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Turn a Freezer into a Fridge Thermostat Kegerator Solar

Turn a Freezer into a Fridge Thermostat Kegerator Solar

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SAVE POWER $$$ Freezer2Fridge Thermostat Super Cold Wide Temperature Adjustment Range Temperature is Fully adjustable From -2 Deg C to + 9 Deg C 28 Deg F to 48 Deg F Bonus Universal Conversion Kit Included Converts all Brands of Chest Freezers into Super Efficient Refrigerators or Kegerators FREEZER2FRIDGE, IS THE CHEAPEST FRIDGE TO RUN GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACKWE OFFER A FULL 3 YEAR WARRANTY ON ALL CONVERSION KITS AS THEY ARE SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR FREEZER CONVERSIONS THAT WILL PROTECT THE COMPRESSOR MOTOR, WE HAVE OVER 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN FREEZER CONVERSIONS ,ANY QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED PROMPTLY BY A LICENSED TECHNICIAN Shop Keepers,Home Brewers, Energy Conservative, GREEN POWER USERS, Solar Users,or any one who wants to save power can easily Convert ANY Chest, upright or Deep Freezer into an Energy Efficient Refrigerator or Kegerator And Slash your Electricity Bills. Normal Refrigerators are not energy efficient appliances as the insulation in the linings of the casing walls is kept to a minimum and they tend to run a lot and waste power, typical Compressor motor run times for normal domestic fridges can be around 30 to 50 minutes an hour. That Spare Refrigerator ,Beer or Kegerator Fridge can easily consume $300 to $400 Dollars of Electrical Power Per year to operateSaving All That Money can buy you a lot more Beer . Freezer Cabinet Insulation is approx 3 times thicker than Refrigerator Cabinets and the Evaporator COLD PLATE on a Freezer is usually 5 times larger than a Fridge Evaporator, this is extremely useful when pulling down large volumes of Room Temperature products or BEER quickly to serving Temperature. Every time you open a Freezer Lid the cold air stays inside rather than spilling out every time you open a Fridge Door. A Domestic Deep Freezer cabinet approx 150 litre Converted to a Fridge using our thermostat will only consume around $20 Dollars of Electricity a Year and as low as 0.1 KW/hr per day to operate, which is much less than a quarter of the cost to run as an equally sized Refrigerator would normally consume. Our Thermostat will directly swap RETROFIT any brand Freezer Thermostat without drilling holes, running extra cables/ sensors or mounting expensive complicated dangerous ugly external boxes, extra circulating fans, or having to program electronic controller set points, as we like to keep it all simple, safe and reliable.Electronic Model Freezers ie with Led Temp display are not suitable for converting We export Thermostats to any Country , they will Universally Convert ANY brand of Freezer into an Extremely Energy Efficient Refrigerator or Kegerator, Our Thermostat is suitable for any voltage in any country , whether you are currently using mains power, or solar/ inverters. All Thermostats are calibrated, and Tested and will maintain your Fridge Temperature (adjustable) between minus -2 Deg C on the Coldest setting and +9 Deg C on the warmest setting(28 degree F and 48 degree F), it will always Defrost Correctly and will give the Fridge Compressor motor ample off Cycle rest Period for Longer Compressor life due to the EXTRA WIDE Fixed Cut In Defrost Range and Switching Differential. Our Thermostats are custom made as their is no straight swap over thermostats available off the shelf with wide enough Temperature switching differentials for converting a Freezer to run as a fridge trying to use off the shelf thermostats will shorten your freezers life and damage the compressor motor. We calibrate all Thermostats to achieve a perfect low cycling control that keeps the compressor motor in the correct Suction Pressure/Temp Range, thats good news for solar uses too as it conserves energy with minimal compressor motor startups while maintaining perfect Temperature . After Converting to our Thermostat typical run time for the Compressor (fridge motor) on average is 6 Minutes total running and usually only 1 start per hour max, that is over 80 % more energy efficient than an equally sized refrigerator. Our Thermostat is ideal for Home Brewer's who want to easily build an energy efficient Kegerator from a Chest Freezer or Energy Conservative Domestic Home Users, who want to save Energy Costs especially when Living off the Grid and relying on Solar Power/ Inverters, you can have a Large Chest type Fridge that is Extremely Cheap to operate and our Thermostat will pay for itself in no time at all. Our Thermostat can be easily installed in a matter of minutes and looks identical to your Original Domestic Freezer Thermostat, so there is no need to electrically modify anything at all, just simply swap it over. All Thermostats include universal adaptor kit to fit all brands of freezers ,Instructions, Simple to follow Diagrams and colour photos are included as it is only necessary to swap over 3 wires. Our Thermostats are specifically designed for converting any brand domestic freezer into a fridge only Product temperature is Fully adjustable from -2 Deg C to + 9 degrees celcius 28 Deg F to 48 Deg F We Recommend setting your thermostat at + 2 Deg C or 36 Deg F for optimal results. All thermostats carry a Full 3 Year Warranty and are Delivered promptly worldwide by AUSTRALIA POST PARCEL PLUS WITH TRACKING NUMBER AUSTRALIA WIDE WE SELL 2 DIFFERENT FREEZER TO FRIDGE CONVERSION KITS ONE IS THE WARMER TEMPERATURE RANGE FREEZER TO WINE/CHEESE FRIDGE/COLD BREWING FERMENTER KIT ALL OUR OTHER FREEZER TO FRIDGE CONVERSION KITS ARE THE SAME THERMOSTAT I have over 30 years Experience in the Refrigeration and Energy Management Industry Check all our Feedback and if you have any questions contact us through ebay. Freezer2fridge