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Stainless Steel Protein Shaker / Mixer Bottle / Blender Cup / Metal / Leak-proof

Stainless Steel Protein Shaker / Mixer Bottle / Blender Cup / Metal / Leak-proof

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Stainless Steel Protein Shaker / Mixer Bottle / Blender Cup / Metal / Leak-proof Stainless Steel Protein Shaker / Mixer Bottle / Blender Cup / Metal / Leak-proof - Welcome to DirectStoreUSA - First of all, I would like to sincerely thank you for visiting our listing here on 'ebay'! My name is Ingo Schiermann - I am the founder and owner of DirectStoreUSA LLC - a small business located in Las Vegas, NV. I invite you to spend just a few moments with this introduction in which I would like to share my business philosophy with you - my understanding of operating a business, how we go 'back to the roots' and what separates us from other small businesses and the large corporations. If you would like to find out more about our business or maybe a little bit about my personal background and my roots in Germany, please visit the 'About Us' page on our website. To get an overview of all our products, please feel free to visit our ebay Store. Please note that we offer Free Shipping for all our products - no matter what quantity and without any minimum-purchase requirements! I now wish you an enjoyable shopping experience - and I hope that you will find the products that you have been looking for! I am looking forward to doing business with you! Ingo Schiermann Our Stainless Steel Protein Shaker / Shaker Bottle is the ideal solution for all workout-enthusiasts who enjoy smooth & lump-free protein-shakes on the go. Forget your old plastic shaker bottles and upgrade to our Stainless Steel Shaker. It is durable, reliable, guaranteed 100% leak-proof, stylish, easy to clean and unlike the regular plastic bottles, it does not develop any bad odors. Our shaker consists of 3 elements: The 100% leak-proof lid The main container The storage cup The lid is specially designed to keep the shaker securely closed at all times. We guarantee that the lid is and remains 100% leak-proof. The proven flip-cap will remain closed even during heavy shaking-motion. By design, the flip-cap will also not flip down on your nose while you are drinking. The advanced design of this lid also features a unique 'dissector-element'. This new development makes any wire-balls or loose mixing-elements inside the shaker a thing of the past. It delivers smooth and lump-free shakes in seconds. The main container holds up to 25 ounces (700ml) of fluids. The embossed fill-level markings guide you to prepare your shake to your preferences. The storage cup offers a wide range of applications: Use it as a storage container for additional protein-powder - ideal if you want to have one full pre-workout shake and one full post-workout shake Use it as a storage container to store any other supplements or vitamins Use it as a drinking cup (either your own beverage, or to easily catch water from the drinking-fountains) - it holds approximately 6 fl oz (175ml) Use it as a storage container for small keys, jewelry or any other small items The storage cup is simply twisted onto the main container over a short thread. It is totally up to you whether you utilize the storage cup or not - the shaker can be used without this cup in place. We do not recommended to store fluids in this cup while attached to the main container. It is not intended for this purpose. Please do not fill the shaker with warm or hot fluids, as the pressure inside the cup will build up and may cause problems. The stainless steel may also heat up too much and you may burn yourself. 1 Year Warranty - Our shaker comes with a 1 Year Replacement Warranty. Should you experience any problems with your shaker, please contact us so that we can work on a solution for the problem. We will replace the old shaker with a new one within the first year after purchase. The shaker is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel. Type 304 stainless steel (also categorized 18-8) can withstand all ordinary rusting. It is immune to foodstuffs, sterilizing solutions, most organic chemicals and dyestuffs, and a wide variety of inorganic chemicals. The lid and the inner part of the storage cup are made of food-grade polypropylene (PP). Polypropylene is one of the most widely used plastics in the world. It is used to make a wide variety of injection molded products such as food containers and closures for packaging. The main container is dishwasher safe. We recommend that you hand-wash the lid and the storage cup. The high temperatures in a modern dishwasher let plastics age much faster, which will eventually lead to premature failure in the long-run. Please see a cleaning tip in the 'My 2 cents' section below. Our company logo on the main container is laser-engraved. It represents our company in an elegant & modest way - without making your shaker look like a billboard. My 2 cents: I have been using the plastic shakers from the market-leading brand for many years. I think they offer good-quality products at a decent price. However, the moment I saw a stainless steel shaker, I instantly knew that this will be our next branded product. So I asked our partners in China for help, and they were able to deliver a fantastic product to me. My friends and I (and in the meantime hundreds of satisfied customers) have been using our shaker for years - and we are all equally convinced that this is an outstanding product. I hope you will love this shaker just as much as I do! One quick advice about cleaning: I really don't see any need to clean our Shaker in the dishwasher. I've been using my Shaker for 3 years now - and with hand wash only, and it still looks like new. After each use, I simply fill it about half way with warm water and sometimes a drop of dish-washing fluid. Then I screw on the lid and shake it for a few seconds. Lastly, I just rinse it out and let it air dry. Over time and with heavy-use, this type of