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Item ended: lots of 2 SCARCE Romano CELTIC P-shaped Fibula Brooch (details below)

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This eBay listing has ended : lots of 2 SCARCE Romano CELTIC P-shaped Fibula Brooch

lots of 2 SCARCE Romano CELTIC P-shaped Fibula Brooch

Listing ended Mon, November 13, 4:03 pm EST

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Welcome and thank You for visiting my auction! # lots of 2 SCARCE Romano CELTIC P-shaped Fibula Brooch Period: circa 1st century B.C. - 1st century A.D. Dimension in mm: L = 47mm - 66mm Weight in gram: 18.4g | 8.2g Remark: reconstructed condition Please take a look at my other items: http://www.ebay.com/usr/ancient_coins ! COMBINED SHIPPING to save You money! ONE DAY SHIPPING! Items will be shipped immediately on the same or next business day of receiving full payment. quality: such as the present pictures - look at the original photos (the 1941 Silver 10-Cent, Mercury Dime - d= ~18 mm - is only decoration for comparison, not part of auction) These are the items on the pictures you will actually receive !!! The photos were shot in grazing & orthogonal light. All my items are lifetime guaranteed to be 100% genuine, exactly as described and pictured, and are from LEGAL SOURCE! Origin / Provenance : from the territory of the former Noricum, Pannonia and Dalmatia provincia Good Luck & I hope that you enjoy bidding on your favourite item! Please read the following sellers's instructions, rules and policies carefully BEFORE the bidding: PAYMENT: Please wait for my invoice all the time before the payment if You won multiple items !!! Please do NOT BUY if You can not pay until 3rd day. On the 4th day eBay will open a case as "unpaid item" AUTOMATICALLY. SHIPPING: only $5.40 the basic fee I ship to worldwide via [ Priority + Registered + Return receipt ] mail. All additional item only $1.50 [increase of weight] Please check notices left by Your post officers if You are not at home when Your package arrive. Postal services in some countries are very slow (e.g. in Russia, Brazil, Australia - can be up to 30-45 days - extreme patience required)! For checking of Tracking Number: https://www.17track.net/en/ OR https://www.aftership.com/ a few ancient ethnic groups of Europe: Celts Celt Huns Hun Avars Avar Pazyryks Sarmatians Scythians Scyths Goths Alans Alani Roxolani Jazyges Yazigs Lazyx Quadi Marcomanni Sassanids Langobards Gepids Visigoths Vandals Vikings Suebi Celtic Hunnic Avarian Pazyryk Sarmatian Scythian Gothic Alan Roxolan Suebian Marcomannic Langobard Gepida Visigoth Vandal Viking Suebian The most of important Emperors and Empresses in this period: Augustus Livia Marcellus Agrippa Tiberius Sejanus Drusus Antonia Germanicus Agrippina Gaius Caligula Claudius Britannicus Octavia Nero Poppaea Statilia Messalina Clodius Macer Vindix Galba Otho Vitellius Julius Civilis Vespasian Titus Domitian Julia Titi Domitia Nerva Trajan Plotina Marciana Matidia Hadrian Sabina Antinous Lucius Aelius Antoninus Pius Faustina Marcus Aurelius Domitia Lucilla Lucius Verus Commodus Crispina Pertinax Titania Didius Julianus Manlia Scantilla Didia Clara Pescennius Niger Clodius Albinus Septimius Severus Julia Domna Carcalla Plautilla Geta Macrinus Diadumenian Elagabalus Julia Maesa Soaemias Paula Aquilia Severa Annia Faustina Severus Alexander Mamaea Orbiana Maximinus Thrax Caecilia Paulina Maximus Gordian Balbinus Pupienus Tranquillina Philip the Arab Julius Marinus Otacilia Severa Pacatinaus Iotapianus Sponsianus Trajan Decius Herennia Etruscilla Hernnius Etruscus Hostilian Trebonianus Gallus Volusian Aemilian Cornelia Supera Uranius Antoninus Valerian Mariniana Gallienus Salonina Saloninus Quietus Regalianus Dryantilla Postumus Aureolus Laelianus Marius Victorinus Domitianus Tetricus Claudius Gothicus Quintillus Aurelian Severina Zenobia Vabalathus Tacitus Florianus Probus Saturninus Bonosus Proculus Carus Numerian Carinus Magnia Urbica Nigrinianus Julian Pannonia Diocletian Maximianus Herculius Amandus Carausius Allectus Constantius Chlorus Helena Theodora Galerius Galeria Valeria Domitius Domitianus Severus Maximinus Daia Maxentius Romulus Licinius Constantia Martinian Constantine Crispus Fausta Delmatius Hanniballianus Constans Constantius Nepotian Vetranio Magnentius Decentius Constantius Gallus Julian Jovian Valentinian Valens Procopius