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Perforated 304 Stainless Steel 1/4 inch hole, 20 gauge Price per 10 square inch

Perforated 304 Stainless Steel 1/4 inch hole, 20 gauge Price per 10 square inch

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Item details: This item is for 10 square inches of Perforated 304 Stainless Steel measuring 2 inch by 5 inches of 1/4 inch diameter holes in 20 gauge thick material on a .312 staggered center. This creates a maximum open area of 58%. Your piece is to have only 4 square corners. I will not cut smaller than 1 X 5 I will try my best to accommodate requests but please contact me with your request before your purchase. How to determine the amount of items needed to make your custom screen: To make your custom screen determine the square inches you want, then divide by 10, always rounding up to the next whole number. Example: You want a 30 X 40 inch piece. 30 X 40 = 1200 / 10 = 120 You would enter 120 in the "Quantity" box and click the "Buy it now" button. Request an invoice from the seller and add a note with the dimensions you would like.. Specifications of Material: Maximum Sheet Size: 36 X 120 inches Hole diameter (D): 1/4 inch (.250) Thickness: 20 gauge Staggered Center(C): .312 inch Maximum open area: 58% There is a minimal boarder along the long dimension of this material. Your piece may or may not have a boarder on it. Tolerances of cuts: +/- 1/8 inch in overall dimensions +/- 5 degrees of angle in squareness. I list these because tape measures can very among different types and can be damaged easily. We are constantly replacing our "measures" to ensure accurate cuts Directions on how to Purchase: Determine the number of items you will need to make your custom screen. (refer to above paragragh to figure out the needed amount of items) Enter the number of items into the "Quantity" box at the top of the page. Click on the "Buy It Now" Button Click on the "Commit to Buy" Request an invoice from the seller and enter the size screen you would like to have me make. I have disabled payment until I personaly send an invoice to you because shipping will very based on the size you desire. I will send an invoice with the screen description you have asked for. Please double check that I have listed the correct size in the invoice. This is how I keep track of each buyer and order. Details on Shipping: If you would like a shipping quote please contact me and provide your zipcode. (use the "Ask a question" link at the bottom of the listing) If your size is 9-1/4 X 12 or smaller it will fit in a "Flat Rate Envelope" and shipping will be $5.80 If your size is 9-1/4 X 14-3/4 or smaller it will fit in a "Legal Flat Rate Envelope" and shipping will be $6.25 I can fit up to 3 pieces at 12 inch length into an envelope. An envelope can be a maximum of 1/4 inch thick according to the USPS. Depending on your size we can ship by USPS, FedEx, UPS or freight. Most orders will go by USPS Priority Mail and I use them up to approximately $12.00 in charges, If you are shipping to another Paypal confirmed address than what matches your profile on Ebay please tell me when you request your inovce. All shipping quotes are based on your Ebay profile USPS has lost items that is why I choose to use Priority mail over Parcel post. Tracking is more detailed (but not much). Over 200 items in the last year and I've watched 2 shipments go off the radar. Both times were incorrect address on the buyers profile which is given to me by Ebay. If you have a special address, such as a rural address that requires a PO box, please make a note and tell me. Just some other details/disclaimers: Feel free to contact me either by eBay messaging service or phone, my numbers are listed below. Communication is key to a successful transaction. This material is a product of our family business that our family has owned for 17 years and is a 65 year old company. This item may be sold out or is on back order. While this is a stock item, a customer can call at anytime and buy everything I have on hand. It takes 2 weeks to typically restock I cannot rely on Ebays inventory management to determine my reorder points. If you are in a hurry for your item please tell me so we both understand our expectations of the transaction. Communication is key to a successful transaction. I typically have more in stock than listed in the listing. Perforated steel is our business if you are looking for something in particular just ask. I will cancel an order after 3 business days if you do not pay and fail to contact me. Ebay drives me nuts about that time trying to get me to open a "failure to pay" case. I'm not out here to wreck your feedback and have only left one negative feedback in over ten years on Ebay, its amazing how people want to threaten bad feedback for things beyond a sellers control. Communication is key to a successful transaction. Check your spam filter, I know Gmail has determined without a doubt that all ebay email is "spam" and needs to be checked periodically. I may contact you by phone if you have one listed on your profile and I feel a future commitment might slow down my response to a transaction . I can only see your phone number if you have made a purchase. Many other sizes and materials are offered in my store. Check out my ! I have not listed everything we stock so call if you are looking for something in particular. I can also roll or form for an additional charge. The pictures included with this listing are for reference only. This is a picture of this material just may not be the same exact piece you see in the picture. Confusing I know but I've had questions about its exactness. PayPal is accepted as well as check or ETF. Shipping is FOB Murfreesboro, TN 37129 and we can help arrange shipping. Consolidated Mill Supplies (CMS) has been a leader in the particle size reduction and selection industry since 1946. Starting as a regional supplier to feed mills, our business has grown into supplying customers in various industries in all 50 states and over ten foreign countries. CMS strives to unite our many suppliers with our customers needs in the most efficient, cost effective solution. Since 1995 we have grown by over 15% a year by offering new products and expanded services to an ever-growing customer base. Our customers include large animal feed producers, aqua feed producers, poultry feed and pet food manufacturers, ethanol and bio-diesel producers, coal and mineral mining, wood and fiberglass processors and an extensive array of rendering and recycling processors. Clint Russell Consolidated Mill Supplies LLC 841 Commercial Ct. Murfreesboro, TN 37129 (615)89(three)-771(seven) office (616) 90(one) -917(zero) cell Powered by eBay Blackthorne 04.11.023