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Razor E300 & E200 Variable Speed Kit -Throttle and Controller,Electrical Kit

Razor E300 & E200 Variable Speed Kit -Throttle and Controller,Electrical Kit

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Why our kit?--Look how many we have sold,,look at our throttle and controller kit,its much nicer than others and way more options,,we offer taillight outputs,brake light outputs,speed reducer ad ons and headlight ad ons..No other company offers these options and we were the first to offer the variable speed kits,all others are simply cheap copies with less to offer.. Here are some other items that work with this kit that are plug n playHeadlight kit- eBay item number: 222627137235Brake or taillight kit- eBay item number: 142214037328Reduce top speed with our hidden speed reducer setup- eBay item number: 222627137275 65 tooth sprocket and chain kit it hits the inclines like nothing!eBay item number:222627137322 IF YOU WANT THE 5 LED DISPLAY WITH KEY AD PRIORITY $6 SHIPPING AT CHECKOUT AND WE WILL SEND IT. Fast Scooters--We Compete--Buy our original Varible Speed Kit that's proven with the nicest throttle and controller kit on the market--Simply make a offer for $1 less than my competition and we will accept! WARNING--NEVER CONNECT YOUR OLD THROTTLE OR CONTROLLER TO OURS FOR ANY REASON WHAT SO EVER..IT WILL FRY THE CONTROLLER OR THROTTLE! YOUR BUYING BOTH SO REPLACE BOTH Tired of trying to find out which speed controller or throttle you need when there are 6 different versions? Want a dependable setup that's much easier to control and safer for your kids (variable speed throttle) that also monitors the batteries level so you always know if you have enough juice to make it home? Plugs right in like factory,without the factory issues.. This kit is for 24 volt systems only but we do offer a 36 overvolt kit also Fast Scooters is the leader in performance speed controllers..This Varible Speed setup is rated much higher than stock controllers and don't have the restrictions inside like stock ones and will handle any size 24v brushed motor you would want to upgrade to! It will outlast a stock one and give you the torque and speed that you have been wanting.. Not only is this a much better setup,It makes the E300&E300s work like it should because now you will have an adjustable throttle that allows you to maintain any speed,slow to fast(not just on like stock does),the Razor becomes much easier to control and definately safer for your kids.. The upgraded throttle also includes a really nice 5 LED battery level indicator so you know your EXACT battery level!! it reads as follows--Dead,25%,50%,75%,100%.. The controller plugs directly in to all the existing connectors, but does not line up with the screw holes and fits sideways nice and snug but It also has mounting tabs to secure it with zip ties if you like.. Kit includes:1- Fast Scooters Performance controller-Snug Fit-You can bend mounting tabs to help fit1- Pro Read 5 LED throttle-Very comfortable for long rides1- Matching Grip Everything is clearly marked to make it easy and it only fits one way,This is a very simple install..We ship the same day on orders taken in before 2p.m..We also ship priority so you will have your item fast. ATTENTION-- If you would like a built in key on your throttle as pictured in the picture above,please choose priority shipping for $8 and we will send you the kit with a built in key.You will no longer use the factory on/off. ATTENTION--If you would like to ad 2 small plug n play 5 mm LED brake lights which require you to drill 2 small holes to flush mount our supplied lights,it looks super nice when done--Send $10 after purchase. We can also make your scooter have tail lights if you use our throttle with key setup--Same thing as above,if you want it,,let us know and ad $10 to the paypal payment. Compare ours to other generic/copy kits..1-Our controller is rated at 550 watts higher volts,safe for any size motor up to 550 watts so your always ready for a bigger motor and its way more efficient.. Others use a cheap 250 watt,low volt with a 500 watt sticker. 2-They are limited to what version they can do..NEWBIE.. We can modify to fit any version E200 or E300 3-They do not warranty the kit they make?----WE DO--6 MONTHS!!-And we answer the phone all the time and help our people,,they never return calls moreless answer,,try it yourself and see. 4-They use a cheap dummy light-low and full with a not so comphy throttle.Our kit has a 5 LED indicator to monitor your exact battery life. Our kit WILL give you more power,top speed and torque,but we also have a speed reducer available in our store that plug into our setup that allows you to adjust the power from slow to full speed even when the throttle is wide open which is nice for starters..We have a hidden box version and a mountable knob version. ATTENTION ---Please see note below and last 4 pictures above--- Fits all E200, E300 (all versions) Very Old Versions 1-10 & version 12 were the 3 wire-Send Note (5 connections-MUST SEND NOTE) Versions 11 & all versions 13+ are the 2 wire-No Note (7 Connections) (To help identify the 2 wire style, the 2 wire set-up also has 2 bigger red wires,with female spade ends, coming off the controller that go to a on/off switch,a 3 wire does not and if its newer then its a standard 2 wire) How does a controller kit make a scooter faster? Answer- Most controllers are under-rated and under-volted. The controller in the E300 was rated at 250 watts,24 volts..If you check the stock controller it actually puts out 22.3 volts to the motor (remember the motor will run off 12 volts but just not at full power and will run up to 36volts-overvolted)..Our controller set-up puts out 25.6 volts to the motor at full throttle which is what most efficient hi quality controllers should do..The batteries at full charge put out 13.3-13.6 volts..To put it simple,This controller is a very nice controller and you will have a big notice in gains from start to top speed! Once again Please note: There are only 2 versions that matter with this kit ,I'm going to make it really simple for you,If you go to unplug your battery(Big Red and Black wires) from your controller and IF you have "2 red" 1 big red and 1 small red along with 1 black(As pictured above)---I NEED TO KNOW THIS---If you only have 2 wires(As pictured above),1 red and 1 black,then this fits as it is which is 90%of the ones out there..The last 2 pictures above show the difference,we only need to know if you have the 3 wire which is the first versions made..If you make a mistake I have a video on how to fix it in seconds so dont worry.. --This will be the last controller you have to replace-- We are here to help-customer service-If you are purchasing threw ebays global shipping program (out of the U.S.A) and you want the key or light setup,,you must email me first.