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Heavy Duty Electrolysis Artifact Cleaning CLEAN ANCIENT ROMAN GREEK COINS RELICS

Heavy Duty Electrolysis Artifact Cleaning CLEAN ANCIENT ROMAN GREEK COINS RELICS

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MORE PICS BELOW -Please allow a moment for all pictures to load - MORE PICS BELOW 10,000+ QUALITY ANCIENT COINS AVAILABLEWOW -> Try This Ancient Auction Link >>> ANCIENT COIN AUCTIONSBID WITH CONFIDENCE WE ARE A TOP RATED PLUS SELLER AND WORK HARD TO KEEP IT!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"BE AN AT HOME ARCHEOLOGIST" PresentingELECTROLYSISTHAT CRUST IS NO MATCH FORElec-trick®ONLY $9.99-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THAT CRUST IS NO MATCH FOR ELEC-TRICK®! Electrolysis Cleaning Unit Elec-trick® Electrolysis Cleaning Apparatus Magic Electrolysis Coin & Artifact Cleaning System BE AN AT HOME ARCHAEOLOGIST! Elec-trick® NO TRICKNO TRICK, Elec-trick Electrolysis Cleaning Unit CLEAN ANCIENT COINS AND Artifacts LIKE PROFESSIONALS RENOWNED MUSEUMS AROUND THE WORLD USE ELECTROLYSIS Elec-trick® ONLY $9.99 Each purchase Gets one ELEC-TRICK ELECTROLYSIS unit, ONE A washer, AND VERY COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS WITH FULL EXPLAINATIONS Electrolysis Cleaning System You will Receive 1 Complete/Brand New Fully Assembled Electrolysis Unit & Washer (9V battery connector, 2 wires, and two heavy duty 10AMP clamps)ELEC-WHAT? ELEC-TRICK? THIS IS NO TRICK! WE GUARANTEE: You will effectively reverse the ionizing effects which over time has formed a hard protective mineralized shell onto your ancient bronze artifact, relics, coins, antiquities, and many other metal detector discoveries. The natural progression of electrolysis actually has protected your cherished bronze relics, souvenirs, and artifacts found amongst ancient ruins for thousands of years. If natural electrolysis didn’t intervene, ancient bronze would have simply disintegrated within a short year or two. Many areas that ancient civilizations occupied are where we are now recovering impressive ancient coins and artifacts. Thanks to the very arid climates combined with minerals, natural enzimes, and sodiums, the process of electrolysis began forming a hard shell almost right away onto bronze and most other metals. We will explain in great detail how and why this works, and exactly how to reverse time with our handy yet powerful electrolysis units using just a 9 Volt DC Battery! (Battery not Included) Complete Instructions and a Full Explanation Why This Works are Included! Being safe and able to regulate the amount of cleaning, is why we chose to use a 9Volt DC Battery instead of any highly risky AC household current type system which is far to dangerous yet way to strong anyway. You don't want to remove the patina from ancient coins! 9Volts is the best way to reverse and undo what time has done to your valuable antique treasures the natural way. You will soon discover the power and diversity of these little electrolysis cleaning units. We have taken countless pictures to show you the process in short intervals and will make you a professional “At Home Archaeologist” in no time flat. We sell this system with complete directions and explanations for just $9.99 ONLY $9.99 You can not buy the quality parts and build one this good for near this price. Just one of the 10AMP nickel plated chrome spring clip clamps costs $3.89 each! Go Check! We bought 15 cases of these 10AMP nickel plated spring clip clamps so that we could get a low enough wholesale price to be able to bring these to our valued customers at a fantastic price. It takes a large investement and even bigger commitment to have the best built quality unit......and the lowest price on all of eBay! Yes, We Did It, Now We Do Have The Best Price & Highest Quality Electrolysis Unit! We sell this system with complete directions and explanation for just $9.99 Fully assembled and ready for serious