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NEW Tektronix 1502B NB Metallic MTDR/TDR Cable Tester w/Opts. 03/04 Bat/Chart YT

NEW Tektronix 1502B NB Metallic MTDR/TDR Cable Tester w/Opts. 03/04 Bat/Chart YT

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NEW Tektronix 1502B NB Metallic MTDR/TDR Time Domain Reflectometer Cable Tester with Options 03 and 04 Comes with a manual and what you see in the pictures. If you don't see it, you probably wont get it. Specifications are from Tektronix and may vary slightly due to upgrades, options, or revisions this unit may or may not have. These units are new, old stock from Military surplus. They come with a 30-day warranty including parts and labor, excluding freight. The Unit's Serial Number Tag Reads: Model Number: 1502B Options: 03-04-NB Serial Number: Multiple Available. Options: 03: Battery Pack 04: YT1 Chart Recorder Modifications: A1 - MAIN CKT BOARD 672-1253-01 replaced by 672-1312-00 A1U2020 - EPROM 160-4412-07 replaced by 160-4412-08 A1A1BT1010 - Battery 146-0049-00 replaced by SILVER OXIDE BATT 146-0079-00 Typical Applications: Telephony Computer/LAN CATV Power Company Field Testing Communications Providers Cable Manufacturing Tests Third Party Maintenance Airline Maintenance/Testing Features: Easy to Use Information Screens High Contrast LCD Portable Waveform Storage PC Controllable Optional Chart Recorder - Not include Optional Battery Pack Description: The portable, rugged 1502B and 1503B TDR Cable Testers are portable maintenance tools that are simple to operate and will test most dual conductor metallic cable under virtually any condition. The 1500B Series uses TDR to identify and locate cable faults. When the tester is connected to the line to be tested it sends out electrical pulses that are reflected back to the tester by impedance changes in the cable. The 1500B Series TDRs display impedance changes in the cable as a function of distance. Moving the cursor to the displayed faults produces an on-screen readout of distance to the fault. Typical Cable Measurements: Distance to faults Cable propagation velocity Loss and load mismatch Quantification of damage from opens, shorts, frays, crimps and water Fault taps and unterminated lines in LAN and CATV environments Stripline and cable impedance Characterizing LAN installations Specifications: Test Signal: Step Rise. Amplitude: 300 mV nominal into 50 Ω load. System Risetime: 200 ps (1.15 in./2.92 cm). Output Impedance: 50 ohms ±1%. Electrostatic Discharge Protection: 1 kV/500 pF capacitor/1 k resistance. DC Input Protection: ±1 A. Maximum Range: 2,000 ft/625 meters. Distance Readout Resolution: 0.004 ft/0.001 m. Noise Filtering: 1 to 128 averages. Vertical Scale: 0.5 to 500 mρ/div. Dist/Div: 0.1 to 200 ft/div; 0.025 to 50 m/div. Environmental: Meets capabilities of a Type III, Class 3, Style C instrument (except EMI where it meets FCC: Part 15,3,A and VDE: 0871, Class B) as prescribed by MIL-T-28800D. Power Requirements: AC Power: Line power: 115 VAC (90 to 132 VAC) and 230 VAC (180 to 250 VAC). Line frequency: 45 to 440 Hz. DC Power: Battery Pack Operation (Option 03): At least 5 hours (15 to 25°C charge and discharge temperature), no chart recordings. At least four, including 20 chart recordings. Full Charge Time: 20 hours maximum. Dimensions: Width (w/handle): 12.4" (315 mm) Width (w/o handle): 11.8" (300 mm) Height: 5.0" (127 mm) Depth (handle extended): 18.7" (475 mm) Depth (handle not extended): 16.5" (419 mm) Weight: 21 lb (w/ front cover and accessories) For Domestic Customers: Packaging, handling, and order processing included in shipping in all domestic shipments as quoted by the shipping calculator. For International Customers there is a $25.00 minimum for packaging, handling, and order processing. International shipping to be determined by destination. Prior to shipment I will need to know the following information (filled out on a form that I will send you) for International Customers or Packages/Freight being Forwarded internationally. International customers may also be subject to a freight forwarder form if applicable.: (1) Are you the end-user of this item? (2) If you are not the ultimate end-user of the item, please state the ultimate end user's name. (3) What is the ultimate country destination? 08/24/15