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ELITE Commander Sliver Deck - EDH - Hivelord - 100 Card - MTG - Ready to Play!!!

ELITE Commander Sliver Deck - EDH - Hivelord - 100 Card - MTG - Ready to Play!!!

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ELITE EDH Sliver Deck (Commander) This auction is for a 100 card, EDH elite Sliver deck. This deck is a ton of fun. It is insanely good at creating a huge sliver army, pumping the slivers, meanwhile disabling your opponent through a number of removal abilities and ultimatums. This deck provides a huge number of synergies. This deck has been play-tested and is very strong, not to mention a blast to play! A perfect deck for players looking to play a fun, cohesive, themed deck. Deck List: Creatures1x Sliver Hivelord (Commander, Mythic)1x Bonescythe Sliver (Rare)1x Brood Sliver (Rare)1x Fungus Sliver (Rare)1x Megantic Sliver (Rare)1x Psionic Sliver (Rare)1x Pulmonic Sliver (Rare)1x Synapse Sliver (Rare)1x Syphon Sliver (Rare)1x Thorncaster Sliver (Rare)1x Brass Herald (Rare)1x Acidic Sliver1x Armor Sliver1x Barbed Sliver1x Battle Sliver1x Belligerent Sliver1x Blade Sliver1x Constricting Sliver1x Diffusion Sliver1x Firewake Sliver1x Fury Sliver1x Leeching Sliver1x Manaweft Sliver1x Might Sliver1x Opaline Sliver1x Spectral Sliver1x Spined Sliver1x Steelform Sliver1x Venom Sliver1x Ward Sliver1x Battering Sliver1x Blur Sliver1x Bonesplitter Sliver1x Clot Sliver1x Gemhide Sliver1x Groundshaker Sliver1x Homing Sliver1x Muscle Sliver1x Plated Sliver1x Poultice Sliver1x Predatory Sliver1x Sentinel Sliver1x Sliver Construct1x Spitting Sliver1x Striking Sliver1x Watcher Sliver Artifacts/Enchantments1x Manalith1x Vessel of Endless Rest1x Darksteel Ingot1x Oblivion Ring Instants/Sorceries1x Overwhelming Stampede (Rare)1x Cruel Ultimatum (Rare)1x Titanic Ultimatum (Rare)1x Violent Ultimatum (Rare)1x Lavalanche (Rare)1x Return to the Ranks (Rare)1x Doom Blade1x Hive Stirrings1x Overrun1x Magma Jet Lands1x Sliver Hive (Rare)1x Transguild Promenade1x Shimmering Grotto1x Haunted Fengraf1x Evolving Wilds10x Guildgates (1 of each: Rakdos, Orzhov, Izzet, Dimir, Gruul Golgari, Selesnya, Simic, Azorius, Boros)7x Forest5x Plains5x Mountains4x Islands4x Swamps Please note that the basic lands you receive may not be the exact lands pictured, however you will still receive the same number and type of basic lands. Payment by Paypal please. Item will be shipped First Class mail within 2 business days of purchase (estimated 1-3 business days for delivery). The vast majority of cards will be in NM/lightly played condition. A few cards may show more moderate play however I do my best to keep this to a minimum. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you for looking! Look at my other Decks!!! ***I strive to provide 5-star service to all of my customers. If you received 5-star service, please leave feedback indicating so. If you did not, for any reason, please send me a message through eBay and let me know so I can correct any problem for you before feedback is left. Your feedback is very important to me and allows me to continue offering great service to my customers.*** Thanks for looking, good luck, and happy bidding!