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Be sure to add me to your favorites list !Parts Timepieces Craft Art watch repairman estates and material house findings from 40 years travels around and about. Sales to China- -Israel or India must have USA Shipping Delivery Address or no Acceptance of the Sale, to many items lost not delivered and charged back to paypal. Check out my other items! Beginning to End Vintage American POCKET Watches,MERRRY MERRRY CHRISTMAS Dials, & Cases. THE BOOK Identification & Price Guide 1830-2009 by Roy Ehrhardt- & William Meggers MEMORIAL EDITION ISBN NUMBER 978-0-615-23255-3 8 1/2 x 11 inches or 215 x 275 mm - 2 lbs Full Color 90 pages total of 469 Pages 469 pages Total with 85 pages with 339 watches in FULL COLOR-in addition including 245 movement and dial pictures of the most sought Railroad & American Movements and Specialty Dials known. USA Shipping is $4.00 first class. Overseas Shipping is$32.95 flat rate envelopepriority mail. Canada Shipping is $23.95 flat rate envelope priority mailRead This Carefully: This is for those of you who do not know-BUT DO KNOW- there is information about watchesthey do not know thatthey do not know and know they are missingand giving away valuablewatches with no knowledgeof it at all!- AND- Arewilling to pay for knowledge rather than using the oldsaying of Roy. The onlysubstitute for knowledge is money! Think about it. Money does not equalknowledge, but it seemslike it to those using it as their Guide. This book costs $50.00-FOR A REASON. This is the culiminationof knowledge ofthe life of Roy Ehrhardt. This book has 93 colorpages of remarkable watches with more remarkable pricesrealized in the New York Watch Auction of the Century of American Watches. The updateswere done by Roy, Larry, and Bill just before Bill's death. Collectors and Dealers need this bookfor variations are shownthat were first shown inthe 1970's Price Indicators of Roy Ehrhardt, along with many newdial and movementvariations. More variationsappear monthly as old watches are still out there being inherited, sold andfound in pawn shop safes, and watchmakers drawers. Collectors whohave long standing experience know that one piece of knowledge in each book will pay for the price of that book and more. IF ATTENTION is paid to the information contained THERIN andit does not become a coffee table collector edition. This is not for coffee table watch collecting but for Avid Rabid Watchfantics seeking the fun of thehunt and needing the tools of the tradeof the Knowledgeable Elite Dealer. RoyEhrhardt's Books are proven reliable information and all us early dealershave everything he everwrote in books and know it is money in the bank& jewels in our collections. You can be an avergecollector or dealer and still as the old saying goes- EVEN A BLIND HOGFINDS AN ACORN ONCE IN AWHILE. I havereceived calls where my answer was- you do not have that watchthey only made 25- and the reply wascome and see it foryourself it just came inthe front door and cost$150.00, a 23 jewelSangmo Special Hunter.Other similar watches arewaiting and being bought, you might as well own the rare watchesthat pass through your hands or at least receive the right money for them. I have been told to--Dumb Down--This Introduction andthis book would sell better for it is above thewatch traders level ofunderstanding. THE PURPOSE ofthis book is to raise thelevel of understandingof the watches thatare weekly passing through your hands frompawn shops, gold buyouts, and collectionsbreaking up due tothe desparate economywe are now all in. If I dumb this introductiondown you will still bedumb. This book can fixdumb, it can train you to detail and critical examination but willfulignornace cannot be fixed.If you choose not toknow more than you presently know when opportunity is presentedthe level of collecting you are at will remainthe same. Ignorance does not mean lack ofall knowledge but lack of knowledge you are unaware of that others are aware of. This book is the culimination of wisdom and research information of the life of Roy Ehrhardt,Col. George Townsend, and Bill Meggers along with the list of contributors and the unlisted thousandsthat took serial numbersand movement variationsfor Roy and Bill and all of us at the startof Col. Townsend's publishing career who recorded serial numbers for him. George and Roy have a large record of correspondence over the years as he was a large contributor to Roy's work in later years. ATTENTION-ATTENTION-ATTENTION to Detail and Comprehension offeatures of what you arelooking at that is Uniqueor Special sets apart the watch trader from the knowledgeable dealer or collector. Dial Variations-ColoredDials and RR Inspectornames make a remarkable difference in priceto a low jeweled or gold-filled watch. A Railroad grade watch can be boosted in priceas much as 10 times ormore. Jeweler Namesand Personalized Special order