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NIB Production Pro Intercom HeadSet Head Set SMH710 SMH 710

NIB Production Pro Intercom HeadSet Head Set SMH710 SMH 710

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NIB Production Pro Intercom HeadSet Head Set SMH710 SMH 710 NIB Production Pro Intercom HeadSet Head Set SMH710 SMH 710  SMH710  Communications Headsets     Performance: The SMH710 is a lightweight version of our long-time product, the SMH310. The construction, though smaller, is very similar. At 3.88 oz. (0.11kg) it is among the lightest headsets suitable for intercom that is available, and far more comfortable than the most commonly available lightweights. Because it has a dynamic microphone it is suitable for all intercom stations, old and new. The microphone arm is a flexible gooseneck and has a swivel mount, permitting a wide range of positioning. The headset comes with a foam microphone pop filter The SMH710 is for left side use only. The ear cushions, being smaller, sit on the ear rather than around it. They can be cleaned and can be easily and inexpensively replaced. The headband is adjustable and padded. On the earspeaker side the adjustment involves clicking the fitting up and down. For larger sizes the pad on the far side can be adjusted by removing a small screw and resetting the pad position.Durability: The SMH710 has a minimal number of moving parts. Each of the pivot points has been strengthened. The flexible gooseneck bends rather than breaks. The muff peels off the ear cup for almost instant cleaning or replacement. Our always-generous repair policy applies to these modestly priced headsets as well.Value: This headset represent an outstanding value, costing considerably less than any other major brand of intercom-suitable lightweight communications headset. When long working-life expectations and repair-ability are factored in, the value is even further enhanced. Compatibility: The SMH710 is compatible with Clear-Com® as well as other, lesser-known, headset communications systems. The standard 4-pin female XLR-type connector is included, but we will gladly fit the appropriate plug for any other system at a reasonable cost.    SMH710    Specifications: (Subject to change without notice)Ear speaker impedance:200ohm ± 15%   Rated power input:300 mW   Max. power input:100 mW   Frequency response:30~12kHz   T.H.D. @ S.O.P:>3%   S.P.L:97dB ± 3dBMicrophone:Dynamic, 0.825 in (21mm) 200ohmMic. Boom:0.177 in (4.5mm) diameter gooseneck tubeCord:Straight, 6.56 ft. (2m)Headband adjust:ABS click-typeNet weight:3.88oz (0.11kg) Click to edit text Listing and template services provided by inkFrog