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"How To" Wooden Boat Restoration Videos, Christmas Gift for Wood Boat Enthusiast

"How To" Wooden Boat Restoration Videos, Christmas Gift for Wood Boat Enthusiast

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Hello, I offer a Complete Set of "How To" Wooden Boat Restoration Videos. I have listed the 20 DVDs and the videos they contain. The 20 DVDs consist of over 40 hours of detailed instruction in all aspects of wood boat restoration. These videos will walk you through the restoration process step by step when working on antique and classic wooden boats such as Chris Craft, Garwood, Hacker Craft, Lyman, Century, Thompson and more. This is a great Christmas gift for the Wood Boat owner in your life. If you would like to see preview clips of the Instructional Wood Boat Restoration Videos you can go to YouTube and type in "wood boat restoration brandotown" and check them out. If ordered the Complete 20 Disc Set will be shipped to you FREE of Charge. Thank you. Brandon DVD #1 (129 minutes)1) Laminated Transom Bow (29 minutes)2) Building Varnish on Transom (10 minutes)3) Steam Bending Mahogany Chines (21 minutes)4) Cutting Keel Landings into Bottom Frames (19 minutes)5) Fairing Bottom Frames (17 minutes)6) Cutting Rabbet Joint into Chine (33 minutes) DVD #2 (120 minutes)1) Installing Inner Ply to Bottom (20 minutes)2) Steam Bending Mahogany Garboard Plank (10 minutes) 3) Installing White Oak Intermediates (15 minutes)4) Building Varnish on Teak Covering Boards (12 minutes)5) Steam Bending Mahogany Garboard Plank on Boat (11 minutes)6) Fitting Mahogany Garboard Planks (40 minutes)7) Cutting and Fitting Dutchman on Chris Craft Hull (12 minutes) DVD #3 (125 minutes)1) Resawing Mahogany Plank (14 minutes)2) Steam Bending Chris Craft Hull Plank (Port Side) (15 minutes) 3) Steam Bending Chris Craft Hull Plank (Stbd Side) (12 minutes) 4) Cutting Tapered Planks (5 minutes) 5) Fairing Chris Craft Capri Transom (16 minutes)6) Cutting and Gluing Mahogany Bungs (8 minutes) 7) Installing New Covering Boards (33 minutes) 8) Installing New Deck Planks (22 minutes) DVD #4 (111 minutes)1) Varnishing Chris Craft (20 minutes) 2) Cutting Curved Deck Seams (11 minutes) 3) Fairing Chris Craft Deck (30 minutes) 4) Applying Sealer over Chris Craft Filler Stain (15 minutes) 5) Bleaching and Applying Blonde Stain to Chris Craft (35 minutes) DVD #5 (116 minutes)1) Cannon Carriage Wheels (71 minutes)2) Steam Bending Mahogany Rub Rail (21 minutes) 3) Removing Varnish with Heat Gun and Scraper (8 minutes)4) Scraping Deck Seams (8 minutes)5) Paring Down Mahogany Bungs (14 minutes) DVD #6 (119 minutes)1) Removing Mahogany Bungs (9 minutes)2) Cutting, Fitting and Gluing Mahogany Strips in Hull Seams (15 minutes)3) Laying Out and Taping Waterline on Chris Craft (27 minutes) 4) Spray Painting Boot Stripe/Waterline (11 minutes) 5) Installing New Spray Rails on Chris Craft (28 minutes) 6) Removing Partial Plank with Router (29 minutes) DVD #7 (125 minutes)1) Pulling Sheer Clamp into Place (16 minutes)2) Sanding "Build Up" Varnish (15 Minutes) 3) Cutting, Fitting and Gluing Scarf Joint (41 minutes)4) Sealing, Bedding and Installing New Transom Plank (19 minutes)5) Cutting, Steam Bending and Fitting Hullside Plank (34 minutes) DVD #8 (102 minutes)1) Fairing Spray Rails to Receive Stainless Rub Rails (12 minutes) 2) Rounding/Breaking Edges on Irregular Workpiece (9 minutes) 3) Sanding Varnish on Big Radius (6 minutes) 4) Adjusting Yellow Color in Chris Craft Blonde Stain (25 minutes) 5) Re-tightening Fasteners on Chris Craft Hullside Planks (26 minutes) 6) Taping and Preparing Surfaces to be Varnished or Painted (24 minutes) DVD #9 (146 minutes)1) Installing Caulk in Deck Seams (146 minutes) DVD #10 (149 minutes)1) Installing New 3M-5200 Bottom on Chris Craft (149 minutes) DVD #11 (114 minutes) 1) Fairing and Finish Sanding New Bottom on Chris Craft (90 minutes)2) Preparing Gold Leaf Name for Varnish (5 minutes)3) Sealing Exhaust Pipe Through Transom on Chris Craft (19 minutes) DVD #12 (118 minutes)1) Cutting and Fitting Hullside Plank with Router (20 minutes)2) Preparing and Varnishing Teak Swim Platform (43 minutes)3) Injecting Glue into Repairs (9 minutes)4) Plugging Old Screw Holes (7 minutes) 5) Sharpening Card Scrapers (12 minutes)6) Bending Stainless Rub Rail to Fit Spray Rail (24 minutes) DVD #13 (135 minutes) 1) Cutting, Fitting and Installing Bottom Hullside Planks (135 minutes) DVD #14 (126 minutes)1) Cutting, Fitting and Installing Chine Caps (63 minutes)2) Removing Varnish and Finish Sanding Teak Parts (14 minutes)3) Installing Transom Plank Using Bending Jig (49 minutes) DVD #15 (144 minutes)1) Sealing and Painting New Bottom on Chris Craft (73 minutes)2) Fairing New Planks Down to Existing, Varnished Planks (71 minutes) DVD #16 (142 minutes)1) Aligning Engine, Shaft, Shaft Log and Strut in Chris Craft (119 minutes)2) Mixing and Applying Filler Stain to Mahogany (22 minutes) 1. How to Paint and Varnish a Wooden Boat (2 Disc Set) Part 1 (149 minutes)Part 2 (147 Minutes) 2. How to Fair and Finish Sand a Wooden Boat (143 minutes) 3. How to Bleach, Stain and Build Varnish on a Wooden Boat (149 minutes) 4. How to Install Bookmatched Double Planked Deck (149 minutes)