customernames are the sleeperof the present and futureaccording to Larry Ehrhardt. Many dealers have made a good side living buyingand selling these personalized name watchesfor years. The value of this book is to use this book as a Study Guide. To benefit from it youmust have the desire to Focus your Attention tothe Critical Variations ofmovement models thatmake the Dramatic Difference in prices from one to the same one withthe gold flashing orspecial dial or special RR Inspector name orother feature that isa special order or shortfactory run, or a- ONE OFF-for a special reason.Workmen took home withand without permissionmovements and when companies were in hardtimes or closing paid salaries in movements and workmen finishedthese at home or sometimes on company premises. Factory handfinished movements aremore valuable than mosthome finished movements by workmen, but exceptions exist where the home finished movement is superior tothe finish of a company production. Patent Modelsare also found using factorymovements finished by a workman to show his patent- regulators-are one common example- but 8 day or special escapement models alsoshow up and special dial train features. The Most ComprehensiveIdentification &Price GuideEver Written Combinedas A Memorial Edition with IN COLOR the MostImportant Auction of339 American Vintage Watches this Century, including 14 pages with 245 pictures of the mostsought American & Railroad Movements & Specialty Dials Known.4 pages of Dial Foot Positions to Identify ALLAmerican Dials, IncludingAmerican Movement Weights in Pennyweights.922 EA drawings on 82 pages to identify ALL American Watch Movements with or without identifying writing on the plates. Serial Numbers & Grades with ProductionDates for Ball-Hamilton-Rockford in 30 pages.3 pages Watch Company Production Dates. 203 pages of over 11,000 Alphabetical listings of ALL known American Watches with over 1,100 RR Inspectors and Private Label NamesLISTED ALPHABETICALLY. This book Identifies every one of the 100 million jeweled and 300 million unjeweledAmerican-Made POCKETWATCHES dating from1830-2000. This is theFoundational Definitive Work of American PocketWatches. A Reference Work Referred to theWORLD over by Auction Houses, Pawn Shops, Coin Shops, Antique Dealers, Appraisers,DEALERS and COLLECTORS to separate the Cheap from the Rare, Cheap watches are not cheapthey never raise in valueover time, they STEAL your Money, junk returnsto junk after the trend is over Quality is Quality forever and MINT is MONEY. The Only Substitute forKNOWLEDGE is MONEY, Information makes theKnowledge, Knowledgecreates confidence in investing and confidence in buying creates a market according to how deep the pockets of the buyers are, WIDESPREAD Knowledge creates aSupermarket or a Trendresulting in a collecting field, The End Result isdedicated collectors of the scarce and finer examples. There are always buyers of the cheap watches but we are talking about INVESTING for PROFIT not accumulation of quantity. DISCRETION AND WISDOM DETERMINE THE RESULT. Beginners become expertsthrough proper resourcematerials. The Hstory of this Book: This book wasfirst released and 1987 and updated in 1994 and 1998 and 1999 and released in small editionsand again updated in 2000 by Roy Ehrhardt and Bill Meggers, Put into full 8 1/2x 11 format for study use, and revisedand corrected until 2002when Bill Meggers passedaway, Larry Ehrhardt updated the prices andRoy finished the proof copy correctionsin 2003and due to health and 2 hurricanes passing directly through Umatilla, Florida and seriously damaging the building this book was never released and printed. Roy died in 2004. I havecombined this book with2 others making a Memorial Edition. The most Complete Bookof the most ImportantInformation on AmericanPocket Watches Available. This is the Collector'sCollector Book and the Pawnbrokers Dream theRare Stuff with the prices without all the trash. This book should sell Thousands of copies and upon widespreaddistribution prices willskyrocket on Mint Perfect,Multicolored Dials, Gold-Filled Mint Cases,Railroad Cases for SpecialModels. Private LabelNames and Railroad Inspector'sNames.GoldUnique Multicolor Pocketwatchesin All Sizes with Interesting Mint Multicolor Dials. The prices nowin this book for auction results will be dealer wholesale prices and Are Now on many of the watches listed. WE SELL RELIABLE INFORMATION The Price is $50.00Reduced delivered USA Media Mail and Overseas Flat Rate Envelope Priority Mail WorldwideOn Consideration of the Cost of 90 pages ofColor Printing with 8 1/2 x 11 Formatfor Easy Reading and Notations---No BetterValue is available in the Pocket Watch Price Guide Field. Sales to China or India must have USA Shipping Delivery Address or no Acceptance of the Sale. All sales to Israel require a USA ADDRESS for my Shipping for Delivery, NO Delivery to Israel as mail is lost to often.