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Item ended: Insider Bat Baseball Softball Swing Training Aid Tool (details below)

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This eBay listing has ended : Insider Bat Baseball Softball Swing Training Aid Tool

Insider Bat Baseball Softball Swing Training Aid Tool

Listing ended Fri, December 29, 12:03 pm EST

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The Insider Bat Baseball Softball Hitting Trainer Baseball Softball Training Aid You will receive the popular Model 06 The Insider Bat™ is a revolutionary baseball/softball muscle memory training tool that promotes proper grip, hand placement and proper swing path before, during and after contact is made. The unique design allows for only one way to make contact with the ball……the CORRECT way! The Insider Bat™ is manufactured with aircraft 6061 grade aluminum and stainless steel. The shaft and “sweet spot” are powder coat painted, finished with a high gloss clear coat. The handle is high quality injection molded polypro copolymer with a comfortable polyolefin coating. “Muscle memory” is a term used to describe a learned movement, pattern or habit. By performing the same movement pattern repeatedly, more effective nerve/muscle connections are made. These connections that are made repeat more effectively each time used. After developing muscle memory, the new action is automatic and will be performed without conscious thought. If used properly, the Insider Bat™ will assist in creating positive muscle memory for a fundamentally correct swing. In addition the Insider Bat™: Emphasizes palm up/palm down hand positioning before, during and after contact with the ball Gives instant feedback for batter and coach Trains the hitter not to roll wrists or sweep (cast) before or during contact with ball Promotes proper grip of bat Emphasizes “staying inside the ball” before and during contact Promotes proper hip rotation during swing Can be used anywhere, anytime, indoors or outdoors Forces hands in front of bat head during swing Promotes tucking of back elbow into “slot” Great for Pre-game drills or “On deck” reinforcement tool Excellent when used as one arm drills Designed for the beginner as well as the seasoned PRO Testimonials The innovative design of the INSIDER BAT and its simplicity of use, makes this device one of my favorite and useful tools for teaching hitters the proper set up, grip and swing path. The INSIDER BAT is fun to use, gives immediate feedback and is challenging all at the same time. I recommend the INSIDER BAT to all my clients - not just for use at the batting cage, but also at home and on the road. Its light weight and size make it ideal for taking swings anytime, anywhere, even in a hotel room. I wish I would have had an INSIDER BAT during my playing days for those many times I needed to practice but was limited by space and time. Try the INSIDER BAT today, I'm sure you will like it! - Gary Gaetti, 19 Year Major League Career Every day during drill work, we use the Insider Bat and it has helped raise our kids' understanding of how important it is to stay inside the ball. What I like so much about the Insider Bat is that you get immediate feedback. If you roll over, you miss the ball or pound it in the ground. If you dip you either miss the ball or pop it up. You must get in and stay in the correct hitting position in order to get the correct results. I would recommend the Insider Bat to everyone! - Glenn Cecchini, Head Baseball Coach, Barbe High School in Lake Charles, LA I have been using the 'Insider Bat' for about two weeks now with my students and I have noticed tremendous gains across the board in their ability to not only consistently hit the ball hard, but in their understanding of how and why it is happening. I had a 12 yr. old hitting the ball harder than some of the high school kids I work with after one 15 minute training session with the 'Insider Bat'. The effect it has on a player's ability to consistently get his hips and hands to lead the bat is second to none. I am not big on gimmicks when it comes to hitting, but this is no gimmick. It gets results and works for any age. - Justin Ruchti, Member of 2003 Rice National Champions I use the Insider Bat training tool nearly every day with students of all ages – from age 7 to adult right now—and can say, without a doubt, this is the finest single hitting instructional tool I've had the privilege of trying for either softball or baseball! The Insider Bat has proven to be durable and invaluable in promoting proper rotational hitting technique. With good application and instruction, this tool will help anyone from parents to coaches to the player herself or himself to correct early wrist rolling, proper hand positioning at contact, and proper contact in the swing plane. Put that all together, and you have line drives, base hits, and home runs. I can't say enough good about this important new addition to every hitter's or instructor's "tool box."! - Tiffany J. Brooks, Former Professional/International Fastpitch Player FAQs Where should I line up the ball when using the Insider Bat? We have found that lining up the ball between the belt buckle and front leg gets the best results. The ball in this area really forces the hitter to "stay inside" the ball when using the Insider Bat. Also, when soft tossing, pitch ball in same area. What drills can be used with the Insider Bat? One armed drills are excellent drills when using the Insider Bat. Also, line up a target (trash can lid, cardboard, etc.) 5' - 10' away. The hitter sometimes will not even realize that everytime they hit the target, they are further engraining the proper muscle memory of the correct swing. Also, pregame and on deck during a game is a great time for last minute reinforcement before going to the plate. Can I use hard balls with the Insider Bat? No. The Insider Bat should only be used with plastic, foam and tennis type balls. My son / daughter is very young and inexperienced. Will the Insider Bat work for them? Definitely. The beauty of the device is that the hitter does not need to know the complicated "physics" of the swing. They simply need to put the paddle flat on the ball and they will begin to develop the proper swing fundamentals from the start. If they can kill a fly with a flyswatter, they can use the Insider bat properly.