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Pre Columbian Taino

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MORE PICS BELOW -Please allow a moment for all pictures to load - MORE PICS BELOW 10,000+ QUALITY ANCIENT COINS AVAILABLEWOW -> Try This Ancient Auction Link >>> ANCIENT COIN AUCTIONS-------------------------------------------------------------TOP ANCIENT COINS PLUS TOOLS TO CLEAN THEM WITHPresenting A Quality Heavy Duty Electrolysis ANCIENT COIN CLEANING KIT Includes: 1 two sided dental detailing pick, 3pc Brush Set (Nylon, Brass, Stainless), 1 Uncleaned Practice Ancient Roman Coin And our (soon to be famous) Elec-Trick Electrolysis Coin Cleaning Unit All ForJust $24.60 Elec-trick® Electrolysis Cleaning Apparatuses Magic Electrolysis Coin & Artifact Cleaning Apparatuses BE AN AT HOME ARCHEOLOGIST! NO TRICK Elec-trick® Elec-trick Electrolysis Cleaning Unit CLEAN ANCIENT COINS AND Artifacts LIKE PROFESSIONALS RENOWNED MUSEUMS AROUND THE WORLD USE ELECTROLYSIS THIS AUCTION IS FOR OUR ORIGINAL 1- Complete Elec-trick® Unit 1- TWO-SIDED DETAILING DENTAL PICK Pick Styles Vary And Are Selected At Random 1- QUALITY 3pc BRUSH SET(Nylon-Brass-Stainless Steel) 1-Free GENUINE ANCIENT COIN! 1 Practice Coin are Selected At Random ( ONLY $24.60 1 STEEL washer IS INCLUDED Electrolysis Cleaning System You will Receive 1 Complete/Brand New Fully Assembled Electrolysis Unit Kit INCLUDES COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS (One Unit consists of-9V battery connector - 2 wires-two heavy duty 10AMP clamps) 1-Detailing Pick 1-3pc BRUSH SET (Nylon, Brass, & Stainless Bristles) 1-Ancient Uncleaned Practice Roman coin 1-washer is included ONLY $24.60 EVERY THING TO GET STARTED! ELEC-WHAT? ELEC-TRICK? THIS IS NO TRICK! WE GUARANTEE: You will effectively reverse the ionizing effects which over time has formed a hard protective mineralized shell onto your bronze artifacts, coins and relics. The natural progression of electrolysis actually has protected your artifacts for thousands of years. If natural electrolysis didn’t intervene, ancient bronze would have simply disintegrated with in a short year or two. Many areas that ancient civilizations occupied are where we are now recovering impressive ancient coins and artifacts. Thanks to the very arid climates combined with minerals, natural enzimes, and sodiums, the process of electrolysis began forming a hard shell almost right away onto bronze and most other metals. We will explain in great detail how and why this works, and exactly how to reverse time with our handy yet powerful electrolysis units using just a 9 Volt DC Battery! (Battery not Included) Complete Instructions and a Full Explanation Why This Works are Included! Being safe and able to regulate the amount of cleaning, is why we chose to use a 9Volt DC Battery instead of any highly risky AC household current type system which is far to dangerous yet way to strong anyway. You don't want to remove the patina from ancient coins! 9Volts is the best way to reverse and undo what time has done to your relics and artifacts the natural way. You will soon discover the power and diversity of these little electrolysis cleaning units. We have taken countless pictures to show you the process in short intervals and will make you a professional “At Home Archeologist” in no time flat. We sell this system with complete directions and explanations, and we are still there to help long after the sale. You can not buy the quality parts and build one this good for near this price. Just one of the 10AMP nickel plated chrome spring clip clamps costs $2.89 each! Go Check! We bought 15 cases of these 10AMP nickel plated spring clip clamps so that we could get a low enough wholesale price to be able to bring these to our valued customers at a fantastic price. It takes a large investement and even bigger commitment to have the lowest price on all of eBay! We Did It, Now We Do Have