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Kakashi Ninja Mask! Naruto Anime Cosplay, Anbu costume

Kakashi Ninja Mask! Naruto Anime Cosplay, Anbu costume

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It usually takes me about a day to complete your mask. I pretty much ensure that your mask will be shipped the next day! What you see here is a custom made Kakashi or ninja mask. It is an awesome mask for anyone who wants to be a Ninja! The mask will be custom made by me and made to order. These are not factory mass produced nor are they mass produced in any way, shape or form. I will make this when you order! And most of all, I will create these to specifically fit YOUR face. How many times have you seen "horrible" ninja masks worn by people who buy them from mass produced factories? I'm sure you have all seen the masks with loose fabric and a "baggy" neck. What you will get here is the real deal. It will be form fitting and you won't get that loose extra baggage in the neck. This mask will give you a smooth slimline around your neck, nose, and chin! Unlike other masks, I will take into account the distance of your nose, and the distance from your nose to chin. They are carefully made to be as accurate to you as possible and to the anime! You'll be turning heads in no time! The mask is made out of a stretchy cotton blend material. It does not cover the ears at all. It will be soft, comfortable, and fit snug around your face. Additionally, the material is lightweight enough to allow for effortless breathing. This mask is one of the best designs on the net, and it will wrap perfectly around your face and neck! The back portion of the mask will attach using velcro, and I will allow a little wiggle room here to adjust fit! I am a highly experienced tailor, currently specializing in cosplay costumes and accessories. I have many years of sewing experience under my belt. I will be expanding my business to include more items in the near future! Be sure to look for me! By purchasing from me, you will be receiving something that is truly one of a kind! This mask is generally cleaned well using a lint roller. If you must wash, hand wash it with mild soap or just water, and hang dry to dry. The mask comes in Dark Navy Blue, Black, and White. Other colors may be available, so don't hesitate to ask me, and I will check availability for you! Please select your neck measurement by measuring around the middle of your neck, in the general area of your adam's apple, as seen in the image below. Then choose your size based on the your neck measurement! S (Small) - 12" to 14" (30cm to 35.5cm) M (Medium) - 14.5" to 16" (36cm to 40.5cm) L (Large) - 16.5" to 18" (41.5cm to 46cm) XL (Extra Large) - 18.5" to 20" (47cm to 51cm) With this measurement, this mask will be perfect form fitted to YOUR face! :D