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Item ended: Antique Vintage Art Deco 14k Gold Chinese Carved Jadeite Jade Lavaliere Necklace (details below)

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This eBay listing has ended : Antique Vintage Art Deco 14k Gold Chinese Carved Jadeite Jade Lavaliere Necklace

Antique Vintage Art Deco 14k Gold Chinese Carved Jadeite Jade Lavaliere Necklace

Listing ended Sun, August 19, 8:47 pm EDT

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We have other jadeite items, which would pair nicely with this necklace, up for action this week. To view in a separate listing, please visit our store and search "jadeite" under our auction items. Due to an increase in unpaid items and cancellations, we are now enforcing eBay’s “Unpaid Item” policy. Their policy states, “If you've placed a winning bid or clicked the Buy It Now button in a listing, you've committed to purchasing that item. If you don't pay for it, even if you've changed your mind, you violate the unpaid item policy.” If you choose to not pay for, or cancel, an item, we will open an unpaid item case against you and work with eBay to have your buying privileges revoked. We are a small business and it is unfair for us to suffer losses each week due to customers changing their minds or not reading the full description of an item. Before bidding, please make sure you have read through the listing, considered any shipping or import/duty charges, and are willing to pay your high bid. Thank you for your understanding! The Piece Auction Estimate: $2,500 - $5,000 Age Circa: Art Deco C. 1920 - 1940 Markings: 14k on clasp, Necklace Tested, and Guaranteed Country of Origin: China Brand: Unknown Gram Weight: 28.2 Grams Metal Type: Yellow Gold Metal Melt Value: $705.00 (Value is All-Inclusive Weight) Material: -- Main Stone: Jadeite Main Stone Measurements/Color: 29.22 Carats, Grade A Natural Apple green hue with striations of lighter and darker green throughout Accent Stone: -- Accent Stone Measurements/Color: -- Stone Treatment: The stone appears to be untreated, but we are not certified Gemologists and cannot be sure. Stone Cuts: Carved Cabochon Item Measurements: The necklace has a wearable length of 17.25". The pendant measures 1.1" in length and 1.6" wide. Closure/Clasp Type: Spring Ring Clasp Link Type: Rococo Style Links Pendant Type: Lavaliere Pendant Notable Features: This necklace was handmade during the Art Deco era. This necklace features a large, carved jadeite pendant and 14k yellow gold Rococo style link chain. In this necklace, the apple green jadeite has been adorned with hand carved, delicate designs of birds and flowers. The flawless design of these patterns is evidence of the expertise of Chinese stone cutters, who were revered for their meticulous and detailed work with a variety of stones, especially jadeite. Since the Victorian era wealthy Europeans had been custom ordering jewelry from China as Chinese jewelers were considered some of the best in the world. The process of ordering, making, and receiving a Chinese export piece could take months at a time, so pieces like this necklace were very expensive and highly desirable. Complementing the gorgeous jadeite pendant are 14k yellow gold pronged settings, and a necklace designed in the lavaliere style with Rococo Revival influences. The necklace itself is composed of linked, curling yellow gold frames similar in appearance to the ornate portrait frames associated with Baroque period. This necklace would have been custom commissioned and designed around the carved jadeite, creating a truly unique piece of jewelry. When worn, this necklace sits just above the collar bone, and is the perfect, glamorous accessory for a formal occasion. Don't miss your chance to own this piece of cultural history. Damage: Age appropriate wear. *This listing is for the item only. All display boxes and/or photography props do not come with your purchase.* The History The Art Deco era is famous for being the "Gatsby" or "Roaring Twenties" era. A lot of gorgeous and timeless designs in jewelry came out of this period. Jewelry from this period was most often crafted between 1920 and 1940. Art Deco jewelry sometimes featured white gold or platinum, geometric designs, European cut diamonds, filigree, and calibre cut stones that are specifically cut to fit the design of the piece. During the Art Deco period jewelers often made jewelry upon custom order, this would often take weeks to months to completely craft by hand. The late Baroque or Rococo period prevailed in the 18th century. The period was known for its strong use of asymmetrical designs, curves, gold, and witty, whimsical themes. Both men and women at court wore sparkling gemstones set in gold during this period, as well as colorless glass pastes and pearls. Colored gems were often highly foiled behind them to enhance the depth of color. Jewelry was often created with naturalistic, floral designs. Rococo jewelry also featured embossed and engraved floral and feather designs on metal. Chinese export jewelry became popular during the late Victorian period and persisted until the 1960s. During this period, Chinese craftsmen were considered by far the best in the world. The rich and wealthy would custom-order a piece through their local jeweler, who would send the design off to China to be made and sent back to Europe. This lengthy process was very expensive, making Chinese export pieces highly desirable, then and now. Lavalieres are necklaces that include a fairly long chain or small link necklace, that ends in a single large pendant or tassel, which in turn often has additional pendants or tassels dangling from it. Though named for a mistress of Louis XIV, the style is usually associated with turn-of-the-20th century jewelry and remained popular into the 1930s. Chinese stone cutters were considered some of the finest artisans in the world. They would spend years learning to hand-carve many different types of stones, and excelled in creating finely detailed pieces other artisans couldn’t even hope to compare to. Their skill was so refined that they could even carve delicate stones like coral and jade. Chinese stone cutters were so talented that Victorian era European socialites would commission pieces from them, preferring the hefty price tag that came with such high quality work to the ready availability of Western stonework. It was in China—where the gem-carving tradition was already thousands of years old—that jadeite reached its peak as an important artistic medium. The first jadeite reached China in the late 1700s, and late eighteenth and early nineteenth century carvers created masterpieces that are still unsurpassed in concept, design, and technical execution. Jadeite is prized for its hardness and density and occurs in green, white, orange, yellow, lavender, red, gray, and black hues. The highest grade of jadeite is translucent and has an even color distribution. All packages are sent via USPS First Class Insured Mail unless another shipping option is chosen by the buyer. Buy It Now items ship for free (domestically). Shipping on auction items are priced below. We do not undervalue packages for international customers as it is illegal. Please take this into consideration before placing your bid. Gold: $8.00 + $1.00 per additional gold item & silver items combine for freeSilver: $4.00 + $1.00 per additional gold item & silver items combine for free PayPal only. After 4 days of non-payment, an automated unpaid item case will be opened by our eBay system. If you need extra time for payment, please contact us prior to bidding. If you find yourself not wanting to risk losing this piece during an auction, we will entertain Buy It Now offers. However, we will not accept any offers in the 24 hours prior to an auction ending. Please message us with your best offer, and if accepted, we will add a Buy It Now option to this piece for you.