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Firecharger 2.3L AFFF Racing Fire Bottle Extinguisher Suppression System

Firecharger 2.3L AFFF Racing Fire Bottle Extinguisher Suppression System

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Firecharger – Racing Fire Suppression System2.3L On- Board Fire SystemBecause of High Sales Volume - Allow 1 Week for DeliveryFirecharger Racing Fire Extinguisher Systems made by Augusta Motorsports are the most cost effective on-board fire systems on the market. They are also field refillable by the racer. Made in the USA by Racers with the utmost in safety in mind. Are you really comfortable with that hardware store extinguisher mounted in your car?This System is NOT SFI Compliant. Key Benefits· Firecharger - is more economical than many other systems and can be refilled and recharged at the track by YOU.· Firecharger – is made in the USA, and is manufactured by real racers that know something about safety and value. Does that handheld extinguisher mounted in the car really give you peace of mind?· Firecharger – puts you back in the race faster than any other system.· Firecharger – uses AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) technology that not only suppresses the fire, but also helps prevent flashback.· Firecharger – uses AFFF and a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) propellant that are approved extinguishing agents and are environmentally friendly· Firecharger – produces an expanded foam discharge that out performs any other AFFF system on the market. The system is filled with a 6% AFFF solution that can be used on all racing fuels including those with alcohol additives.· Firecharger – can be refilled by the user for less than $60.00. Other systems must be returned to the manufacture for a refill, often costing as much as a new system and creating lots of down time.· Firecharger – is the lowest priced fire system on the market and the field refillable feature can save hundreds of dollars.· Firecharger Kits – are easily to install and have everything you need. We recommend mounting the cylinder horizontally. Our kits come with aluminum tubing and AN fittings, not some cheap plastic setup.· Firecharger – AFFF Foam is an excellent extinguishing agent choice, foam clings to surfaces and prevents fires from returning by smothering them in CO2 filled bubbles.Firecharger- our 2.3L system comes complete with cylinder and actuator, CO2 cartridge, bottle brackets, 8’ pull cable kit, 10’ tubing, and two nozzles. Total filled weight is approximately 7.4 pounds. Measures 13.25” long and 4.25 in diameters. Overall height is 5.5”. The 2.3L system carries a 5-BC Rating. How it Works The Firecharger system is activated by a pull cable which releases the CO2 propellant into the cylinder where it mixes and aerates the AFFF mixture. At the same time the sudden increase in pressure opens the non-fragmenting rupture disc. This allows the complete and total discharge through the piping to the wide coverage nozzles on the Firecharger system.The foam mixture discharged by the Firecharger system contains CO2, not normal air, producing an EXTRA level of extinguishment and protection. The plumbing and the non-discharged CO2 cartridge indicate the intact integrity of the system. In ideal conditions, a properly installed system is capable of extinguishing a fire on any type of motor vehicle. However, the nozzles aim may not be maintained in all cases due to the unavoidable events that take place during a crash. Comparison Of Firecharger And HalonFireCharger AFFF SystemsHalon 1211 and Halon 1301Biodegradable, ozone friendlyDepletes ozone layerNo annual inspectionMust be inspected every yearNo 5-year pressure testMust be discharged and tested every 5 yearsSignificantly inhibits flashbackDoes not prevent flashbackRecharge at the track less than $70.00Recharge at manufacturer for $300-$500Increases fire suit survivabilityDoes not increase fire suit protectionNew system costs $339.00New system costs $400-$1,000 5lb 2.3L A 14.500B 3.625C 9.500D 0.625E 5.875F 1.625G 4.000 Facts about the Firecharger Fire Systems Aqueous Film Forming Foam AFFF is a water based synthetic animal protein solution that is lighter than oil, alcohol,and petroleum products. When properly mixed and aerated into foam, it will create a floating film on flammable materials that prevents fumes from igniting or re-igniting after a fire. It has been in use by the military, airports, and fire departments for years and has always been an effective fire fighting agent. It is a biodegradable solution that leaves virtually no residue, and can safely be cleaned off with water. Firecharger uses a 6% solution of AFFF that is rated for all petroleum, methanol, and alcohol fires. How does it work?In the past the foam was created at the nozzle by aerating the liquid solution with the available oxygen. All other AFFF racing fire systems in use today follow this method. These are pressurized with air, nitrogen, or other gases to force the liquid from the cylinder to the nozzle(s).The Firecharger System creates the foam in the cylinder before it is sent to the nozzle. The propellant is liquid CO2, a firefighting agent on its own, in a cartridge on the outside of the cylinder. The propellant is injected into the liquid creating this foam at a consistency of shaving cream. Another advantage to the Firecharger system is that the pressure remains constant as the system is activated. Pre-pressurized systems are losing pressure as they begin to work and the foam retracts from the target area toward