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Item ended: MINERAL monograph No. 14: Topaz (details below)

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MINERAL monograph No.
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MINERAL monograph No.
14: Topaz

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This eBay listing has ended : MINERAL monograph No. 14: Topaz

MINERAL monograph No. 14: Topaz

Listing ended Tue, January 16, 5:51 pm EST

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The cover of this copy of our popular MINERAL monograph series was damaged, scratched and/or blemished on press. Typically there are numerous scuffs and scratches. The pages of the book are in new condition; only the cover shows damage. This book is issue number #14 of the MINERAL monograph series formerly known as extraLapis English published by Lithographie, Ltd. The series highlights individual mineral species and localities with a focus on fine crystallized mineral specimens and gemstones. The series is a great addition to the libraries of mineral collectors, gemologists and anyone interested in geology, rocks, minerals, gems and natural history. Since its inception, the Mineral monograph series has been very collectible. Our first, second, third, fifth and tenth issues have been out of print for some time and currently fetches up to $400 (!) per copy when you can find one in the used book market. New issues sell for $35 or $40 each with a discounted rate if you choose to subscribe. In addition to the MINERAL monograph series, we have published several other mineral-related books including "The Smale Collection," "American Mineral Treasures," "The Jim and Dawn Minette Collection," and "Collecting Arizona." The Mineral Monograph / ExtraLapis English series is currently 18 issues strong. The Mineral Monograph / ExtraLapis English series is currently 18 issues strong. #1 Madagascar - A Gemstone Paradise (out of print)#2 Emerald - The Legendary Green Beryl (out of print)#3 Tourmaline - The Gemstone Spectrum (out of print)#4 Calcite - Mineral with the Most Forms (ISBN: 0-9715371-3-5#5 Gold - The Noble Mineral (out of print)#6 Pakistan - Minerals, Mountains and Majesty (ISBN 0-9715371-4-3)#7 Beryl and Its Color Varieties - Aquamarine, Heliodor, Morganite, Goshenite, Emerald, and Red Beryl (ISBN 0-971537-16-X)#8 The Italian Island of Elba - A Mineralogical Jewel in the Tuscan Archipelago (ISBN 0-9715371-7-8)#9 Fluorite - Collector's Choice (ISBN 0-9715371-9-4)#10 Opal - The Phenomenal Gemstone (out of print)#11 Garnet - Great Balls of Fire (ISBN 978-0-9790998-4-7)#12 Bolivia - The Height of Mineral Collecting (ISBN 978-0-9790998-5-4)#13 Smithsonite - Think Zinc (ISBN 978-0-9790998-6-1)#14 Topaz - Perfect Cleavage (ISBN 978-0-9790998-9-2)#15 The San Juan Triangle of Colorado - Mountains of Minerals (ISBN 978-0-9836323-0-6)#16 Amethyst - Uncommon Vintage (ISBN 978-09836323-2-0)#17 Apatite - The Great Pretender (ISBN 978-09836323-3-7) #18 Nevada - Jackpot (ISBN 978-0-9836323-4-4)#19 Diamond - The Ultimate Gemstone (ISBN 978-0-9836323-5-1) International Buyers, please email about shipping. The "Buy It Now" price is for a new, undamaged copy. lithographie.org (mineral, mineral collecting, gems, gemstones, rocks, natural history, earth, science, collectible)