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DIY kit Nixie Tubes Clock Arduino Shield NCS314 on IN-14 Nixie Tubes[WITH TUBES]

DIY kit Nixie Tubes Clock Arduino Shield NCS314 on IN-14 Nixie Tubes[WITH TUBES]

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IN-14 Nixie Tubes Clock Shield for Arduino UNO/Genuino & Arduino MEGA - NCS314 Note: UPS Express delivery is highly recommended. Economy Shipping can be very slow and unreliable. The Ardrduino Nixie Tubes Shiled NCS314 allow You to make 6 digits Nixie Tubes Clock in “Divergence Meter Mini” style (by GRA & AFCH). Or You can just display any 6 digits strings on this IN-14 Nixie Tubes made in xUSSR. Hundreds of thousands of Arduino Boards are already fueling people’s creativity all over the world, everyday. PCB design, schematic, housing and software made by GRA & AFCH. Nixie Clock Shield NCS314 compatible with Arduino UNO/Genuino & Arduino MEGA, so it allows you to write your own unique programs on the Arduino platform, the latest sources are always available on github.com/afch/NixeTubesShieldNCS314/. The base listing contains only BARE PCB and full set of electronics parts (except Arduino, culumns and power supply). This is example of assembled board NCS314 with full complectation. Downloads Firmware Shield Board NCS314 (Shield for NIXIE CLOCKS) gra-afch.com/downloads/firmware/firmware-for-board-without-cases/shield-board-ncs314-v1-0-1-2-shield-for-nixie-clocks/Drivers USB for PC gra-afch.com/category/downloads/drivers/Schemes Shield Board NCS314 (Shield for NIXIE CLOCKS) gra-afch.com/downloads/schemes/shields/shield-board-ncs314-shield-for-nixie-clocks-2/Manual (Universal Manual for NIXIE Tubes Clocks) gra-afch.com/downloads/manuals/user-manuals-for-nixie-tubes-clocks/3D model in STEP format Shield Board NCS314 (Shield for NIXIE CLOCKS) gra-afch.com/downloads/drawings/shield-board-ncs314-shield-for-nixie-clocks/ This listing contains bare board to make shield NCS314 with soldered Nixie Tubes IN-14 and IN-3 neon lamps: Bare NCS314 board – 1pc. IN-14 Nixie Tubes – 6pcs. IN-3 Neon lamps – 2pcs. Set of electronics parts. Set of hex spacers and screws. User manual on vintage-style paper. Paper electrical scheme. This listing does NOT contain the Arduino board and power supply. We are selling already flashed Arduino UNO here: (Uno) www.ebay.com/itm/162377278951Flashed Arduino Mega here: (Mega) www.ebay.com/itm/162377285626Power supplies: www.ebay.com/itm/162367596648Beautiful Acrylic Case ACNS314 v3.3 at a price of $ 34.95 gra-afch.com/catalog/other-components/acrylic-case-nixie-tubes-clocks-arduino-shield-ncs314-in-14/Glass Column: www.ebay.com/itm/162276387248GPS Receiver GA-6: https://www.ebay.com/itm/162682147400IR Remote Controller RM-X153: https://www.ebay.com/itm/162682141139 …And upload software into your arduino Link to (software) github.com/afch/NixeTubesShieldNCS314 Link to (video tutorial) youtu.be/DQZWPn0iAHw Our Benefits: Easy to build beautiful clock – we offer housing Easy to customize firmware under Your own needs, thanks to an open platform – Arduino. Fast uploading via USB The latest version of the firmware always available on GitHub No need to download drivers – we are use only Genuine USB to serial converters. Drivers for them pre-installed in all popular OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux. Human friendly menu Very high qualty of Printed Circuit Boards Japan alluminium capacitors Power-On Self-Test Technical support Dear customers!If you have ANY questions, (PLEASE ASK us) gra-afch.com/support/contact-us/. Software Features: Shiled support 6 IN-14 Nixie tubes [hh:mm:ss] Full static display mode Slote Machine (Ani poisoning) Temperature display (DS18B20) [Celsius or Fahrenheit] GPS time synchronization (requires a standard GPS receiver, NMEA protocol, 5 volt power supply, not included) Operation via IR remote control (Remote control Sony RM-X151, not included) No need refresh or update information on the tubes The maximum possible brightness of the tubes 12/24 hour format. Date format: DD:MM:YY Unique RGB LEDs backlight with 16,7 million colors. Very easy to switch LEDS off/on. As alarm sound clock uses standard RTTTL (Nokia format) melodies, so You can easy change it. (included songs: mission impossible, we wish you). Easy updating firmware via USB using Arduino IDE. Power On Self-Test (POST): LEDs test, tubes test, sound test. Hardware Features: Integrated High Voltage Power supply: 150 – 220V. 3 PWM channels for RGB LEDs 8 bit per channel = 24bit = 16,7 million colors. It can be disabled in the menu (see manual). Test points for testing, adjusting and controlling low and high voltage circuits. Internal buzzer. RTC (Real Time Clock) High precision time chip DS3231 with Backup battery Acquiring time via external GPS module (only with Arduino Mega) 3 buttons on board to control Potenciometer to adjust High Voltage IR reciver TSOP4836 for IR remote controllers (may conflict with “Tone” library) Temperature sensor DS18B20 8 pcs of RGB SMD LEDs SPI up to 4Mhz Places for 2 column with 2 neon dots inside Separate controls upper and lower dots. Power consumption: 12V, 760mA. Recommended: 12V, 1-2A (center pin positive +) Reverse polarity protection Nixie Tubes Shiled NCS314 PCB size: 200mm x 53.34mm. (7.87 x 1.2 in) Shields comparison table: Location of the most important components on the printed circuit board https://youtu.be/58xMATPCJ-I https://youtu.be/FMEhx8zmo_0 Boards Dimensions in 2D and 3D Arduino Nixie Tubes Clock Shield NCS314 Top View: Manual Nixie Tubes Clock Shiled for Arduino NCS314 – Photo Gallery: Shipping and return information Items will be shipped from Ukraine via international registered airmailwithin 1 business days after payments received and verified. It will take about 2-5 days (UPS Express) and 15-35 days (Economy Shipping). We combine multiple items to save on shipping. UPS Express Shipping Time (We recommended) Europe: 2-4 days Germany: 2-4 days USA, Canada: 3-5 days Asia, South America: 3-5 days Australia, New Zeland: 3-5 days Africa, Central America: 3-5 days Economy Shipping Time Europe: 15-12 days Germany: 15-18 days USA, Canada: 18-35 days Asia, South America: 18-35 days Australia, New Zeland: 20-35 days Africa, Central America: 23-35 days Return policy All returns are accepted. You should contact us within 14 Days after receiving the item. Refund given as Money back or replacement (buyer’s choice). Return shipping will be paid by buyer. No restocking fee will be charged.