the nozzles as the pressure drops. Ours maintains an internal pressure of about 600psi as the CO2 is metered into the cylinder and continues a full stream until the foam is depleted. What about maintenance and recharging? The shelf life for our AFFF concentrate is 25 years, as recommended by the manufacturer. In a mixed solution your system will remain potent for at least 10 years but it should be checked every 5-7 years. Needless to say, the system will remain useable longer than most sanctioning bodies will allow. Since our systems can be re-charged for under $60, this should not be an issue.Since this is not a pre-pressurized system, there are no seals to replace, propellant losses, gas loss, or hazardous handling charges. Comparable systems will cost you $200-$300 for a recharge or re-certification and require a down time usually measured in weeks not minutes.Firecharger comes with everything to get you back on the track in minutes. The cylinder only needs to be removed from the vehicle (using the t-bolt brackets), discard the old CO2 cartridge, screw in the fresh one, unscrew the head and replace the non-fracturing head seal, fill with water, add the concentrate, and put the head back on. The entire recharge can usually be performed in less than 20 minutes. A recharge kit comes with the fresh cartridge, head seal, and concentrate - just add water. Firecharger systems are not SFI/FIA compliant. Please check with your sanctioning body on their on board system requirements. Each Firecharger system is made by hand and is proudly made in the USA FEATURES AND BENEFITS SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE, AFFORDABLE User refillable: Firecharger racecar fire systems are user refillable, even at the track, with our simple to use refill and recharge kits. This makes Firecharger the ideal vehicle safety equipment . Other systems must be returned to their manufacturers for refill. This involves the freight both ways, the refill charge, days or weeks of waiting and, with gases like Halon, FM and FE---a hefty HAZMAT fee. Order a refill kit with your system. Purpose-made for racing: The days of using a hand-held car fire extinguisher are long gone. Firecharger fire systems are specifically designed for American race cars and trucks by experienced racers, and they offer the latest in onboard racecar fire system technology. Some imports use hand-held fire bottles with holes drilled in the handles for cables, and plastic hoses and fittings. Affordable, economical: Not only do we have the lowest prices on the market, but also our field- refillable feature will save hundreds of dollars if the race car fire suppression system ever needs to be recharged. Easy installation: Our twin pre-drilled mounts and stainless steel racing Marman clamps allow for easy installation of the fire system on dissimilar surfaces such as on a stock floor pan. Install where weight is needed: Moving a few pounds to a corner can make a big difference in the handling of a race car. Our longer and adjustable cables allow installation of the bottle where the weight is needed. What is more, Firecharger racecar fire systems can be (and should be) installed horizontally (flat); this further improves handling and traction by lowering the center of gravity and weight transfer. Aluminum tubing and AN fittings: Some fire systems come with brass fittings, and others use plastic tubing and fittings. Those are not professional race car plumbing, and plastic does not hold up to fire. We supply 10 feet of aluminum tubing, enough to plumb the largest cars, and AN fittings and nozzles. Foam fire system, not gas: Foam has been the extinguishing agent of choice for many years for outdoor applications such as airports and rocket launch platforms where wind and air flow can dissipate gases such as Halon. Foam clings to surfaces and prevents fires from returning by smothering them in CO2 filled bubbles. Halon, and the other gases such as FE36 are still charged a HAZMAT fee by freight companies. Firechargers are non-pressurized fire systems: A non pressurized fire system allows for easy user refill, air freighting and lower shipping costs. Our AFFF foam carries no HAZMAT fees like other systems. Some gases can only be shipped by truck, but the Firecharger race car fire systems are shipped empty (or we can fill the fire bottle for you), saving you time and money because you do not have to pay for the weight of the extinguishant, or the HAZMAT fees. Internal flex pick-up hose: A real racecar fire bottle should be equipped with an internal flex tube. This feature allows our fire systems to pick up all the extinguishant when the bottle is laying flat or straight up. Some fire systems use hand-held off the wall fire extinguishers that have a solid tube inside the fire bottle. If that bottle is installed horizontally, or if the car flips on its side the fire system will only discharge half its load. This makes the Firechargers ideal as off road racing equipment in the advent of a roll over and fuel spill. Made in USA: Firecharger racecar fire systems are US made by experienced racers who understand racing safety equipment . Other fire systems are made in Europe for rally cars or specialized formula cars where requirements are far different than what we need on our oval tracks, drag strips and road courses. Some companies actually get away with using plastic tubing and fittings. Their fire bottles may have to be shipped back across the ocean for refill. Firecharger Systems are not FIA Compliant and may not be accepted by some sanctioning bodies.