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Precise ESR-V5 LRC Internal Resistance Meter Test In Circuit Capacitor Tester

Precise ESR-V5 LRC Internal Resistance Meter Test In Circuit Capacitor Tester

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PaymentShippingReturn policyAbout usContact us Store category OtherCell Phones & AccessoriesComputers/Tablets & NetworkingConsumer ElectronicsUS WarehouseAU Warehouse Sign Up Now ! You may also like Precise ESR-V5 LRC Internal Resistance Meter Test In Circuit Capacitor Tester Product Description Description: Resistance measurement (no sense): Range: 0.01 to 20 ohms. Only one range. Accuracy: 1% + 20 milliohms, measured a dozen resistors, the error is within 0.3% + 0.01 Euro, resolution 0.01 Europe. This table may be calibrated to 0.5% Capacitance ESR measurements: Range: 0.01 to 20 ohms. Only one range. Requires a capacity greater than 0.1uF Accuracy: Fixed too large around 0.9%. If the capacitor ESR alignment, then the resistance measurement will be smaller 0.9% Capacitance measurement: Range: 0.1uF to 2000uF, which 3kHz capacitance measurement range 3uF to 2000uF, 72kH measuring range 0.1uF to 50uF. Accuracy: 72kHz and 3kHz measured simultaneously obtain two capacitance values. When the relative error is expressed as 3kHz capacity error can be expressed as 2% + C / 500,72k is 1% + C / 25, where C unit is uF. Visible, in order to meet the accuracy requirements in general, less than 50uF capacity have credibility. Inductance measurements: Range: 0-60uH (72kHz), 0-1200uH (3kHz) Accuracy: 3% + 0.04uH, measurement error of about 1% in general, the minimum resolution 0.02uH. Inductor with no calibration parameters, so the error is greater than about twice the resistance measurement error. Main purpose: 1, An accurate measurement of capacity greater than 0.1uF capacitor ESR. CBB can be measured capacitance ESR. Resolution of 0.01 Euro. 2, measuring 0.1uF to 10uF capacitor capacity, the capacity of the smaller higher accuracy. Resolved to 1nF. 3, the accurate measurement of 0 to 1200uH inductor. Resolved to 0.02uH. 4, measuring less than 20 euro no sense of resistance, accuracy of better than three and a half meter, distinguished to 0.01 Euro. The four purposes, fall within this table of the main span, measuring effective and high precision. Creative Design: 1, using the microcontroller port synchronous detection directly from the microcontroller generates a square wave signal measurement and precision synchronization signal. 2, using a similar method LCR digital bridge detection. After the synchronous detection quarter period phase shift to obtain a capacitance. Measured by dual-band capacity electrolytic capacitor extends the measurement range. 3, in order to solve nonlinear problems constant resistance incentive, the RC series expanded to other wave response, before taking two series now calculate Rs and Cs, a substantial increase 2uF following high-Q capacitance measurement accuracy of CBB . 4, the application of oversampling, AD converter is increased to about from 10bit 12bit, only one range is realized to measure 0.01 to 20 ohms, and the lower limit with margin. 5, with auto-zero function, zero drift is reduced several times and long time stability. Usually use, generally without zeroing. 6, adding drift compensation circuit, making the detection circuit structure close to the bridge circuit, drift small. 7, with a small inductance measurements. Simultaneous measurement of the DC resistance, impact resistance correction algorithm for inductance measurement. 8, only one key cabinet. Short-circuit is cleared: Measurements should be carried out before the first short-circuit is cleared. Power for 2 minutes waiting thermal stability. Then 2 cm long thick copper wire short circuit, press the C key after the completion of the reading is stable RC file is cleared, the next file will automatically switch to the inductor, press the C button again to complete the inductance stable stalls cleared. When cleared, to wait for the screen display is stable. There could be zero drift, periodically review the short-circuit condition, should be cleared if the deal is obviously not zero. 20 Europe cleared Inductor file access 20 ohm, press the C key after the reading is stable In order to accurately measure the inductance, eliminating the effects of inductance resistance shall be such cleared. Short-circuit is cleared before they can be cleared for 20 Euro. If you did increase by 20 euro cleared, it is not necessary for such recurrent cleared. Interestingly, doing this is cleared, the 20 euro less inductance winding resistance can be accurately measured. Creative Design: 1, using the microcontroller port directly synchronous detection 2, using SCM generates a square wave and precise synchronization signals 3, using a similar method LCR digital bridge detection. Phase synchronous detector 90 to obtain a power capacity. However, due to the use of second-line method, the capacity of 10uF or more, larger capacity decrease measurement accuracy affected by the wire inductance, reducing the frequency of this problem was solved, namely the use of dual-band method to measure large electrolytic C and ESR. 4, using constant resistance incentives. To solve nonlinear problems constant resistance incentive, the RC series expanded to other wave response, before taking two series now calculate Rs and Cs, greatly improving the 2uF following high-Q capacitance measurement accuracy of CBB. 5, using the oversampling technique, AD converter is increased to about the same 12 bits 10bit, therefore, only one range is realized to measure 0.01 to 20 ohms, and the lower limit with margin. 6, with auto-zero function to ensure stable zero for a long time. The existence of zero drift op amp DC, microcontroller port also has a DC drift. In particular microcontroller to drive boost circuit, operating current, stability affected to some extent, the existence of cold and hot 2mV level drift. The final reaction to boot, there will be a small amount of zero drift, which is the measurement of ESR 100 milliohms or less of a disadvantage. So, the new program added zeroing algorithm. 36kHz to 72kHz signal with a frequency synchronous detection, filtering affect the signal source, and to ensure that the microcontroller-like constant, precise measure zero drift, and corrected to achieve stable zero in software. Key Description: 1: Before the test, please capacitor discharge, remember. . . . . . . 2: Single-press the button, turn on and test 3: Press 3s for clear operation 4: Long press to turn on the backlight 5s Package included: 1 X ESR-V5 Internal Resistance Meter Test In Circuit Capacitor Tester Payment Delivery details Terms of sales Feedback Contact us Payment We accept PayPal only.We only ship item to your PayPal verified address.Payment must be received within 3 days from the date of purchase.Orders will be processed instantly and dispatched in same day normally, so we do NOT accept any Email/Message note after you place orders. 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