electrolysis cleaning action. Below you see quality clips we use, aggressive electrolysis in action and a coin we cleaned that used to look like a rock! BatterY AND Container NOT included These are built to last. Look at the skimpy alligator clips some people sell!We use 10 AMP nickel spring clip clamps! Enough Said? ONLY $9.99 You will Receive 1 Complete/Brand New Fully Assembled Electrolysis Unit & Washer (9V battery connector, 2 wires, and two heavy duty 10AMP clamps) FULL DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS+ A FULL EXPLAINATION ON HOW AND WHY THIS WORKS SO WELL IS INCLUDED Built to last, the average ancient hobbyist only needs one! -ELEC-TRICK- Must be 18 years old or older to purchaseDon't let electrolysis intimidate you because when you use electrolysis you stay in control of what happens, you use short cycles checking the progress in-between each and it is very safe as long as you are attentive. I have had great success using electrolysis, My full explanations accompanies each kit: they fully explain how electrolysis works by reversing natures natural electrolysis, and how to rinse and inspect each coin between cycles. If you follow my clear directions, you will find that electrolysis is a priceless tool all ancient hobbyist should have on hand. Have a look, and give it a try. I use 9 volt DC power which can be controlled until you get the results you are pleased with. After a little bit of practice on lower quality coins, you will find electrolysis to be a great way to get through the hard crust which often can be hard as rock. When used properly you will not harm your coins. I've found that most ancient coins need several different tools to get the finished coin saving as much of it's patina as possible. It's a learning curve and experience will soon give you confidence. Enjoy the hobby. I'm here if you ever have questions. LASTS FOREVER IF YOU KEEP CLAMPS OUT OF WATER AS SHOWN THATS WHY WE INCLUDE A WASHER FOR THE OTHER SIDE THIS IS A BUY IT NOW AUCTION -TRY ANY LINK BELOW- NOW, YOU'LL WANT MORE ANCIENT COINS SO HAVE A LOOK BELOWMANY GREAT LINKS BELOW >> Fiberglass Scratch Brush PEN & REFILL Clean Ancient Roman Greek Coins Artifacts AUTHENTIC ANCIENT ROMAN KNIFE Genuine Bone Handle RELIC OF ROME Artifact Lot #28 FAUSTINA AUGUSTUS ANCIENT ROMAN IMPERIAL UNCLEANED Æ SESTERTIUS COIN LOT A/S01 GERMANICUS AUGUSTUS Æ RADIATE ANCIENT UNCLEANED ROMAN IMPERIAL COIN LOT# A/S15 EMPEROR CLAUDIUS RARE ISSUE ANCIENT BRONZE IMPERIAL ROMAN COIN AE COIN LOT A/S04 ANTONIO PIUS SC ANCIENT ROMAN MINTED IN ROME SUPERB ISSUED BIG BRONZE COIN A/S19 MASSIVE ANCIENT QUALITY EXAMPLE UNCLEAN ROMAN IMPERIAL Æ BRONZE COIN LOT USA20G SUPERB EXAMPLE ROMAN IMPERIAL SC BRONZE "EARLY EMPIRE" HUGE COIN - LOT# A/S18 2 DOZEN QUALITY UNCLEANED ANCIENT IMPERIAL ROMAN COINS - LOT OF 24 #UC105 6 ANCIENT COINS ROMAN AS-FOUND Phoenix Lion Skin BRONZE COINS Æ IMPERIAL LOT 1AZ Authentic Ancient Roman Ornate Æ Patera Handle Relic UNCLEANED ARTIFACT USA8G Constantine I THE GREAT Posthumous Commemorative Æ4 Ancient Roman Coin 337 #2AF FEMALE FAUSTINA TOP QUALITY ANCIENT COIN ROMAN AE IMPERIAL COIN LOT# A/S14 AUTHENTIC Æ ANCIENT ROMAN IMPERIAL BRONZE BROOCH RELIC UNCLEANED ARTIFACT LOT 58 Superb ANCIENT ROMAN UnCleaned DENARIUS of SEPTIMUS SILVER AR COIN LOT MRM45D Emperor Jovian AE4 VOT / V / MVLT- X Ancient Roman Imperial Coin FL BIG ANCIENT ROMAN - CRUSTY - DETAILS SHOWING BEST QUALITY UNCLEANED Æ Lot #RH Ancient Coin BIG ARCHEOLOGY HOBBY KIT Electrolysis Cleaning Roman Coins + Tools SUPERB WINGED VICTORY UNCLEANED Æ ANCIENT ROMAN IMPERIAL BRONZE COIN #17 MASSIVE UNCLEANED ANCIENT IMPERIAL ROMAN - COIN OF ROME Æ Bronze LOT #2AT ANCIENT DENARIUS Septimius Severus AR SILVER Rome 197AD IMPERIAL COIN LOT USA14G AUTHENTIC ARTIFACT Æ BRONZE FIBULA (Toga Clip) ANCIENT ROMAN UNCLEANED LOT #27 5 UnCleaned Ancient Imperial Roman Æ Bronze As-Found "2 Antoninianus in lot" 2AS LOT of 3 UNCLEANED ANCIENT Æ ROMAN IMPERIAL BRONZE COINS - L@@K CAMPGATE #USA7G ANCIENT RELIC ELECTROLYSIS CLEANING - PICK -3pc BRUSH SET+ DETAIL PEN + ONE COIN 9V ELECTROLYSIS KIT + PICK + 1 EYE LOUPE + 1 CALIPER & 1 FREE ANCIENT ROMAN COIN High Quality Antoninianus UNCLEANED ANCIENT Æ Roman Imperial BRONZE COIN LOT #FS 9V ELECTROLYSIS KIT PICK EYE LOUPE FREE ANCIENT ROMAN COIN 2 FIBER BRUSH PENS Gold SILVER Brass Rust CLEAN ANCIENT COIN LOTS QUALITY Æ FALLEN SOILDER Uncleaned Ancient Roman Imperial Bronze Coin LOT #50 2 HUGE ANCIENT UNCLEANED IMPERIAL ROMAN COINS LOT #LH50 BIG ANCIENT Æ ROMAN UNCLEANED "Hold History In Your Hands" BRONZE COIN Lot #SR 2 LARGE ANCIENT UNCLEANED IMPERIAL ROMAN COINS LOT #LH47 Dual Lighted Headband Magnifier -BUY IT NOW- Must Have Coin Hobbyist Tool $14.77 LOT OF 12 ANCIENT ROMAN DIRTY AS-FOUND Æ IMPERIAL CULL COINS # RZ EBay's #1 ELECTROLYSIS CLEANING UNIT Plus 1 ANCIENT UNCLEANED ROMAN COIN ELECTROLYSIS Cleaning UNIT KIT FOR METAL & ANCIENT COINS/INCLUDES 1 ANCIENT COIN HD DC ELECTROLYSIS CLEANS Metal Coin Relic Scuba diver Sunken Ancient Treasures CASH SACKS HEAVY DUTY COIN ANCIENT ROMAN TREASURE CANVAS 6" MONEY BAG SATCHEL 3PC JUMBO BRUSH SET CLEAN ANCIENT COIN Nylon Brass Stainless RELIC ARTIFACT TOOL Pocket Size CREDIT CARD WALLET MAGNIFIER Hobbys GEMS Coins Ancients Relics NEWS! Set of 2 Orange Plastic-Sliding-Vernier Caliper Gauge Coin Safe Measuring Tools 3PC BRUSH SET CLEAN ANCIENT COIN LOTS Nylon Brass Stainless RELIC ARTIFACT TOOL ARCHEOLOGIST SURVEYOR BRUSH CLEANING ANCIENT ROMAN GREEK ARTIFACTS COINS RELICS One Orange -80mm-Mini-Plastic-Sliding-Vernier-Caliper-Gauge-Measuring Tool Helpful Information About Ancient Coins Below--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The coinage reform of Augustus changed the denomination of sestertius by introducing it as a large brass denomination. Augustus tariffed the value of the sestertius as 1/100 Aureus. The sestertius was produced as the largest brass denomination until the late 3rd century AD. Most were struck in the mint of Rome but from AD 64 during the reign of Nero (AD 54–68) and Vespasian (AD 69–79), the mint of Lyon (Lugdunum), supplemented production. Lyon sestertii can be recognised by a small globe, or legend stop), beneath the bust. The brass sestertius typically weighs in the region of 25 to 28 grammes, is around 32–34 mm in diameter and about 4 mm thick. The distinction between bronze and brass was important to the Romans. Their name for brass was orichalcum, a word sometimes also spelled aurichalcum (echoing the word for a gold coin, aureus), meaning 'gold-copper', because of its shiny, gold-like appearance when the coins were newly struck. Orichalcum was considered, by weight, to be worth about double that of bronze. This is why the half-sestertius, the dupondius, was around the same size and weight as the bronze as, but was worth two asses.★★★★★FYIAE3 - 17 mm - 21 mmAE4 - 16 mm -4 mm or lessUS DIME IS 17.9 mmPopular Roman Coin Denominations & ValuesGold Aureus Coin worth 25 silver denarii, The aureus was regularly issued from the 1st century BC to the beginning of the 4th century, when it was replaced by the solidus. The aureus is about the same size as the denarius, but is heavier due to the higher density of gold.Gold Quinarius Coin worth one-half Aureus. The term gold quinarius or quinarius aureus is used to describe the half-aureus, which is valued at 12.5 denarii.Silver Denarius Coin worth 16 copper Asses or 4 Sestertii. First minted in 211 BC. It was the most common coin produced for circulation but was slowly debased until its replacement by the antoninianus. The word denarius is derived from the Latin dēnī "containing ten", as its value was 10 asses.Silver Quinarius Coin worth one-half Denarius This coin had its value changed to 5 asses and then to 8 asses in 118 BC and was produced until the 3rd century.Antoninianus Coin worth 2 denarii Larger than Denarius, double value indicated by emperor wearing a radiate crown. (Silvered and slowly debased until it was bronze)Sestertius