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Remote network monitor control temp humidity I/O WebControl X10RF

Remote network monitor control temp humidity I/O WebControl X10RF

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Controller for Automation--WebControl™ with Programmable Logic Control(PLC) firmware WebControl with latest PLC firmware V3.03.27 with bootloader. Please read the example section of this user guide section 6.4 to see how this board working for different things. Download user guide from here: www.cainetworks.com/manuals/webcontrol/WebControlPLCUserGuide3-03-27.pdf and download X10 user guide from here www.cainetworks.com/products/webcontrol/WebControlX10.pdf . This version board supports negative trigger relay boards, tested working up to 70C temperature. + Introduction The easiest way to monitor and control your home or office. Let door sensor connected to this board send you an email if anyone entering your server room; You can remotely monitor the temprature and turn on / off air conditioning, light, siren or your oven through browser; Set the timer in the WebControl to turn your lights on and off on different schedule; Let the temperature sensor connected to WebControl to turn on and off air condition in your home or office at certain time and temperature setting; use the humidity sensor to control your storage humidity automatically.... WebControl™ is the solution with network connection or standalone. Simply plug in power and network cable, you can easily configure it through browser interface, yet complex actions can be programmed by this device over a browser. It can be a 20 timer controller; It can also be your temperature monitor and controller, or humidity controller; or Boolen Run Enginecontroller; or all of the above at the same time. With network connection, you can use this device as a burglar alarm to send email to your cell phone, at the same time as remote temperature monitor and air conditioning control, you can also remotely turn on the AC or oven from your office before going home. You can use the analog and digital inputs to monitor water level, pressure, and other sensors.The limitation is your imagination. WebControl™ has 8 digital inputs, 3 analog inputs 0-10V range(based on 10bit A/D converter full scale 0-3V throug resistor network), up to 8 optional www.maxim-ic.com/quick_view2.cfm/qv_pk/2812 DS18B20/DS1822 based temperature sensors, one optional Honeywell HIH-4000 series humidity sensor, 20 custom definable timers to combine and define its 8 digital output in any sequence of those combined input. Its internal clock obtains the precise time from Internet time servers. When each pre-programmed action taking place, it sends an email notice to you. You can also bypass the predefined logic to force any output ON or OFF. Built-in 10 BaseT network interface DHCP client and web server provide easy connection to any existing network. + Easy to manageWebControl™ has built-in DHCP client to obtain IP address from your network′s DHCP server. You can then login to WebControl™ web GUI to control the device, its built-in web server will save your configuration into the configuration file. By default, it sets to fixed IP address and DHCP disabled. For anyone wants to use more than one WebControl™ devices, you can also change its host name to reflect each device′s role in your setup. It will automatically sync its internal clock to the Network Time Services over the Internet. You can setup the proper time zone for it′s to operate in your local time zone. + Flexible Output ControlThe eight TTL output is by default at logic zero. When an output is triggered or turned on, it sends out 5V, maximum drive current 20MA. It is capable to drive an optical isolated SSR (Solid State Relay, normal input control voltage 3-32V current is < 10mA) device to run a motor, siren, light, heater or refrigerator. Optical isolated solid state relay are very easy to find on eBay for very low cost. You can simply through the web browser to turn on each output, and turn it off any time. If you like to use host computer to control it, you can use wget or Lynx (open source utility) to obtain the sensor value, or control the output from the host command line. You can enter the trigger, be timer, input TTL, analog input, temperature range, or humidity range, to let this controller automatically turn on and off for its 8 output individually. + Sophiscated Logic Control Made EasyThe most powerful feature of this device is its programmable output control. You don′t need ladder diagram or programming it through any other software like other industrial PLC. In the GUI, you can define any timer, any temperature sensor, or humidity sensor, any digital iutput(s) or even output(s), any analog input level and their combination to be used as the trigger for any the TTL output. You can AND or OR them to form complex control for each output. + Accurate MeasurementFor using the analog input to accurate measure the analog signals, WebControl from its 2.03.00 firmware changed its logic using 1024 A/D steps to do the logic control in the Boolean Run Engine. This provides 10x more accuracy compared to previous version firmware. This can be used for control bettery charger, control solar panel, etc. The analog input is protected as drawing below: + Keep you postedWebControl™ has email notification feature. When a rule set to turn ON or OFF any of the eight outputs, it can send you an email to your desktop, to your cell phone, or to a mailing list. You will know something has triggered the output state change. It can be temperature going above 90 degrees, so that the air condition turned on; or humidity reached 90%, it turns on the dehumidifier; or a security area in your office is being intruded; or any position sensor reached or analog input reached its level. WebControl does not support SSL encrypted SMTP hosts. Since 3.02.16x firmware, WebControl can send out user programmed value to web server, ISY99, and another WebControl board through a HTTP GET funciton call. This new feature enables users to set a WebControl board report from behind a NAT firewall to an ISP located server. + Energy Efficient DeviceWebControl™ takes 5-40V DC power source or 18-28VAC. The first stage switch regulator allows absolutely maximum input voltage 40VDC. When driving power load, the load driven current will be additional to the controller CPU. To make sure the board operating correctly, the power supply must provide enough voltage and current. Every function described in Users Guide is included, except the power supply, sensors, and chassis. + Optional Parts DS18B20 can be found on eBay. Metal Chassis can be purchased here. HIH-4000 humidity sensor can be purchased on eBay, optional 16 pin I/O connector type is TYCO ELECTRONICS - 1658622-3 - I/O Connector can be purchased from eBay or NeWark . Or simply search on eBay "16 pin ribbon cable 2.54", select 2.54mm pitch header + Related Documentations iPhone app note can be found here: www.cainetworks.com/products/webcontrol/CasaRemote-Webcontrol.pdf Casaremote on iPhone Free Android app source can be found here www.cainetworks.com/support/download/WebControl20130410.zip Please contact us for any question.