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Item ended: Ancient Greece Silver BC Coin of Macedonia Demetrius I of Macedon, Nike,Poseidon (details below)

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This eBay listing has ended : Ancient Greece Silver BC Coin of Macedonia Demetrius I of Macedon, Nike,Poseidon

Ancient Greece Silver BC Coin of Macedonia Demetrius I of Macedon, Nike,Poseidon

Listing ended Tue, May 29, 4:26 pm EDT

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Harriet & Justin said: " this is a Silver tetradrachm from Macedonia, reign of Demetrius I of Macedon, BCE. O: Nike blowing a trumpet on a ship's bow. R: Poseidon with trident.; it is heavy and certainly relic in age " both also said: " wow" . ..we don't know about that information Harriet & Justin shared; , they like this stuff; we are not in the old coin business; this heirloom is huge & ((we are in the miracle business here in-Ark)); we give because we can; we are lucky, so we help the unlucky; read another minute please in order to be cleared to trade with us; most are not cleared here; it is not easy to get in the Ark. must be warm home and special, it is our job here. ~~~> we are not-forProfit in Noah's Ark, nearly all funds used to drop supplies in southern Africa. (toothbrushes, floss, shoelaces, soap, a lot of rice, wire hangers, tarp & nails, small tools, clothing, colored markets, puzzles & marbles, coffee filters, medical tape, thread & needles, & 288 packs of tic tacs have been selected for our Summer Drop.we don't ship to Israel Italy or near Greece, Peru Columbia New York City, Mexico City Arizona or North Carolina -The Photos are taken in different light for your fair consideration; ***answers to commonly asked questions: " we don't have the answer to your question" / " please know your stuff if it's important to you, Global Climate is important to us" / " Emma may have selected it as Ark Worthy" / " We have more than one " / " Grandfather always intended to open a coin store near Manhattan with his coin maven friends, always collecting in anticipation " / (("Likely Silver / Likely Bronze, Likely Copper ~~> " Be happy very satisfied with photos as-is & then take next-watch " / " no returns please ,or we speak on the phone & read this listing together . We are not a coin store & We are not a coin store.. Trades get matched by NYC Businesses for our air-drops. ** to all 'old coin treasure-hunters' ~ we hope you find the compounds you seek.. our trades are as-is guys & gals, please.. we may include a less popular heirloom with your package as a gift,we do this in the event you are not satisfied with item pictured; we want everyone happy,~~~> if you are concerned about money buy food / land / arms / & new gold bars.. here you trade for the blessing; the end. many are very happy, very few want to punch our face <~~~ Everything is authentic in Noah's Ark to in-Ark diary/books/labels. We keep a record in-house; We do not hobby talk; generally assets cleaned don't grade & 'grade' is a hobby term; ~~~> no hobby talk please. We do not need to trade it; you do not need to own it. (( The heirlooms need new warm homes; A warm home will communicate with us, it is our job )) We do not know what anything is for certain because we are not scientists & neither do you, & neither does a grader, hobby club, hobby chat or your local master-of-the-trade, ~~~> that is a scientific fact; we have proof; so we take many photos for you; the museum tests are greater than $10000usd, it is the only test & that is a scientific fact, so History Trade-value & content are unknown as many heirlooms are relics which belong in a museum. When we ask you if you read the listing simply click ' reply ' & type 123; then click send; ( or say "Hi Noah"). A warm message from you saves us time, maybe a better gift ~~> we have plenty here <~~~~ ~~~> There is no need to read below, god bless you & yours. disclaimer: Photos are generally taken in different shades of light. No receipts / no papers / no laws / no hobby talk in Noah's Ark, just kidding, a little bit; we are eccentric fun; O:-) Some heirlooms were named by a relative at some point & labeled as such ie: Michael, Jack, CrazyHorse, Eve, John, Jesus Anton Charlotte Bruce Ben Benny Bethany Marcus Cleo Peter Patricia Philip Alan Adam Ethan Jonah, LyingCheatingBastardBenjamin, DingBat, PrettyFace, CrazyFeet, Maximus Max (some ancestors were crazy). as a kid Grandfather shared stories told to him, of Kings Rabbis, the Church & the poverty-level people; coins given to the people to trade back to the temple to be closer to god (The Beggars Strike); distributed to the poor; poor trading with different trade than others; this was an ancient congregation of Levy Family Decedents; stories include religious institutions minting coins.. We have these strikes in our Ark. We generally go by labels left for us.. Levy had Synagogues then, great grandfather a Rabbi; his great grandfather a Rabbi; the male bloodline to the time of Jesus were rabbi's; special blessings here. The male bloodline collected Meteorites Coins Mezuzahs Pointers Bibles Scrolls Gems Crosses Rocks..~~~> We've had some issues, Pardon the tone, You may not trade for the item pictured if you are unfamiliar with it. The title here maye have errors, so see all photos. We deal with religious fanatics who do not like us (we are religious). We deal with angry historians / hobby mavens who have strong firm opinions, & periodically cause trouble & your books are wrong; books were written to deter coin making, we have proof 100%. We deal with those who wish to harm our ability to trade/ competitors. No games here. **warm homes only** is the job; **everyone happy** is the job; ** Only on E-bay Please ** **People see errors in our listings and wish to start trouble / steal assets or time from the collections. If you feel something may not be to your liking here, Walk Away, & do not play games. We will contact you & yours to resolve issues peacefully, home office day night is ok; " Many Newer Heirlooms were likely Grandfathers Levy's (the first male not to follow in rabbinical studies (the outcast )) he may have bought it on a cruise; we may have bought it at a garage sale; great grandfather loved "genuine authentic patina book-weight history" (hobby terms) ;while grandfather loved the depictions/ unusual / unheard-of; extra large & it is all in the Ark..heirlooms may be silver, gold, copper, a rock, token brass silver-plated, tin, clay, medallion, pewter bronze nickel; ~~> (the heirloom may be newer rather than older, or made of iron); (we don't know what it is for certain, neither do you; & we do not like that), We are not testing the compounds in heirlooms most of which were labeled; though some Mislabeled, Miscellaneous, much has been Mixed-up