NiMH High Quality! No Memory Effect! Brand New... Factory Fresh... Fast Shipping Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed! ----- Compatible with: Dantona: COM-5R, COM5R Empire: FRS-005-NH, FRS005NH Hi-tech: 5R-US, 5RUS Interstate Batteries: ARAD0056 Lenmar: RBZ302MI Midland: AVP-7, AVP7, BATT5R, BATT-5R, GXT-300, GXT-325, GXT-400, GXT-444, GXT-450, GXT-500, GXT-550, GXT-555, GXT-600, GXT-635, GXT-650, GXT-661, GXT-700, GXT-710, GXT-720, GXT-750, GXT-756, GXT-757, GXT-775, GXT-795, GXT-800, GXT-850, GXT-900, GXT-950, LXT-210, LXT-303, LXT-305, LXT-310, LXT-350, LXT-410, LXT-435, NAUTICO NT1VP, GXT300, GXT325, GXT400, GXT444, GXT450, GXT500, GXT550, GXT555, GXT600, GXT635, GXT650, GXT661, GXT700, GXT710, GXT720, GXT750, GXT756, GXT757, GXT775, GXT795, GXT800, GXT850, GXT900, GXT950, LXT210, LXT303, LXT305, LXT310, LXT350, LXT410, LXT435, GXT300VP1, GXT300VP3, GXT300VP4, GXT325VP, GXT400VP1, GXT400VP3, GXT400VP4, GXT450VP1, GXT450VP4, GXT500VP1, GXT500VP4, GXT550VP1, GXT550VP4, GXT555VP1, GXT555VP4, GXT600VP1, GXT600VP4, GXT635VP3, GXT650VP1, GXT650VP4, GXT700VP4, GXT710VP3, GXT750VP3, GXT800VP4, GXT850VP4, GXT-300VP1, GXT-300VP3, GXT-300VP4, GXT-325VP, GXT-400VP1, GXT-400VP3, GXT-400VP4, GXT-450VP1, GXT-450VP4, GXT-500VP1, GXT-500VP4, GXT-550VP1, GXT-550VP4, GXT-555VP1, GXT-555VP4, GXT-600VP1, GXT-600VP4, GXT-635VP3, GXT-650VP1, GXT-650VP4, GXT-700VP4, GXT-710VP3, GXT-750VP3, GXT-800VP4, GXT-850VP4 Radio Shack: 23-021, 23021, 5SN-AAA70H-SV-P, 5SNAAA70HSVP -----