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EDH Sliver Deck - Custom MTG Magic the Gathering

EDH Sliver Deck - Custom MTG Magic the Gathering

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ConditionSP-NM Rares Sliver Hivelord (Mythic)Bonescythe Sliver Cackling Counterpart Fungus Sliver Megantic Sliver Psionic Sliver Syphon SliverThorncaster Sliver Commons & Uncommons 20 Dual Lands (Gainlands & Guildgates)Acidic SliverArmor SliverBattering SliverBattle SliverBelligerent SliverBlade SliverBlur SliverBonesplitter SliverCautery SliverClot SliverConstricting SliverDiffusion SliverFirewake SliverFrenetic SliverFrenzy SliverGroundshaker SliverHive StirringsHoming SliverHunter SliverLeeching SliverLymph SliverManaweft SliverMesmeric SliverMetallic SliverMindlash SliverMindwhip SliverMnemonic SliverMuscle SliverOpaline SliverPlated SliverPoultice SliverPredatory SliverQuick SliverQuilled SliverReflex SliverSentinel SliverShadow SliverSliver ConstructSpectral Sliver Spitting SliverSteelform SliverStriking SliverSynchronous SliverTwo-Headed Sliver Vampiric Sliver Venom SliverVictual SliverVirulent SliverWatcher SliverWinged Sliver Basics 4 Forest, 4 Island, 4 Mountain, 4 Plains, 4 Swamp will be provided upon request. (A note in the sales record ensures we won't miss the request) ShippingWe offer free combined shipping on all items, regardless of quantity. Use the Add to Cart feature to take advantage!