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Thin Used Chicago Antique Face Brick Veneer

Thin Used Chicago Antique Face Brick Veneer

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SHIPPING ! please read this about SHIPPING ! These brick are heavy..... the minimum shipping is going to start at $220.00 plus / minus. This means for 1-order (200 pcs) the shipping can be more than the brick. shipping is based on weight so the more brick you purchase the weight goes up. Large orders benefit on the shipping cost. I add the shipping cost to your invoice AFTER you make a purchase then I send you the finial invoice to pay. I hope this eliminates the 100's of questions "how much is shipping" Hand cut 100% used Chicago Antique Saw Cut Thin Veneer Brick. This is the real deal! "Go Green" Use Used Brick and keep Brick from going to our Land-fields! We also can cut corners upon request. This is a perfect product to "Do it yourself" These Brick are cut approx 1/2" thick + or - There is always a small amount of breakage in each shipment we allow for this by adding a few extras on each order. You can use any broken brick for your end cuts. Brick are Priced as a group of 200 pcs or 28.57 sq. ft. ,,,,,,, It takes 7 of these brick to equal 1- sq. ft. Salvaged Chicago brick has aged charm and appeal. If you are looking for a brick with subtle color, varied texture and aged character, look no further than reclaimed Chicago brick. Also known as Old Chicago brick, it has been salvaged from demolished buildings in Chicago and made available for today's structures. For distinctive quality and beauty that is difficult -- if not impossible -- to replicate, choose Chicago brick for your home. History and Production From the mid-19th through the early 20th centuries, Chicago bricks were handmade using the "soft mud" process. These bricks have no holes. The brick maker selected local clay that was dug by hand until the invention of the steam shovel in 1879. Water was added to make a soft paste, which was hand-pressed into molds coated with sand. Molds that produced six bricks at once were common. The bricks were dried using a variety of techniques. Sources Old Chicago brick may come from any buildings that were constructed during the period in which the bricks were produced. Those bricks salvaged from warehouses and industrial structures are referred to as "Chicago Common" because they came from common buildings. Homes, churches, schools and private structures may also be sources for some Chicago brick. Colors The local clay and shale (a sedimentary rock) that were used in making Chicago bricks gives them a subtle mixture of color. These bricks were produced in varying shades of terracotta, from light pink to salmon, and also in buff (a light yellow). Within the basic color, there can be highlights of yellow or gold and sometimes flecks of black. Uses In exteriors, the appearance of Chicago brick is ideal for traditional styles of architecture in today's homes. A fireplace or focal wall of Chicago brick makes an elegant statement in an interior space. Walkways and patios offer additional applications for Chicago brick, but you should consult with your builder as to whether this type of brick is appropriate for your climate. Read more: http://www.ehow.com/info_8757809_chicago-brick.html#ixzz2gKY68fAA Breakage When you open your boxes you will most likely find a few brick broken in ½ from shipping. This is common. We add extra brick to accommodate the broken brick. The broken brick are still useable. When cuts are needed only cut the broken pieces when possible. These thin brick were hand cut from full size brick. Installation of your Thin Brick Google Video "Installing Thin Brick" you will find many many great tips. The most important thing to remember that your used brick has not been cleaned since it was sliced. You must wash the brick prior to get the full color exposed and more importantly to get the brick dust removed from the back side so it will adhere properly. Tip: For interior application a simpler idea is using an adhesive like liquid nails with trowel marks let it dry to a sticky tacky state then push the brick on. Another tip: If the brick want to slide down you can use small nails to hold the brick in place. MIX BRICK FROM SEVERAL BOXES AT A TIME….. When grouting between the brick once dried in place. Use masonry mix with a grout bag or use sanded tile mortar mix in a box already mixed from Home depot or Lowes. You can go over existing brick just glue on top of the existing. We also have corner and thin stone. Each brick you handle is special unique and has lots of character. It has been around for close to 100 years and has been through a journey we cannot imagine. You have saved it from the land field! Local Pickup is offered From Dallas, Texas