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Beast's Ball Murder Mystery Dinner Party 16-17 players

Beast's Ball Murder Mystery Dinner Party 16-17 players

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***READ BEFORE YOU PURCHASE: This listing is for a murder mystery game that will be EMAILED to your PayPal registered email address. It is ready for you to then print and play with your party guests. If you would like it sent to an email other than your PayPal registered one please make that notation in the "notes" section while completing your payment. NO REFUNDS will be given due to items being purchased in error or inability to print, since the file would have already been sent. Thank you for your time! The Beast has invited his closest friends and enemies to his annual ball in storybook land, only to find out that his love, Belle, has gone missing. Each character has a motive, and it's up to all of you to find out who did it! "Beast's Ball" is a three-round classic murder mystery---a "whodunnit", if you will---for 16-17 players. "Beast's Ball" lasts approximately three hours and is best played around meal time, with the meal being served after the first round, and being eaten during the second round. It is as much fun to play without the meal; it is suggested, however, that everyone sit around a table or room. Each file is saved as an OpenOffice.org document, and emailed to you as a PDF file attachment with the purpose of being opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Everything you need for the game is provided for you to be printed in black-and-white. Except for cutting booklets and evidence to size, everything is ready for immediate usage! You will receive: *Instructions- It is recommended to open the Instructions first. If you are not coordinating the party, and do not want to know the plots yet, do not open Character Booklets or Evidence sheets. Pass these along to the person who is coordinating the event. *Character Descriptions *Invitations *Reminder Cards *Character Booklets *Introduction *Evidence 1 through 7 The characters involved are: Headless Horseman- A misunderstood specter, who unwittingly trampled on Ichabod Crane’s land; he likes to ride his horse wildly to feel the wind on his shoulders. Pinocchio- A wooden marionette who comes to life: a habitual liar with a rebellious nature, his choice in friends leaves much to be desired. Huck Finn- He has come a long way from his “river” days, becoming more of a southern business man; unfortunately, not before Tom introduced him to whiskey. Peter Pan- This former “lost boy” is famous for his youthfulness, however he is willing to go to any extreme to stay that way. Werewolf- A lonesome creature, he has a secret passion for studying and poetry; it is unfortunate that Beast’s ball falls on a full moon. Sherlock Holmes- The great Detective who has a knack for getting it right, the first time. Or does he? His deductions seem rather convenient when it concerns people he hates. Robin Hood- He finally found love in the red caped girl skipping through his woods. Together they have amassed a fortune – though of questionable means. Beast- The host of the evening, Beast lives in the enchanted castle with Belle, his love. While the two have not broken his curse, they have begun to love each other. Beast watches over his castle and his lands, and all who reside in and on them. Optional Male Character Robinson Crusoe – After 28 years, Crusoe returns a wealthy man. He now runs a survivalist consultant business, but his knowledge of natural poisons is far more valuable than his survival skills. Mandatory Female Characters Cruella De Vil- She has publicly turned away from her love of furs, and joined an animal rights activist group. However, her closets are still kept under lock and key. Snow White- Snow White and her prince have parted ways. Some have questioned whether living with the dwarves inspired this separation. Mother Goose- She is famous for running a lucrative storybook business and keeps her characters under tight control. However, who knows what happens once the page is turned…. Alice- Returning from wonderland seems to have messed with Alice’s sanity. Alice knows this and plays into her role to gain the sympathy of others. Red Riding Hood- Overcoming her tragic past, she has found love in another “hood”, and works with his lucrative business. She has become quite the fashion queen but still wears her hood. Little Bo Peep- Little Bo Peep watches her sheep, at least under Mother Goose’s eye. When Goose is away, Bo Peep likes to play, in town with all of the guys. Wicked Witch- Her loyal minions have un-melted her, and she runs the profitable (and questionable) Wicked Brewing Company from her Western Castle. Goldilocks- A misunderstanding is all the bears had with her; Goldilocks simply loves to frolick in the woods and help others. To pay for her few needs, she performs small jobs for people; like these paid favors, Goldilocks is an odd job. I hope you have fun! Let us know if you enjoyed it! © Nathaniel Douthit- August 2010 This game is an original work of fiction by the author. Any resemblance to real people, characters or events is purely co-incidental.