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XADO gel Revitalizant EX 120 Automatic Transmissions

XADO gel Revitalizant EX 120 Automatic Transmissions

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Welcome! You are bidding on 1 SYRINGE, 8 ml of XADO Revitalizant EX 120 for Automatic Transmissions! Extreme Action 120% (EX 120) Revitalizant rebuilds, repairs, and protects automobile transmission metal. It starts by filling in any scratches or worn surfaces in the transmission (gears, bearings, distribution blocks, clutches, etc), restoring geometry and reversing wear. EX120 then coats the treated surfaces with a self-regulating layer of ceramic-metal to protect the transmission from future wear. EX120 works in all types of automatic transmissions including Tiptronic, Steptronic, CVT, etc. The best part about EX120 is one treatment lasts for 62,000 miles! With a 20% greater concentration of active agent, Extreme Action 120% (EX120) Revitalizant is more effective than ever repairing, rebuilding, and protecting worn metal surfaces. XADO’s Revitalizant technology has been independently tested and proven to work.*Compared to XADO gel-revitalizant for automatic transmissions. No matter how well a transmission is maintained, high heat and friction causes metal to become worn, scratched, and deformed over time. The destruction of the surface layer occurs in high-friction areas, where entire groups of atoms – clusters - may tear off under extreme loads. Until now there was no way to reverse this inevitable metal wear. EX120 starts repairing scratched and worn metal as soon as it is added to an automatic transmission. Revitalizant acts as a catalyst for rebuilding and repairing metal in areas of excessive thermal energy. It activates the absorption process of carbon through the surface layer which results in the formation of metal carbides. Revitalizant rebuilds metal at a molecular level, atom-by-atom. A new durable protective coating is formed with the help of carbides and metal particles. Because it has a self-regulating maximum thickness it does not cake. Diffusion of the protective layer into the metal results in an extra durable gradient coating with positive pressing stress forming along the entire treated surface in the final stage of Revitalization. The treated metal is now rebuilt and protected with diamond-like film of ceramic-metal, resulting in smoother operation and longer life. Rebuilds and restores metal parts and protects them from future wear, reduces friction;Eliminates surfaces defects;Reduces noise and vibration;Increases performance reliability and prolongs service life of control gears;Protection from extreme friction and heat;Allows transmission to operate in the event of low transmission fluid. Application instructions: Introduce the necessary amount of the revitalizant into the oil filler neck (hole of oil measuring probe) of the automatic transmission. Operate the car as usual. Dosage Oil system capacity, L 5-8 9-12 13-15 Number of syringes (8 ml), pcs 1 2 3Treatment procedure single single single Typical sign of the revitalization process is improvement in operation of the automatic transmission (noise reduction, better precision of gear changing) already from the first kilometers of run after the treatment. Revitalizant is compatible with all types of fluids for the automatic transmissions: Dexron®, Mercon®, Mopar®, CVN etc. It does not enter into chemical reactions with them and does not change their viscosity, friction and other physical-chemical properties. The protective metal-ceramic coating is formed on any operative mechanism, however, if the state of the mechanism (part) is critical (100% wear), the destroyed parts should be replaced. Package: 1 SYRINGE, 8 ml . <p><a href="http://crossmarketing.supremeseller.com" target="_blank">Create Widget or customize colors.</a></p> <a href="http://logo.supremeseller.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://storage.supremeauction.com/flash/widgets/widgetworld/img/saWidgetsFooterLogo.png" border="0" /></a> <div style="clear: left;"> </div> supremeauctiononlinesoftware.widgets.GalleryBasicFree.swf