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Mortise Machine PLAN in a PDF file emailed to you

Mortise Machine PLAN in a PDF file emailed to you

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New from RightSide Lift View the YouTube video for a better understanding of how well this machine works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7_HLdAvViE https://youtu.be/JuyRxbqFjdg RightSide Lift has a new PLAN. A set of instructions for building your own mortise maching. For those that have a router lift but want to also route mortises. This plan is right for you. With 24 pages and pictures sent in a pdf file to your Paypal email. Same day! You get the plan not the actual machine. Your building the machine. For so many years mortise machines were out of reach for the average woodworker. Costing thousands of dollars. Now you can build your own machine with this simple but extensive plan. For less than the price of this plan. This machine will route matching mortises for tenons and loose tenon joints. It also will rout the tenon too. Using your router. Almost any router will work, even plunge routers. You can cut slots and make through tenons. Safely and without worry of making a costly mistake. The compact size sets on your work bench for the best working height. But allows for cutting almost any size mortise for any size tenon. Can be adjusted to within thousandths of an inch with zero backlash when changing the height. One turn raises or lowers the bit 1/16". Half turn is 1/32" and so on. Fast setup going from your lift or shelf to the mortise machine if you use a separate base. Setting the bit and material is a snap and repeat cuts are always accurate. Don't think for a minute your going to hold and position your router in one of those clamp on jigs. Then what do you do for the other side re-setup? Most of the cuts you make will use the same setup for the mating piece. Drill press boring machines are so much slower and the cut is very rough. Why spend hundreds of dollars on something you can build for just a few. This machine is easy to build . This machine doesn't just crank up and down. It raises and lowers with CNC accuracy. You find out how, when you buy the plan. Settings don't move or slip out of place. Forget about the drill press. The setup alone will cost you hours of time. One mortise chisel will also cost more than you have in the build and you still need the other side cut. Other jigs and fixtures are complicated and limiting. Or they have very little accuracy. They require long instruction books or worse, skill to operate. The time to buy the plan is when you see it. Al B Thayer