stainless steel might tarnish a bit. Here's what I do every few months: I pour about 2 FL OZ of bleach and some warm water into the main container, screw on the lid and shake it for a few seconds. Afterwards, I clean the container with regular dish-washing fluid. Then I rinse everything very thoroughly and the Shaker looks like new again. Please be very careful if you decide to use bleach occasionally, since it is dangerous and poisonous if not used properly. This product ships for free via USPS First Class Mail or Priority Mail. What you get with this purchase: 1 shaker; consisting of the lid, the main container and the storage cup Shipping Policy Dear Customer! Having a well thought-out shipping process plays a big role in our business. It is very important to me that our customers don't get 'punished' with increasing shipping-cost for purchasing more products. Actually, I want to reward you for purchasing more. We offer Free Shipping for all our products - no matter what quantity and without any minimum-purchase requirements! Your order will be processed Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm PST. We only offer products that we actually have in stock, so if you find it - we do have it. If you place your order before 5pm, it will be processed the same day. All orders placed after 5pm will be processed on the morning of the following business day. You will be provided with a tracking number as soon as your order has been processed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We ship small to medium sized orders with USPS First Class Mail or Priority Mail. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Larger quantities or large products will be shipped with FedEx Home Delivery. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Should you have any questions about our shipping-policy, please feel free to contact us at any time! Return Policy Dear Customer! 100% Customer satisfaction is a key-element for our business. We are totally convinced of the quality of the products we offer and we always try to be as accurate and exact as possible with the dispatching. However, mistakes do happen and even the highest quality products sometimes fail. A well-thought-out return policy is mandatory in order to achieve our goal of 100% customer satisfaction. Below you will find the different scenarios and requirements for easy and fast returns. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There is a 30 day return period on all items purchased on DirectStoreUSA, starting with the day of the delivery as day one. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scenario 1: The item/product is in perfect working order. You simply changed your mind and want to return the purchased item. In this case, we will only accept returns and refund the purchase price if the returned item is in unused and new condition and in the original packaging. We will not refund the shipping cost for the initial shipping. There will be no restocking fees on returned items. Please contact us before you return any item. You will be responsible for the return- shipping cost. As soon as we receive the returned item, it will be inspected to verify that it is still in new and unused condition in the original packaging. If all criteria is met, we will immediately refund the purchase price. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scenario 2: The item/product is damaged or broken upon receipt or a mistake was made by us. In case a mistake was made by us or an item is broken or damaged upon receipt, please contact us right away so that we can figure out a solution to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. In these cases, we will take care of the shipping cost by sending you prepaid-postage stickers for the return. Please understand that - in most cases - we have to inspect the returned item before we can send you a replacement. We know that this might be inconvenient at times, but we had to make this decision in order to prevent abuse and 'return-fraud'. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please always keep the shipping packaging until you checked all merchandize for full functionality. Never accept boxes that appear damaged or 'banged up'. Please refuse the delivery and let the deliverer and us know about the situation. We hope you find our return policy fair and clear. Again, 100% customer satisfaction is our absolute main goal. So please communicate with us in case there are any problems or issues with any of the products you purchased in our store. Please note that many of our products also come with a warranty. Please refer to the detailed product descriptions for conditions and details. Updated: 01/08/2015Tax Procedure Dear Customer! No sales tax on orders outside the state of Nevada DirectStoreUSA's physical presence is located in the state of Nevada. Therefore, only sales within the State of Nevada are subject to sales tax. All other sales to customers with a shipping address outside of Nevada are not subject to sales tax. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Example 1: Joe from MIAMI, FLORIDA, purchases items from DirectStoreUSA: This order IS NOT subject to sales tax, because the shipping address is OUTSIDE THE STATE OF NEVADA. Example 2: Jane from RENO, NEVADA, purchases items from DirectStoreUSA: This order IS subject to sales tax, because the shipping address is INSIDE THE STATE OF NEVADA. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We hope this information helped you understand the latest tax regulations when it comes to online sales. If you still have any questions or are unsure about whether your order is subject to sales tax please feel free to contact us at any time!!! Updated 11/20/2017Secure Shopping Dear Customer! You can shop at DirectStoreUSA with full confidence! Here on 'ebay', we process all payments via 'PayPal' only. ** If you want to avoid using 'PayPal' here on 'ebay', please feel free to visit our regular store-website on the internet ** Listing and template services provided by inkFrog