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Genuine SWAROVSKI 6106 Pear Shape Crystal Teardrop Pendants * All Colors & Sizes

Genuine SWAROVSKI 6106 Pear Shape Crystal Teardrop Pendants * All Colors & Sizes

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Because of the diverse range of sizes available and their easy application, Pendants are ideal for creating jewelry sets such as necklace, bracelet, and earrings. Patina effect (PA). Innovative technology allows for the partly coated application of adapted effects. Its historical edge and “used” look give it a certain timelessness, without losing its crystalline appearance. Listed colors have the Patina effect: Crystal Black Patina, Crystal Gold Patina, Crystal Rose Patina, Crystal Silver Patina, Crystal White Patina. Combine 6106 Pear Crystals with Sterling Silver Findings: 6106 MM 16,0 SFB011 Pinch Bail 16x5mm SFB024 Pinch Bail 7x5mm SFB025 Pinch Bail 7x3mm SFB032 Pinch Bail 9.5x3mm SFB033 Bail with Loop 15mm SFB037 Pinch Bail 9x5.5mm 6106 MM 22,0 SFB011 Pinch Bail 16x5mm SFB011-Au Gold Plated Pinch Bail 16x5mm SFB016 Bail with Loop 17x3mm SFB016-Au Gold Plated Bail 17x3mm SFB018 Bail with Loop 23x5mm SFB027 Bail with Loop 15x5mm SFB032 Pinch Bail 9.5x3mm SFB033 Bail with Loop 15mm SFB037 Pinch Bail 9x5.5mm SFB047 Pinch Bail 11x3.5mm SFB079 Pinch Bail 22x4mm SFB084 Pinch Bail 12x4mm SFB085 Pinch Bail 11.5x4mm 6106 MM 28,0 SFB003 Pinch Bail 14x2.5mm SFB014 Bail with Loop 19x9mm SFB027 Bail with Loop 15x5mm SFB079 Pinch Bail 22x4mm SFB085 Pinch Bail 11.5x4mm 6106 MM 38,0 SFB003 Pinch Bail 14x2.5mm SFB008 Pinch Bail 21x7mm SFB014 Pinch Bail 19x9mm SFB030 Pinch Bail 16.5x4mm SFB046 Pinch Bail 16.5x3.5mm About SWAROVSKI Crystals Swarovski is the leader in production of precision-cut crystals that are used in the fashion and jewellery industry as well as in the world of lighting design, architecture and interior. Swarovski crystals have become an indispensable material for the creations of international designers. Swarovski is selling its loose components to the worlds of fashion and design under the product brand SWAROVSKI Crystals. We sell only genuine Crystals of SWAROVSKI which have been manufactured in Austria. We receive them directly from Swarovski in their original wholesale packaging, but we have to repackage the crystals when selling piece by piece to our customers. WHY SWAROVSKI ADVANCED CRYSTAL Swarovski's patented lead-free formula has changed the DNA of crystal while still offering the same sparkle, dependability, and variety for which Swarovski is famous. CRYSTALS - MADE IN AUSTRIA The combination of innovation with sustainability and respect for individual wellbeing means that quality is always assured. X-CUT Advanced optical measurement and high-precision manufacturing deliver premium cuts characterized by unmatched brilliance. DESIGNER EDITIONS Creative collaborations with top designers result in exclusive cuts and unique designs for Swarovski crystal. Shipping Shipping Payment Feedback Returns Contact Us Shipping Combined Shipping to the USA: Shipping and handling for the first item is $2.50; Shipping and handling per purchase for every additional item is FREE! Please pay for all your items in one payment in order to be eligible for a combined shipping offer; All the parcels will be sent by PRIORITY Recorded Airmail and will have tracking (registration) number. International Combined Shipping: Shipping and handling for the first item is $1.50; Shipping and handling for every additional item is $0.15 up to a maximum $3.00 for a shipping and handling per purchase; Shipping and handling for countries from Central and South America is $2.99. Every additional item is free; Please pay for all your items in one payment in order to be eligible for a combined shipping offer. Shipping service: We use Lithuania Post's PRIORITY Airmail service. The parcels of a higher value will be sent by PRIORITY Recorded