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Fishing Field Log/Journal/Notebook, Waterproof, w/Pen

Fishing Field Log/Journal/Notebook, Waterproof, w/Pen

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1. Digital pictures of the Log Pages that qualify as your “Hot-Spots”, (see one of mine in the Picture Gallery below), are tailor made to exchange, via your, "Smart Phone", “Blog”, “Facebook”, “MySpace”, etc., with other like-minded anglers. Exchanging is key, you give one, you get one. 2. If you “Twitter”, sending just the Map location or the GPS coordinates easily fits the 140 text limits. 3. Each page of our Fishing Log is a “memory catcher” made for sharing. You can record and share those, once-in-a-lifetime catches and their locations with GPS precision. 4. Our Paper is unique; it’s waterproof, forest friendly, and extraordinarily tough, (see full description below). 5. Our 6-ring elegant Binder is a one-time purchase. After you fill the pages that come with your Binder and Pen, you can purchase Refills, (Under $10.00 see full description below). 6. Our page layout was designed, by Focus Groups, for the novice as well as the expert angler, (see full description below). 7. @ $19.95, our waterproof Elegant Angler® Fishing Log is an exceptional buy, priced 38% below our Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price, (MSRP) of $32.00. 8. If you plan to give this Log as a Gift, our packaging makes a Quality Statement about your purchase. 9. As a Manufacturer and Wholesaler in Maine since 2003, we guarantee our products and your complete satisfaction. 10. Shipping in the US is FREE. We ship USPS First Class Mail anywhere in the US. For shipping outside the US, contact us. 11. Check out our waterproof Birder’s Log™ (search under "Field Logs"). 12. Disclaimer: The rod and reel shown in the picture are not included. The Refills shown in the picture are sold separately, Description: Our Waterproof Fishing Log: Its Features & Benefits: Feature: Our Paper is 100% Synthetic, Tree-Free, and Recyclable: The Benefits to you are: · Pages are waterproof. · Pages can be written on with pen, pencil, or marker. · Pages can be written on wet or dry, (under water, use a pencil). · Pages are tough enough to withstand field use, rain or shine; try to tear one. · Pages are durable enough to be archived so generations can follow in your footsteps. · Pages are ideal for organizing and sharing your fishing “Hot Spots”. · Ideal for the young angler’s first Log, her/his Log entry will last a lifetime. Feature: Six Ring Loose-Leaf Binder W/Pen: The Benefits to you are: · Removable pages allow the Binder to be used for generations. · Replace the Pages not the Binder. · Refills are available, inexpensive (under $10), and easily inserted. · Successful trip locations or “Hot Spots” can be exchanged with other anglers. Copy or photograph one of your pages and trade it for a copy of one of theirs. · The Loose-Leaf Binder allows you to organize your pages by Date, Location, “Hot Spots”, etc. · Fits in the pocket of your fishing vest (4-1/2" x 5-3/4"). Feature: Our Page Layout is Unique: The Benefits to you are: · Pre-defined “Fields”, designed by Focus Groups, allow you to capture: o When you fished: § Date/Time. o Where you fished, with great precision: § Using map coordinates. § GPS- Lat/Long and UTM references. o What you caught and released. o What you used for bait. o With whom you went. o Your rating of the location. · Our Log works equally well for Fresh and Saltwater anglers. Each Log contains 40 Waterproof pages. On the front of each page are the 14 pre-designed fields developed by our Focus Groups. On the back of each page we’ve provided space for additional notes, (see the pictures in our Photo Gallery).