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Premium Leather Santa Claus Belt w Solid Brass Buckle Superbly Crafted + PIRATE

Premium Leather Santa Claus Belt w Solid Brass Buckle Superbly Crafted + PIRATE

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Santa Claus Belt Brass and Bridle Leather This sturdy 10-11 oz BLACK drum dyed bridle leather belt is the same premium product that we've made for thousands of SCA and Ren-Faire participants. It is sealed the full length on all sides to prevent die transfer onto your attire. It measures 2 1/2 inch wide and can be made to virtually any length up to 7 feet +/-. It is fitted with a wonderful solid brass buckle belt and includes a leather keeper. This is an excellent belt for Santa or as a wide buccaneer or pirate belt. We also make a 4" wide version also sold on ebay in a different listing if wider is what you seek. We know that you can save a few dollars by purchasing one of the cheap manufactured Black Naugahyde versions. While these might last 1-2 seasons, the sad truth is that a small savings reflects a large gap in quality. We built our belts with long life in mind and have every expectation that they will last for 50+ years if well treated and maintained. Built to throw away or built to last. The choice is yours, a few years or decades. Options: INCLUDED FOR FREE. NO EXTRA CHARGE. (it's just good belt-making.) Color: The standard color is black. From time to time we can accommodate color requests most often using a Premium Chestnut Bridle Leather.Length: This belt will be HAND MADE to YOUR specifications. We ask that you measure yourself and tell us the number in inches. We'll cut your belt 8-10" inches longer and give you a 5 or 6 hole pattern of holes to use. (that's the way belts are made). If we do not hear from you about your size, we'll trim to 66" and let you put the holes in yourself. Finished end: Square cut, or diagonal cut. We'll trim the end with a diagonal cut unless you tell us otherwise.Buckle Size: Buckle is made to accommodate the 2 1/2" wide belt and measure 2 3/4" deep by 3 9/16" wide on its outside dimensions. Width: This belt is 2-1/2 inches wide. It has a great look simple look. We are also now making a 4" buckle (see our other auctions) and can pair it with a belt. See https://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=121045023696 entitled HIGH Quality Solid Brass 4" Buckle and/or Belt for Santa Rennie Pirate SCA LARP for details. A note on Best Offer Pricing: From time to time we can make a price accommodation for: A shorter beltA strap of leather that may have some imperfections that keep it from being "first rate"A combined order where shipping cost can be reduced somewhat. These are offered on a case by case basis. If you'd like a first rate, full length belt please understand that the price listed really is the price we charge. This fine belt is handmade entirely with hand tools in our smoke free workshop in Saint Albans, Vermont. Please contact us within 3 days after the end of the auction, and make payment within 7 days. We ship fast via USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. We are happy to ship internationally and insurance is included in this rate. Multiple items get a discount for combined shipping. This picture is representative of the item on auction. Which means that I don't take a picture of EVERY belt that I make. A note on Best Offer Pricing: Unless there is a special circumstance, we will only accept to offer our customers a discount on combined shipping multiple items. Cautionary tales..... there are other auctions out there that aren't selling what you'd probably want. Thickness/Weight of Leather Belts of much thinner grade leather have been sold on ebay for somewhat less or somewhat more than what we ask. Every belt maker claims to make the best belts along with the inferiority of others. Our decades of experience has shown that a bridle leather belt has a lifespan of at least as many decades despite any outlandish claims to the contrary. It should come as no surprise that more costly leather delivers a better result. . Material Naugahyde... Really? Is that the kind of Santa you'd like to be? We only use premium sealed bridle leather and build to last for decades. Shipping Time We really make our belts in the U.S. Yes, this is a bit of an anachronism but old time craftsmanship is still alive and well. This means that we take the time to make your belt exactly as you ask and ship it promptly. There is no multi week delay as your belt ships from Pakistan. No customs duties either. You deserve better. Satisfaction policy - Your happiness with our products is a top priority. See our feedback and know that this represents our sincere commitment to our customers. Please contact us if you have any problem with what we've sent. The deal's not done till everyone leaves smiling. Custom works happily considered in belts, shields, or armor. For more detail on what we can do To See Our Latest Workshop Creations visit Dark Victory Armory on Facebook or the web. Best Regards and Thanks for Visiting! To See Our Latest Workshop Creations visit Dark Victory Armory on Facebook or the web. Our Sincere Thanks for Patronage, Jordan (and David), chief armorer (and apprentice) Dark Victory Armory and remember your purchase supports the Society for Feeding Ancient Housecats. ps. We wish to thank our many customers for the overwhelming response to our belts. We have been delighted to serve you and make the best belts in the known worlde.