Airmail (with signature requirement). Parcels sent by PRIORITY Recorded Airmail will have tracking (registration) number (track your parcel here). The parcels to the buyers will be delivered by the delivery country's primary postal operator: USPS in USA Canada Post in Canada Australia Post in Australia Royal Mail in UK Similarly the items to the buyers in other countries are delivered by their country's primary postal operator. Delivery time: Buyers in European Union can expect to receive their purchases within 3-5 business days as according to quality standards 97% of priority postal correspondence items sent between the European Union member countries should be delivered within 5 business days; The parcels to USA, Canada, Australia and other developed countries are usually delivered within 5-10 working days; The delivery to other countries like Russia, South American countries, etc. can take a little longer because of strict customs inspection; Please note that during peak periods delivery to any country could be delayed; If your purchase is not delivered within a reasonable time or you think that something could be wrong with the delivery, please contact us and we will do our best to solve any issue as soon as possible. Payment Payment We only accept PayPal at the moment: Please wait until you have made all of your selections before you check out - you have to pay for all your purchases in one payment in order to be eligible for a combined shipping offer. If you pay for the items separately, we wouldn't be able to combine orders after payment. Feedback Feedback Please leave us your Positive Feedback and Five Star (5/5) Detailed Seller Rating feedback if your are satisfied with your purchase; We aspire to the highest of standards both in our products and service. In the unlikely event you have any problems with shipping or products, please CONTACT US BEFORE leaving negative/neutral feedback or 1-2 star DSRs and we will do our best to resolve any issues you may have. Returns Returns If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the merchandise for refund or exchange; Please contact us within 30 days after receiving the item to arrange the return; Refunds and exchanges can be issued for items returned unused and with intact packaging; We recommend you to use registered (signed-for) postal service; The costs of return are covered by the customer. Contact Us Contact Us Please contact us using eBay's "Contact seller" function or you can email us a question through eBay here; We do our best to respond to emails within 1 business day, however sometimes it can take 24-48 business hours. Pendants Swarovski Pendants Beads Flat Backs Fancy Stones Earrings Other Pendants TAB 6 - uncomment if needed ----------> Swarovski Pendants Find SWAROVSKI Crystal Pendants! Each shape is usually available in variety of sizes and colours. 6000 Teardrop 6002 Disco 6007 Small Briolette 6010 Briolette 6012 Flat Briolette 6015 Polygon Drop 6017 Crystalactite 6020 Helix 6022 Raindrop 6026 Cabochette 6028 XILION Oval 6040 Helios 6041 Victory 6058 Metro 6090 Baroque 6091 Flat Baroque 6100 Pear Drop 6106 Pear 6110 Navette 6128 Mini Pear 6150 Pegasus 6190 Rock 6210 Round 6215 Heart 6228 XILION Heart 6240 Wild Heart 6260 Crazy 4 U Heart 6261 Devoted 2 U Heart 6262 Miss U Heart 6263 Forever 1 Heart 6264 Truly in Love 6301 XILION Bicone 6320 Rhombus 6328 XILION Bicone 6401 Octagon 6428 Rivoli 6465 Baguette 6470 Ellipse 6480 Crystal Spike 6525 Wave 6530 Pure Drop 6530 Pendant 6530 Pendant 6533 Raindrop 6540 Twisted Drop 6540 Pendant 65M001 Trumpet Cap 65M002 Classic Cap 65M003 Bail 6620 Avant-garde 6621 Twist 6628 XILION Triangle 6650 Cubist 6656 Galactic Vertical 6670 De-Art 6673 Meteor 6680 Cosmic Pendant 6685 Graphic 6690 Wing 6696 Urban 6704 Snowflake 6714 Star 6721 Starfish 6722 Moon 6723 Shell 6724 Crystal Sun 6727 Fish 6730 Radiolarian 6731 Se Snail 6734 Pure Leaf 6735 Leaf Pendant 6744 Flower 6748 Edelweiss 6754 Butterfly 6764 Clover 6791 Coral 6792 Infinity 6864 Cross 6866 Cross 6867 Greek Cross NEW! 6868 Cross Tribe 6871 Buddha 6904 Lily 6911 Kaputt Oval 6913 Kaputt 6918 Key to the Forest 6919 Key Swarovski Beads Swarovski Beads Find SWAROVSKI Crystal Beads! Each shape is usually available in variety of sizes and colours. 