The Best Price & Highest Quality Electrolysis Unit! GET THE WHOLE KIT Elec-trick Electrolysis Units are sold separately in my other auctions at just $9.99 THIS AUCTION IS FOR THE COMPLETE CLEANING KIT, TOOLS, & COINS! TOOL KIT, ELEC-TRICK,WITH ONE COIN @ $24.60 each Below you see the quality clips we use, the aggressive electrolysis in action and a coin we cleaned that used to look like a rock! WE HAVE GREAT ANCIENT COINS TO CLEAN LOTS JUST FOR THIS AUCTION CHINESE & ROMAN ANCIENTS GREEK/ROMAN PROVINCIAL COINS TOO no Batteries or Containers included - BUT EVERYTHING ELSE IS These are built to last. Look at the skimpy alligator clip compared to our nickel plated 10 AMP spring clip clamps! Enough Said? ONLY $24.60 You will Receive 1 Complete/Brand New Fully Assembled Electrolysis Unit & Washer 1- Two-Sided Dental Pick 1-3pc Brush Set (Nylon, Brass, & Stainless Bristles) 1-GENUINE 1500-2500 YEAR OLD UNCLEANED COIN (9V battery connector, 2 wires, and two heavy duty 10AMP clamps = One complete Unit) FULL DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS AND A FULL EXPLAINATION IS INCLUDED Built to last, the average ancient hobbyist only needs one! THAT CRUST IS NO MATCH FOR ELEC-TRICK Must be 18 years old or older to purchase "GET THEM CLEANED" LASTS FOREVER IF YOU KEEP CLAMPS OUT OF WATER AS SHOWN THATS WHY WE INCLUDE A WASHER FOR THE OTHER SIDE THIS IS A BUY IT NOW AUCTION $24.60 Kit w/Coins U SAVE $ WHEN BUYING THE WHOLE KIT & KABOOTLE "Let History Mystery Myths And Legends Be Told" Look Forward To More Early Scarcer US. Coinage FOR GREAT REASONS TO INVEST IN SCARCER DATES, HIGHER GRADE COINS & VERY COLLECTABLE ITEMS WE HAVE MORE OF THESE HELPFUL ANCIENT-RELATED ITEMS RIGHT NOW IN OUR OTHER AUCTIONS: Handy 2 in 1 Brushes 3 Pcs Brush set Brass/Stainless Steel/Nylon Archeologist Surveyor Brushes Handy 2-Sided Nylon Bristle Scrubber Coin Brushes Electrolysis Cleaning Units & Deluxe Kits Deluxe Assorted Detailing Picks Folding Pocket Eye loupe Magnifiers Credit card Magnifiers Headband Magnifiers (Pink & Purple) Dual Lighted Headband Magnifiers (Black) USB Inspection/Photographing lights Fiber-Brush Pens (Precision Detail Cleaning of Coins Artifacts & More) The Mylar 2X2 Coin Holders (To Display Your Wonderful Coin Discoveries) AND…………………..LOTS AND LOTS OF ANCIENT COINS Do You Dare Click This Link? >> Coins: Ancient Lots FAST SHIPPING WITH TRACKING INFO It's Our Pleasure Serving You More Gem Rolls Coming Soon! We combine S&H charges at the rate of just .80 each extra item, if invoiced, paid for, and shipped together S&H is $3.80 This and all my coins are guaranteed to be genuine as described! Thanks for stopping by, Good Luck! Want More Great Items? Want More Great Items?"Don't Miss Our Ancient Coin Lots In Our Other Auctions NOW"Link >> Coins: Ancient LISTED RIGHT NOW---------------------------------------------Electrolysis Cleaning System & KitJUST $23.60-Inluding Ancient Coins-You will Receive 1 Complete/Brand New Fully Assembled Electrolysis Unit KitTHAT CRUST IS NO MATCH FORINCLUDESCOMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS(One Unit consists of-9V battery connector - 2 wires-two heavy duty 10AMP clamps)1-Detailing Pick1-10X Eye Loupe1-Ancient Uncleaned Roman Coin1-washer is includedONLY $23.60EVERY THING TO GET STARTED!LINK>>> Electrolysis Artifact Cleaning Kit PICK LOUPE -FREE COINS - ANCIENT ROMAN GREEKWe have included a few extra pictures of auctions we have going on now ALL THAT AND SO MUCH MORE!! LINK>> See other items from this seller You can combine shipping on multiple auction wins! Additional Items combined at the rate of .80 each IF, paid for, and shipped together. Please use PayPal for both of our online safety. PLEASE READ NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING USA DOMESTIC SHIPPING Via USPS First class mail $3.80 (2-8 days) – Package/Thick Envelope w/Tracking PAYPAL ONLY NO E-CHECKS - WE SHIP ONLY TO CONFIRMED PAYPAL ADDRESSES