Coin worth 4 copper Asses.Sestertius Coin worth One-Quarter Denarius/One-Hundredth of an aureus (During the Roman Republic it was a small, silver coin issued only on rare occasions. During the Roman Empire it was a large brass coin called Orichalcum)Dupondius Coin worth 2 copper Asses (Orichalcum) Dupondius is Latin meaning two-pounder. With the coinage reform of Augustus in or about 23 BC, the sestertius and dupondius were produced in a golden colored copper-alloy called orichalcum (often mistaken by new collectors as Gold)As Coin was mid-sized (copper)introduced in ca. 280 BC as a large cast bronze coin but later became copper.Bes Coin worth Two Thirds As.Semis Coin worth One-half As. (Orichalcum) Quincunx Coin worth Five-Twelvths As.Triens Coin worth One-Third As.Quadrans Coin woth one-quarter As.(Copper)Sextans Coin worth One-Sixth As.Uncia Coin woth One-Twelth As., was also a common weight unit.Semuncia Coin worth One-Twenty Fourth As.Julius Caesar -Last of the Republic Era (Dictator) List of Roman EmperorsAugustus Caesar First Roman Emperor and Caesar's Adoptive Nephew Augustus Caesar TiberiusCaligula Claudius Nero Galba Otho Vitellius Vespasian69AD - 96AD Flavian DynastyTitus Domitian Five Good EmperorsNerva Trajan Hadrian Antoninus Pius Marcus Aurelius Lucius Verus -Joint rule with Marcus AureliusCommodus Pertinax Didius Julianus Pescennius NigerClaudius AlbinusSeptimius SeverusSeptimius SeverusCaracalla Geta Macrinus Diadumenian ElagabalusAlexander SeverusMaximinus Thrax Gordian I Gordian II -Joint rule with his fatherBalbinus Pupienus Gordian III PhilipPhilip II Pacatian Jotapian Trajan Decius Herennius Etruscus HostilianTrebonianus Gallus VolusianAemilian ValerianGallienus Salonina Augusta -FemaleValerian IISaloninusMacrianusQuietusRegalianusPostumusLaelianusMariusVictorinusTetricus ITetricus IIClaudius II Quintillus AurelianZenobia -FemaleTacitus FlorianusProbusCarus NumerianCarinusNigrian Julian of Pannonia DiocletianCarausiusAllectusDomitius DomitianusMaximianusConstantius I Galerius Severus IIMaximinusMaxentiusValerius RomulusDomitius Alexander Licinius ILicinius IIValerian ValensSextus MartinianusConstantine the GreatCrispusConstantine II ConstansConstantius IIDelmatius HannibalianusMagnentiusDecentiusVetranioNepotian Constantius GallusJulian JovianValentinian I Valens ProcopiusGratianValentinian IITheodosius I Magnus Flavius VictorEugenius ArcadiusHonorius Constantine IIIConstans II Priscus Attalus JovinusSebastianusConstantius IIIIoannes Theodosius II Valentinian IIIMarcianPetronius MaximusAvitusLeo IMajorianLibius SeverusAnthemiusOlybriusGlyceriusJulius NeposRomulus AugustusFAST SHIPPING WITH TRACKING INFO It's Our Pleasure Serving You-TRY THESE LINKS BELOW-Uncleaned Ancient Auction Links > ANCIENT COIN AUCTIONSAncient Coin Cleaning Tools > ARCHELOLOGIST TOOLS Check out my other items FOR GREAT GIFT IDEAS THIS HOLIDAY!BE AN AT HOME ARCHEOLOGIST!Elec-trick® Magic Electrolysis Coin & Artifact Cleaning ApparatusesElec-trick®NO TRICKClean COINS AND Artifacts LIKE PROFESSIONALSRENOWNED MUSEUMS AROUND THE WORLDUSE ELECTROLYSISElec-trick® LINK >>Check out my other items!<< LINK-Click Above Link-WE HAVE MORE OF THESE HELPFUL ANCIENT-RELATED ITEMSRIGHT NOW IN OUR OTHER AUCTIONS:Handy 2 in 1 Brushes3 Pcs Brush set Brass/Stainless Steel/NylonArcheologist Surveyor Brushes Handy 2-Sided Nylon Bristle Scrubber Coin BrushesElectrolysis Cleaning Units & Deluxe KitsDeluxe Assorted Detailing PicksFolding Pocket Eye loupe MagnifiersCredit card MagnifiersHeadband Magnifiers(Pink & Purple)Dual Lighted Headband Magnifiers(Black)White Coin Inspection/Handling GlovesUSB Inspection/Photographing lightsFiber-Brush Pens (Precision Detail Cleaning of Coins Artifacts & More)The Mylar 2X2 Coin Holders(To Display Your Wonderful Coin Discoveries)AND…………………..LOTS AND LOTS OF ANCIENT COINSDo You Dare Click This Link? >> Coins: Ancient LotsLook Forward To MoreEarly Scarcer US. 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