5000 Round 5005 Chessboard 5040 Briolette 5051 Mini Oval 5052 Mini Round 5053 Mini Square 5139 Ring Bead 5150 Modular 5181 Keystone 5328 XILION Bicone 5328 Bicone 5328 Bicone 5328 Bicone 5378 Cross 5500 Teardrop 5523 Cosmic 5556 Galactic 5600 Faceted Cube 5601 Cube 5621 Twist 5624 Stairway 5714 Star 5728 Scarab 5743 Wild Heart 5747 Double Spike 5748 Arrow 5750 Skull 5751 Panther 5752 Clover NEW! 5809 Round Pearls 5810 Round Pearls 5810 Pastel Colors 5811 Large Pearls 5811 Pastel Colors 5816 Drop Pearls 5817 Cabochon Pearls 5818 Round Pearls 5821 Pear Pearls 5840 Baroque Pearls 5860 Coin Pearl 5860 Pastel Colors 5890 BeCharmed Pearl 5914 Star 5928 BeCharmed Helix 5948 BeCharmed Briolette 5954 Butterfly 80101 BeCharmed Pave 80401 BeCharmed Spikes 80601 BeCharmed Cabachon 80901 BeCharmed Spikes 810000 BeCharmed Stopper 81001 BeCharmed Stopper Swarovski Flat Backs Swarovski Flat Backs Find SWAROVSKI Crystal Flat Backs! Each shape is usually available in variety of sizes and colours. 2000 Rose 2035 Chessboard Circle 2038 XILION Rose 2058 XILION Rose 2078 XIRIUS Rose 2088 XIRIUS Rose 20804 Round Cabochon NEW! 2080/H Cabochon 2204 Pure Leaf 2205 Flame 2493 Chessboard Square 2611 Solaris 2612 Jellyfish 2708 Molecule 2709 Rhombus 2720 Cosmic Triangle 2816 Rivoli Star 2826 Rivoli Snowflake 2854 Butterfly 2858 Bow Tie Swarovski Fancy Stones Swarovski Fancy Stones Find SWAROVSKI Crystals Fancy Stones! Each shape is usually available in variety of sizes and colours. 4120 Oval Setting for 4120 4120 with Setting NEW! 4122 Oval Rivoli NEW! Setting for 4122 4128 XILION Oval Setting for 4128 4128 with Setting 4137 Cosmic Oval 4139 Cosmic Ring 4161 Long Oval Setting for 4161 4195 Jellyfish Setting for 4195 4195 with Setting 4200 Navette Setting for 4200 4200 with Setting 4228 XILION Navette Setting for 4228 4228 with Setting 4320 Pear Setting for 4320 4320 with Setting 4328 XILION Pear Setting for 4328 4328 with Setting 4437 Cosmic Square 4461 Classical Square Setting for 4461 4461 with Setting 4470 Square Cushion Setting for 4470 4470 with Setting 4485 Twister Setting for 4485 4485 with Setting 4547 Prince Baguette Setting for 4547 4547 with Setting 4568 Cushion Setting for 4568 4568 with Setting 4722 Trillion Triangle NEW! 4731 Kite NEW! Setting for 4731 4744 Flower 4753 Edelweiss Setting for 4753 4753 with Setting 4778 Fatima Setting for 4778 4778 with Setting 4779 Buddha Setting for 4779 4779 with Setting 4784 Cross Setting for 4784 4784 with Setting 4790 Wing Setting for 4790 4790 with Setting 4841 Cube 4854 Space Cut 4869 Faceted Fireball NEW! 4876 Female NEW! 4878 Male 4884 Xilion Heart 4921 Kaputt Oval Setting for 4921 4921 with Setting 4923 Kaputt Setting for 4923 4923 with Setting NEW! 4926 Oval Tribe NEW! Setting for 4926 NEW! 4927 Rhombus NEW! Setting for 4927 Finished Earrings Finished Earrings Find Sterling Silver Earrings made with SWAROVSKI Crystals! Each shape is usually available in variety of colors. 6020 Helix Earrings 6022 Raindrop Earrings 6058 Metro Earrings 6090 Baroque Earrings 6091 Flat Baroque Earrings 6106 Pear Earrings 6110 Navette Earrings 6215 Heart Earrings 6228 Heart Earrings 6228 Owl Earrings 6260 Heart Earrings 6320 Rhombus Earrings 6465 Baguette Earrings 6470 Ellipse Earrings 6480 Spike Earrings 6621 Twist Earrings 6628 Triangle Earrings 6696 Urban Earrings 6704 Snowflake Earrings 6714 Star Earrings 6724 Sun Earrings 6734 Leaf Earrings 6748 Edelweiss Flower 6867 Greek Cross Earrings Shamballa Ball Earrings Other Pendants TAB 6 MOBILE - uncomment if needed ---------> Other Pendants Copyright © 2018 Crystal Idea - All Rights Reserved.