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Wolverine Airsoft V3 Inferno Premium HPA Kit GEN 2 FREE SHIP FREE INSTALL

Wolverine Airsoft V3 Inferno Premium HPA Kit GEN 2 FREE SHIP FREE INSTALL

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The Wolverine Airsoft INFERNO is a system based on the technology of their HYDRA system. The main difference between the INFERNO and the HYDRA is that the INFERNO does not come standard with the ability for off-set nozzles. Now with that said, the INFERNO is 100% compatible with HYDRA parts and is able to utilize the HYDRA front cylinder kit to allow for off set nozzles! This means that at any time you want to change up your build to another platform utilizing an off set nozzle, just simply purchase the HYDRA front cylinder and nozzle of your choice and you will be good to go! Here are some of the key features of the INFERNO:Toolless designHYDRA Style Straight NozzleCompatible with all HYDRA components as well as upcoming upgradesScratch resistant derlin body sectionSingle solenoid firedRobust design with only 4 O-rings within the system for optimal durabilityVery air efficientExternal FCU Does this mean the SMP is going away? NO. The SMP line is alive and well and will continue to be the lifeblood of the Wolverine Airsoft company. They will continue to develop and update all of their products. What is different than the HYDRA? Both the HYDRA and INFERNO are compatible with each other. The biggest difference is that the INFERNO comes setup to utilize a center aligned nozzle such as your M4, AK, and other varients. The Hydra comes with the ability out of the gate to utilize off-set nozzles such as the M14, Tavor, PDR, and P90. The INFERNO can accept the HYDRA front cylinder to allow for offset nozzles if at any time you would like to utilize an offset nozzle. Are Parts Interchangeable? Mechanical parts are COMPLETELY interchangable with the HYDRA and INFERNO systems. The SMP, with the exception of the solenoid valve, is not compatible with INFERNO or HYDRA compontents. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming electrical components that will be made available such as the Blue Tooth FCU. FREE PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION SERVICE is available for standard AK style airsoft replicas with V3 gearbox where no additional parts are needed. If any additional material is required for installation, actual material cost will be charged to the customer. The customer must ship the replica to our warehouse to get installation done. Once installed and tested, the completed replica will be shipped back to the customer at customer's expense.